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Selection of cameras, camera equipment & binoculars

Shelf of collectables, miniature whiskeys, small music box on legs, records, binoculars etc

Collectables to include teak desk lamp, oak barrel, binoculars, cameras and an Japanese trinket cabinet

Collection of vintage cameras & binoculars

Bayonet, Sharpening Steel and Military Binoculars etc

Akita Camera with Flash Gun and 2x Pairs of Binoculars

RAF U-Boat Spotting Ross Binoculars

Two pairs of binoculars, one in case

A tray containing three large spirit bottles, two pairs of binoculars, box with fossils, a resin owl, harmonica, etc CONDITION REPORT: Makers m...

CASED PAIR OF CARL ZEISS BINOCULARS, along with a leather suitcase containing a pair of fabric scissors and assorted ephemera

PAIR OF WATSON BARR 1943 BINOCULARS, along with other binoculars, and cameras including Kodak

A pair of binoculars, an anniversary clock, a pair of fireplace dogs, two lamps, one glass a/f, a camera, flatware and F.A. Cup Winners collectors...

A box of mixed collectables to include binoculars, Liberty hip flask, opera glasses, clock movement and a barometer.

Selection of items to include Boots 8 x 30 field binoculars, swift binoculars, vintage pair of binoculars, Greenkat telescope 25 x 30mm

Folding binocular

Collectables to include leather cased binoculars, Masonic aprons, scrolls, four framed and glazed prints depicting hunting scenes

3 pairs of Binoculars -Telstar -ZENITIT X2

Vintage military binoculars,1945~ Kershaw and Sons~ Original leather case

3x Binoculars 1x Opera

A mixed collection of items to include: cased binoculars, vintage domino's, AA car mascot badges, Antique Postcards etc

SIX BOXES AND LOOSE BOOKS, PICTURES, GAMES, HABERDASHERY AND SUNDRY ITEMS, to include two boxes of books, titles including fiction, history and bi...

A BOX AND LOOSE CERAMICS, METALWARES, OPTICAL EQUIPMENT, ETC, to include two Oldcourt Ware jugs with gold scale like pattern over a sponged blue g...

TWO BOXES OF ELECTRICALS & CDS ETC, to include Trevor Sorbie Air Styler, Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Air Styler, Adee & Paul babyliss hair dryer, B...

Two cased pairs of binoculars. To include a WW2 pair of Barr & Stroud Royal Navy Binoculars no 85216 in leather case, together with a Russian made...

A PAIR OF 7 X 50 FIXED FOCUS U-BOAT BINOCULARS REFURBISHED FOR USE BY THE ROYAL NAVY, CIRCA 1940 stamped on the backplate blc for Zeiss and number...

A FINE PAIR OF 20 X 120 JAPANESE 'BIG-EYE' BRIDGE BINOCULARS, NIKON CIRCA 1970 constructed in polished steel and brass with rubber eye caps, adjus...

A RARE WENHAM TYPE BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE BY WATSON & SONS, LONDON, CIRCA 1888 constructed in lacquered brass, signed on the tripod base as per titl...

Decorative china and effects, two pairs of cased binoculars, glassware, transfer printed ware, blue and white, etc. (2 boxes)

YACHTING INTEREST, A VINTAGE WALL MOUNTED GLAZED DIORAMA DISPLAY Containing brass and teak rudder brass binoculars, trophy cups and ephemera. (w 7...

Mixed items including a small pair of Leitz Wetlar 8x32 binoculars (good optics) plus one other pair, various compacts, desk calendar, Trumps card...

A pair of Daylite deluxe 10x50 binoculars and a similar pair

COLLECTIBLES: Various electrical/leisure items. Incl Dell laptop, Garmin Nuvi satnav, Roberts radio and binoculars etc.

Binoculars : Various sets within cases plus vintage camera


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