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Robot 2A camera with case and manual

Toyota Celica remote control car and a robot

A late 19th Century French Roullet et Decamps girl pulling a cart automaton, circa 1890, the Limoges bisque socket head with fixed blue eyes, open...

Vintage Japanese automaton bear, seated on a tin trunk pouring from a bottle, bearing Alps and VIA trademarks, made by RVT Japan, 10" high; togeth...

An original vintage 1980s (1985) Hasbro made G1 Transformers / The Trans Formers boxed action figure City Commander Ultra Magnus. Transforms from ...

An original vintage Sega made Motoko Kusanagi action figure from the Japanese anime television series Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex. Th...

Lego - a large collection of assorted official Lego made Animal minifigures, as well as some Star Wars droids and other such creations. Figures fr...

A Victorian musical automaton diorama, modelled as a rotating watermill, with a barber shaving a man outside his shop, overlooking a rocking ship ...

A novelty tin plate automaton mantle clock, in the form of the Vienna Ferris Wheel mounted on the top, connecting mechanism not working, 30 cm.

An early 20th Century antique style musical automaton, in the form of a macabre baby doll in basket; clothed in Victorian style lace bloomers and ...

A French lady blowing bubbles automaton with a closed mouth Jumeau head, with brown glass eyes, pierced ears, bisque arms and hands, period ivory ...

"Cusinière" Musical Automaton, c. 1900 Probably by Louis Renou. With replacement (?) German bisque head, open mouth and fixed brown glass eyes, bi...

A Victorian wooden sailor boy doll, possibly from an automaton, with hinged limbs and integral boater, 7" long, together with a 10" composition je...

Tudor Rose friction helicopter, plastic helicopter and a box of twelve friction plastic robots, F-G (Est. plus 21% premium inc. VAT)

An electrically driven monkey automaton in dressing gown and pyjamas seated at a table, plate, cup, saucer and spoon, eating action moving arms an...

Mixed board games comprising two Escape from Colditz, Trafalgar, Fortune Hunter, L'Han 4000 and Battling Robots (Est. plus 21% premium inc. VAT)

A BOXED KAMCO SATURN PLASTIC BATTERY OPERATED ROBOT, no. 1981, c.1980's, not tested, appears complete and in fairly good condition except has smal...

A Robot II Camera, serial no B 80894, spring motor drive working, shutter working on fast speeds, shutter stays open on slow speeds, body G-VG,, s...

Emilio - a 1990s plastic remote control robot by BANDAI, height 64cm With remote control, untested, surface dirt

Estate of Dave Prowse - The Green Cross Code Man - an icon of 1970s television - the original production used ' Droid ' robot from the famous Gree...


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