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Diamond weight: Approx. 1.20 carats Ring size: O Weight: 3.5g

Pearl diameter: 1cm Diamond weight: 0.41 carat Ring mount length: 2cm Ring size: L½ Weight: 8.6g

Brooch length: 6.7cm Weight: 5.5g

Diamond weight: 2.12 carats Colour/Clarity: F/VS1 Ring size: K Weight: 6.4g

Diamond weight: 1.10 carat Ring size: M½ Weight: 2.5g

Brooch height: 4.2cm Weight: 5.2g

Bracelet length: 21cm Weight: 16.9g

Three loose diamond weight: 0.17 carat Surrounding diamonds: 0.69 carat Necklace length: 42.1cm Pendant height: 6cm Weight: 20.1g

Case width (including crown): 4cm Dial width: 3cm Watch length: 20cm Movement: Automatic Weight: 106g Working condition: In working order

Bracelet length: 24cm Weight: 40.9g

Bangle width: 8cm Weight: 82g

Brooch length: 3cm Weight: 4.2g

Earring height: 2.2cm Weight: 9.8g

Bracelet length: 28cm Weight: 89.5g

Pendant height: 3.5cm Weight: 12.1g

Ruby weight: 2.00 carats Diamond weight: 0.50 carat Ring size: N½ Weight: 3.5g

Brooch length: 4.5cm Weight: 2.1g

Bracelet length: 22cm Weight: 27.5g

Case width (including crown): 1.6cm Dial width: 1.2cm Watch length: 17.5cm Movement: Quartz Weight: 22.2g Working condition: In working order

Earring height: 4cm Weight: 4.1g

Bracelet length: 19.5cm Weight: 19.3g

Diamond weight: 7.00 carats Bracelet length: 18cm Weight: 10.7g

Diamond weight: 0.80 carat Colour/Clarity: D/VS2 Ring size: K Weight: 5.1g

Central diamond weight: 1.01 carat Surrounding diamond weight: 0.08 carat Colour/Clarity: H/SI1 Ring size: K½ Weight: 4g

Central diamond weight: 0.50 carat Colour / clarity: I / VS2 Ring size: M Weight: 5.1g

Sapphire weight: 2.00 carats Diamond weight: 0.50 carat Ring size: N Weight: 3.8g

Diamond weight: 6.40 carats Bracelet length: 18cm Weight: 11.7g

Necklace length: 51.5cm Pendant height: 2.5cm Weight: 7g

Diamond weight: 0.75 carat Ring size: M Weight: 3.8g

Diamond weight: 2.95 carats Ring size: N Weight: 3.6g

Necklace length: 70cm Weight: 15.3g

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