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Lotto 91

Pair of Bow figures of a Huntsman and Lady Falconer circa 1760 painted in polychrome enamels (2) 17cm high Condition report: Huntsman has old restorations to both arms, his shotgun and powder flask, one hand and his head have been restuck. the restoration is flaking where the but of the shotgun touches the base. The Falconer`s head and one arm have been restuck, there is a chip to her hat and the dogs ear, there are firing cracks to the base and manufacturing faults to her staff. There are typical losses to the applied leaves and flora on both figures.

* La descrizione del lotto sovrastante da parte del banditore nella lingua dell'asta è la descrizione di riferimento. Qualsiasi traduzione effettuata con Google translate è solo un aiuto: la sua accuratezza non è garantita ed è usata a proprio rischio
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Fine Art Sale

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Victoria Gallery Market Street Nantwich CW5 5DG United Kingdom
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