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A Mamiya C330 Professional S Medium Format TLR Camera Outfit, to include a C330 body, VG-E, together with a Mamiya-Sekor f/4.5 55mm lens set, body...

VINTAGE MAMIYA ROLL FILM CAMERAS AND LENSES, comprising a Mamiya C220 Professional camera fitted with a 80mm f2.8 lens - filter threads dented, A ...

A Mamiya-Sekor f/4.5 55mm Camera Lens, black, body G, shutter working, optics G, some haze & light fungus present,

A Mixed Selection of Cameras & Accessories, to include a Hasselblad 2000FC, shutter stuck, a Zeiss Ikon Miroflex, for parts, a selection of Cokin ...

A Mamiya C330 Medium Format TLR Camera, body G-VG, bellows G, together with a Mamiya-Sekor f/2.8 80mm lens, body G, shutter working, optics P-F, s...

A Mamiya-Sekor DS f/3.5 105mm Camera Lens, black, body G-VG, shutter working, optics F-G, some light separation present, with front & rear caps,

Camera includes Auto Mamiya-Sekor 1:1.8 f=55mm lens attached. Also includes Sunset flash camera bracket with cable release, Kamero Auto lens 200mm...


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