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11-5/8" Antique Queen & Co. Phil. brass and cast iron optical microscope, complete with walnut case with top sliding out shelf for lenses, additio...

A cased Beck Student Microscope; together with a cased Tecnar Swift microscope, Made in England; and a cased Beck of London microscope, Model 47, ...

A microscope (i.c)

A boxed microscope

A Vickers instruments electric binocular microscope. H: 35cm, W: 18cm. Vendor confirms this item is working. Not PAT tested.

A Vickers instruments electric binocular microscope. B.D.U.S 66 - H: 39cm, W: 18cm. Vendor confirms this item is working. Not PAT tested.


A Watson and Sons of London 'Kima' microscope

A Lagomarsino Numeria electro mechanical calculator, a Brunsviga mechanical calculator and a portable microscope in box

* Stereoviewers. A group of 5 hand-held stereoviewers, together with a group of 242 stereoviews from the Edinburgh Stereoscopic Atlas of Anatomy, ...

A New Scientist Microscope with Accessories, in a fitted box with instructions and all accessories, missing one glass slide. Selcol Microscope Ma...

A Cary London lacquered brass portable pocket compound microscope, with slides, tweezers, lens etc, in a mahogany box, together with another 19th ...

LATE 19TH CENTURY BRASS MONOCULAR MICROSCOPE BY JAMES BROWN, of Glasgow, with two objectives, in fitted case

19TH CENUTRY FRENCH BRASS MONOCULAR MICROSCOPE, designed for blood counting, with two parallel supports for the body, 23cm high, mounted on mahoga...

Brass, cased microscope

An X5 stereoscopic microscope by Watson Barnett

Various Instruments including a Student microscope (cased) The Empire Magic Lantern Outfit (in original box) Balance scale with assorted weights, ...

Hearson (London) Microscope no.526, with fine/course focussing, three lens turret, adjustable stage, condenser plano-concave mirror, black lacquer...

R & J Beck (London) Microscope Model 22 no.3406, with two lens turret, condenser, fine/course focussing, plano-concave mirror on black lacquered t...

Ultrasonic electric watch cleaning unit; also a Summit MicroFix USB digital microscope, power punch kit, Power Line Model 72 Hobbyist kit and an o...


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