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A cased three quarter size violin.

Lot 2569

A cased violin.

A cased violin.

A small cased violin.

A small cased violin.

A small cased violin.

12 Alben mit Schellackplatten, 1950er Jahre 1) MGM, Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe, 6 Titel aus dem Film "Blondinen bevorzugt". - 2) Victor R...

Geigenflöten-Drehorgel von Bacigalupo, um 1910 Violino Modell Nr. 9, Hersteller: Cocchi, Bacigalupo & Graffigna, Berlin, Schönhauser Allee 78. ...

Drehorgel Raffin Modell R31/84 "Konzert" Orgelbau Josef Raffin in Überlingen. 31 Tonstufen, 84 Pfeifen in schaltbaren 4 Registern, Bässe: 5 Bäs...

Trompeten-Walzendrehorgel von Franz Hartung, um 1910 Trompeten-Orgel, bezeichnet: "Franz Hartung, Orgelbau, Halle a.S.", 32 Tonstufen, 9 Melodi...

Lot 514

Violin 4/4

Violin 4/4 Viool 4/4. L 55.5 cm

Lot 515

Violin 3/4

Violin 3/4 Viool 3/4. L 52.5 cm

Lot 516

Violin 4/4

Violin 4/4 Viool 4/4. L 60.5 cm

Lot 517

Violin 4/4

Violin 4/4 Viool 4/4. L 58 cm

Violin with case and bow Label Jacobus Stainer. Viool met kist en strijkstok. Etiket Jacobus Stainer. L 59 cm

Violin 4/4 with case Viool 4/4 met kist. L 59 cm

A Fine Italian Made Black Lacquered Patent Titano Accordian, Virtuoso Model Serial Number 16120, with 'Organette' Tube Chamber, 120 bass buttons, ...

E. Schmidt & Co violin, Antonius Stradivarius copy, labelled to interior, 60.5cm long, together with two bows, all housed in a violin case

Hopf violin, stamped HOPF below the button, 59cm long, together with a bow, all housed in a dark stained wooden violin case

20th Century violin, the interior with label "Re-constructed by W Vaus Hackney London May 1926", 60cm long, together with a violin bow stamped DOD...

YVS Maucotel Micolas (San Francisco) label inside. Violin Size: 24 x 8.25 in. Case Dimensions: 32 x 10 x 5 in.

An early 20th century 3/4 size violin with two-piece 13" back, unlabelled, with bow in case

Skylark violin in case { Violin 57cm L X 20cm W }.

A five piece set Polychrome European porcelain "Arlequin" pen holder; a polychrome European ceramic devil shaped ashtray; a "bird" bottle with sto...

Early 20th century 4/4 French violin, complete with a bow both housed in a Jerome Thibouville Lamy case, together with an unmarked mother of pearl...

AMENDED DESCRIPTION: A VIOLIN BY THOMAS PERRY, with a single piece back, stamped to the back PERRY, DUBLIN, the back 36cm long, with an interior i...

Violin 12 1/2'' two piece back, labelled 'Arthur Bowler' Badly damaged, split down legth of belly, bass bar loose, lower ribs also broken and othe...

Violin 13 7/8'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard tailpiece and pegs, labelled 'Francesco Ruggieri cetto il per Cremona' under small label 'Philip...

Violin 14 1/4'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard and pegs, labelled 'Pierre Hel Luthier du Conservatoire a Lille en l'an 1910', also has inscript...

Violin 14 1/4'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, labelled 'Copie de Benoist Fleury, Rue des Boucheries Fauborg St. Germanian a Par...

Violin 14 1/4'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard, labelled 'Jean Rambeaux Luthier a Paris 1843' (cased in J&A Beare Ltd case)

Violin 14 1/8'' one piece back, baroque style fingerboard and tailpiece, labelled 'Johann Christian Ficker *** Cremona 1810' (cased with bow)

Violin 14 1/8'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard and pegs, labelled 'Matthew Hardie Edinburgh 1798', instrument has been rebushed and shows evide...

Violin 14 1/8'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard, with label 'Ch. J. B. Collin-Mezin Luthier a Paris Rue de Faub. Poissonniere No.10' with date i...

Violin 14'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard and pegs, with handwritten label 'W M Sims Maker Hull 1909' (cased with bow)

Violin 14'' two piece back, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, labelled 'Hiernoymus Amati Cremona Anno 1736', shows evidence of head/neck graft, req...

Violins both full size fitted with fitted with pickup, both labelled 'Hora Romania', both with built in jack sockets and two control dials, black ...

Concertina Labelled 'Boyd & Co. (Direct Importers Of Musical Instrument, Newcastle)' 48 button English System, pierced metal endplates, in remains...

VIOLIN AND BOW IN CASE, full-size, with paper label to interior inscribed 'Nicolaus Amatus fecit in Cremona 16', the bow with plated mounts

A bronze model of a busker boy with a violin at his shoulder and a hat full of coins, after Rudolph Kaesbach (1873-1955), upon a grey marble base,...

A Stradivarius copy violin with 13.25inch back, the button stamped J.T.L, with nickel mounted bow and within hardwood case.

A German violin with two piece 13.75 inch back, the interior with label for Jacobus Stainer, together with two nickel mounted bows within a hardwo...


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