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A selection of Chinese embroidered panels decorated with blossoms, landscapes and dragons, together with three decorative scrolls, the larger bein...

Small collection of early 20th century textiles including an embroidered panel featuring woodland animals 68x47cm, a baby gown, ladies handkerchie...

each depicting birds in flight. Enclosed in an oval gilt frame. 29 x 39 cm.; framed: 37 x 46 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 16:09:48

depicting flowers. Framed. Image size: 35 x 34 cm.; framed: 49 x 48 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 15:03:48

depicting a young lady wearing a wide brimmed hat. Framed. Image size: 57 x 42 cm.; framed: 68 x 52 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 11:26:32

depicting Little Red Riding Hood. Framed. Image size: 42 x 39 cm.; framed: 60 x 57 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 16:49:24

depicting lovers. Framed. Image size: 50 x 21 cm.; framed: 65 x 35 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 10:16:08

depicting a young boy, a cat, and a dog in a garden. Framed. Image size: 45 x 47 cm.; framed: 49 x 52 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 16:34:00

depicting figures in an interior. Framed. Image size: 44 x 29 cm.; framed: 54 x 38 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 12:24:28

depicting a seated young girl. Framed. Image size: 43 x 34 cm.; framed: 63 x 52 cm. TAPESTRIES Approximate Time 15:28:44

ROWLEY GALLERY, A PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY CHINESE SILK EMBROIDERED PANELS Each having and embroidered butterfly with fruit on blue silk ground, beari...

A suzani embroidered panel, 20th century, Central Asian, worked in chain stitch in black and cream silks on a red velvet ground, 221 x 168cm Pr...

An English embroidered panel, early 18th century, possibly a fragment from a chair seat, depicting a peasant woman dressed in red and blue garmen...

A FRAMED ITALIAN EMBROIDERED PANEL 18TH CENTURY Possibly an altar frontal, with richly woven decoration of repeating flowering vase...


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