Important Information

 This auction is a timed auction which take place on our own website:


Starts: 6th February 2018 at 10:00    

Ends: 14th February 2018 at 19:00


First Time Buyers
If you have not bought at Ross's Online Auctions before please read the following guide. To buy an item at Ross’s Online Auctions, you must create an account and login. Once logged in you are ready to bid on any of the lots. 

Lots are on view in our Montgomery Street Salerooms throughout the duration of the auction. The images on the website are as accurate reproductions as is practicable and can be relied upon as such. Ross's are pleased to offer a condition report on any lot upon request. Purchasers must satisfy themselves as to the condition and nature of any lot.

Buyer's Premium
The buyer shall pay the auctioneer a commission of 20% of the auction price. VAT is payable on the commission at the prevailing rate.

Bidding Increments
Bidding increments will be as follows: 0-100 by £10, 100-500 by £20, 500-1000 by £50, over 1000 by £100.

Maximum Bid
You may leave a maximum bid which will instruct the computer to bid on your behalf only as much as required for you to remain the highest bidder up until your limit. This means that you may win an item for less than your maximum bid, however you can also be outbid if someone enter a higher maximum bid. If you are outbid you will receive an outbid notification by email. Please note: Only you will know what your maximum bid is.

Caution: Someone may outbid you during the final seconds of the auction leaving you without time to retaliate with a further bid. To avoid disappointment we therefore recommend that you place your true maximum bid with the most you are willing to pay for the lot in good time - Our system will do the rest!

Sale Procedure
The sale will commence at a designated time and date and will run for 7 days. The sale will end with every lot finishing at 30 second intervals up until the sales completion. (Please note: Each individual lot displays a unique end time).

If your bid is accepted, you will be notified that you are the current highest bidder. If you are outbid you will be notified by email and have the option to bid again and if you win a lot you will receive an invoice by email after the auction's completion.

All purchases must be paid for within 7 calendar days of the sale. Goods will only be released upon clearance through the bank of all monies due. Our payment terms are cash, bankers draft, credit or debit card. Credit cards are subject to a surcharge of 2%. Debit card payments are not subject to a surcharge. Bank transfer details are available on request.

Collection & Delivery
Porters are in attendance to assist with the collection of purchases. If you would like to have your items delivered, Ross's will be pleased to organise the full packaging and delivery covered with insurance to anywhere in the World. This shall cost as follows; (Please note: Delivery price given is for all purchases combined, i.e. 8 rings delivered to 'Larne, Northern Ireland' would cost only £10).

UK & Ireland - £10 + VAT
Other (Worldwide) - £20 + VAT

Exportation of Jewellery
It is your sole responsibility to comply with all export and import regulations relating to your purchases and also to obtain any relevant export and/or import licence(s). The detailed provisions of the export licensing arrangements can be found on the MLA website or by phoning the MLA on: 02072738266.

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Business for Buyers

ROSS’S AUCTIONEERS LIMITED, trading as Ross’s Auctioneers & Valuers and referred to hereinafter as ‘Ross’s’ and or ‘The Auctioneers’ conducts business on the following terms & conditions and on such other terms or conditions as may be expressly agreed with The Auctioneers or set out in any relevant catalogue. Purchasers are requested to read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing.

a. All bids shall be treated as offers made upon the Conditions of Business for Buyers.
b. The highest approved bidder shall be the purchaser and shall be declared as such at the fall of the hammer or in the case of online timed auctions, at the fall of the virtual hammer.
c. Any dispute whatsoever in respect of the sale and delivery of the goods shall be determined by The Auctioneers.
d. The incremental advances of the bidding will be regulated by The Auctioneers and no bidding shall be retracted.
e. The Auctioneers have the right to refuse any bid at their absolute discretion.

