Buying guides to art, antiques, vintage and more

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Cartier Tank Cintrée

Cartier Tank watches

It is now more than a century old but Cartier’s most famous watch – the Tank – appears to be everywhere today.

Engagement ring

Engagement Rings

An increasing number of couples are choosing to buy an engagement ring at auction rather than on the high street.

Regency rosewood dining chairs


Auctions are a great place to buy chairs whether you are looking for antique, vintage or modern styles.

‘Garden’, a lithograph by Scottish artist Hannah Frank


Prints represent a great opportunity to buy a work by an artist at a more accessible price point.

Tudor Oyster watch

Tudor watches

Tudor is a Swiss watch maker that is the sister brand of Rolex.

Sapphire ring

Jewellery with coloured gemstones

Gems are stones or minerals, deemed precious, semi-precious or fine and ornamental.

Tiffany silver coffee pot


Silver has long been regarded as a precious metal and status symbol. As a material that can be worked into many different forms, a wide variety of items have been made using silver over many centuries.

Iznik pottery dish

Islamic Art

Often distinctive and vibrant, the visual arts produced in the Islamic world cover a wide range of genres, periods and lands.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual bracelet watch

Rolex watches

Rolex is the best known and most popular luxury watch brand in the world.

Edwardian silver novelty

Silver Novelty Items

While grand and elaborate pieces of silver became an essential part of 18th and 19th century dining culture, at the same time, smaller silver novelty items began to emerge as the Victorians acquired a taste for humorous or whimsical pieces.