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A Heubach Koppelsdorf black baby bisque head doll, with sleeping eyes. Stamped Heubach Koppelsdorf 399 2/0 DRGM Germany to back of head

An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, with open mouth and closing eyes, composition body stamped 210, dressed in tradition costume, 34cm high.

An Armand Marseille "Dream Baby" doll, having a bisque head with "sleeping" or weighted blue glass eyes, a composition body and conforming limbs, ...

Nine Frank Richards The Magnet/Billy Bunter/Wharton Lodge Books, soft toys including Lion, Zippy, Ty cheerleader (framed), two modern porcelain do...

Damask and Embroidered Table and Bed Linen, vintage 'Poodle' pyjama case, porcelain doll in basketwork crib and a terrier dog soft toy.

A porcelain doll with associated Hamleys note, 14cm tall

A 1920's risqué bisque doll

An Armand Marseille Bisque Doll, No. 390, Late 19th Century, with brown closing eyes and open mouth showing four teeth, 21ins high

An early 20th century German Schoenau & Hoffmeister Porzellanfabrik Burggrub Bisque Socket Headed Doll having sleep blue eyes, open mouth with fou...

An early 20th century German Armand Marseille Bisque Socket Headed Doll having sleep blue eyes, open mouth with four teeth showing, composition jo...

An A M 390 Bisque head doll, stamped AM, open mouth,

9 miniature bisque dolls, C1920's, most styled as Flapper girls, height 6-9cm, together with a small red celluloid jointed teddy, 2 character doll...

Franklin Mint Silver Ghost, Bugatti Royal Coupe & a Mercedes Benz (all boxed), Burago Bugatti Atlantic, various diecast vehicles & a bisque doll...

Two miniature bisque headed dolls with jointed limbs, each approximately 9cm high : For Further Condition Reports Please Visit Our Website - Updat...

Two German Gebruder Heubach Bisque Piano Babies, circa 1940s. The crawling figures of 'Minty' with natural colouration and intaglio eyes; with sun...

Unconfirmed Maker - A German cabinet doll possibly by Kestner. The doll measures approximately 30 cms in height, and has ceramic head and shoulder...

Zapf Creation, Other - A collection of five mainly vintage dolls, with an unboxed vintage Boxer puppet. Dolls are a mixture of celluloid, soft and...

Tudor Rose, German Dolls, Other - A collection of vintage plastic,celluloid and bisque dolls. Lot includes a German bisque cabinet doll marked to ...

Armand Marseille - A vintage Armand Marseille black doll. The open eyed bisque headed doll, with an open mouth showing two lower teeth, is marked ...

An early 20th century German Porzellan Fabrik Burggrab bisque headed doll with sleeping blue glass eyes and open mouth revealing a trembling tongu...

An Armand Marseille bisque headed composition character doll, early 20th c, 53cm, impressed marks and 390 stringing somewhat loose, some restora...

A Simon & Halbig bisque headed composition character bebe doll, with blue glass flirty eyes, rosy cheeks and open mouth, upper teeth, blond mohair...

A German bisque headed doll, having open/close brown glass eyes, an open mouth and jointed composition body, marked 'HW / Germany, 60cm.


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