a. The purchaser shall pay Ross’s a commission at the rate of 20% of the purchase price. The Auctioneer’s commission will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the prevailing rate.
b. Live bidders who bid via a third party live bidding provider, will pay a surcharge commission of 3% of the purchase price or equivalent to the charge redeemable by the live bidding provider. This charge will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the prevailing rate.
c. Purchase of lots marked with the symbol * only, will be subject to payment of Artist’s Resale Rights. Royalties in this category are calculated at 4% of the purchase price. This payment is not subject to VAT. Artist Resale Rights is a European directive.
d. The ownership of a lot shall not pass to the purchaser until they have paid to Ross’s the total amount due.

a. Upon the purchase of a lot, the purchaser will pay to Ross’s the total amount owed within 2 working days from the date of the auction.
b. The Auctioneers may at their sole discretion require a purchaser to pay a deposit of 20% of the total amount due at the conclusion of the auction.
c. The Auctioneers may apply any payments received from a purchaser towards any sums owing from that purchaser to The Auctioneers.
d. Ross’s shall only accept payment from the purchaser in the form of cash, debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Credit cards will be subject to a surcharge of 2%. The Auctioneers shall not accept payment by cheque.
e. Ross’s reserve the right to request proof of identity in order to complete a payment transaction. Ross’s reserve the right to fully satisfy themselves as to the validity of any card transaction.
a. The purchaser shall remove purchased lots from Ross’s premises at their own expense within 7 days from the date of the auction.
b. No removal of any lot will be permitted on weekends or until paid for. All goods must be removed between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.
c. No goods will be delivered without an order from The Auctioneers, and no order will be given until the whole account of the purchaser has been paid.
d. The purchaser shall be responsible for any storage and insurance charges in respect of any lots that are not removed within 7 days from the date of the auction.
e. Ross’s shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever while a purchased lot remains on Ross’s premises.
f. The Auctioneers or their employees, servants or agents may on request organise packing and shipping of lots purchased or may order on the purchaser's behalf third parties to pack or ship purchases. Under no circumstances do The Auctioneers accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever occasioned in the course of such service.

a. All statements in catalogues, online or advertisements are statements of opinion and are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. Descriptions and illustrations online or advertisements are solely for guidance and are not to be relied upon for accuracy.
b. Intending purchasers must fully satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to the condition or authenticity of any lot. Furthermore, intending purchasers must satisfy themselves as to whether or not any lot has been repaired or restored. The Auctioneers shall produce a condition report upon written request.
c. The Auctioneers is not responsible for the correctness of any statement as to origin, date, age, attribution, genuiness or provenance of any lot.
d. The Auctioneers is not responsible for any defects in any lot.
e. Neither the vendor nor Ross’s nor any person in the employment of The Auctioneers has the authority to give any warranty regarding any lot.
f. By making a bid, the bidder acknowledges that they have fully satisfied themselves as to the overall condition and authenticity of the lot.

a. On failure of a purchaser to pay for or remove any lot in compliance with the above conditions, The Auctioneers at their absolute discretion and without prejudice may resort to the following:
i. Without notice to the purchaser resell the lot either by auction or private sale. Any loss attending such resale to either The Auctioneers or the vendor will be made good by the defaulting purchaser. Any gain shall be credited to the seller.
ii. Store the lot at the sole expense of the purchaser and to release the lot only on full payment of the purchase money along with the premium and Value Added Tax thereon and the cost of storage and any other costs incurred.
iii. Charge at 8% above the prevailing Bank of England base rate on the entire amount outstanding, the interest accruing from the date payment is due.
a. The Auctioneers is to be the sole judge in any dispute that may arise.
b. Ross’s will accept absolutely no responsibility for any technical difficulties which may arise when bidding occurs online and which may technically restrict the integrity of the online bidding procedures.
c. The purchaser authorises The Auctioneers to use any photographs or illustrations of any lot purchased for any or all purposes as The Auctioneers may require.
d. Ross’s act in every respect only as agents for the vendor of each lot.
e. In the event of a reserve being placed on a lot, The Auctioneers shall have the right to bid on behalf of the vendor to the reserve, or to withdraw the goods from sale at anytime.
f. The placing of a bid will be taken as acceptance of all the above conditions.