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4 pieces including netsuke. This lot will not be shipped outside the EU

A Carved Amber, faux amber and carved ojime (possible nut) necklace and amber netsuke (not drilled) 171.1g

A 19TH CENTURY JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD CARVED IVORY NETSUKE modelled as a boy wearing a theatrical cloak. 4 cm x 3.5 cm.

A 19TH CENTURY CANTON IVORY PUZZLE BALL Qing, together with five Meiji period ivory netsukes. Largest 4.25 cm high. (6)


Six miscellaneous animal studies including a carved Netsuke in the form of a boar, signed a further Netsuke in the form of a mouse, a bronze hen i...

Japanese ivory netsuke in the form of a snake 3 cm high, with a carved bone vase and figure possibly a walking stick knop (3)

A Japanese carved and stained ivory netsuke, probably early 20th Century, two-character mark, modelled with two frogs on a leaf, length 6.5cm.


Lot 233




Lot 235




Three Japanese ivory and bone netsuke.

Japanese silver easel photograph frame together with unusual netsuke of face and spider, signed, and inro (3).

of a man carrying a roped parcel 4 cm. high

of a cockerel. Signed. 3 cm. high

of a two-faced man 5 cm. high

of a man. Signed. 7 cm. high

Collection of 21 netsukes

A late 19th century Japanese Ivory Shunga erotic netsuke of a couple in an amorous embrace, signed to base, H.4cm L.5.5cm Buyer Note: CITIES restr...

Six late 19th/early 20th century Japanese bone and ivory netsukes, H.6cm (largest) Buyer Note: CITIES restrictions apply to this lot, buyers outs...

A quantity of books on collecting netsukes, ivory and other Japanese art to include Manju Netsuke from the collection of the Ashmolean Museum, the...

A Japanese ivory netsuke, Meiji period, modelled as a skull with a serpent curled on the top, 3cm. Condition: negligible signs of age.

Antique Chinese Carved Boar's Tusk Necklace in the shape of a coiling dragon, a carved ivory netsuke of a ram with horn eyes, a carved lion on a w...

A Miscellaneous Collection of Oriental Items to include a Famille Rose Buddha, two pairs of vases, a small Japanese vase, an Oriental boxwood Nets...

An Oriental Boxwood Netsuke in the form of frogs playing on a shell. Signed to underside. Please see accompanying image.

Two Aquatic Ivory Netsuke Meiji The first as a kappa lying upon a lung-fish, signed in a mother of pearl oval plaque, 6cm wide ; together with a ...

A netsuke and a porcelain cat late 19th/early 20th century Carved boxwood netsuke of a Japanese mythological animal seated on a clam shell, signe...

A Gold lacquered Inro Meiji with four compartments, decorated to each side with a samurai, with a netsuke carved as a terrapin perched on a disc ...

Three wooden netsuke 19th century, the first of a hollow gourd, together with another carved as a frog on a bucket, the third depicting a mouse c...

A wooden netsuke of Raijin 19th century boldly carved atop waves, together with a wooden netsuke of Ono no Komachi, shown standing with a large h...

A stag-antler kagamibuta netsuke 19th century The bronze lid with a turtle 4.2cms diameter For further information on this lot please visit Bonh...

A wood and lacquer netsuke of Fukurokuju 19th century shoen standing and holding a fan, with red and blue lacquer details, together with another o...

A netsuke of a monkey, with added Tomokazu signature finely detailed and shown biting a peach, 3.7cms high For further information on this lot p...

A wooden netsuke of a mask, 19th century, carved in grotesque form, and another of Ono no Komachi, shown sitting on a log, signed 5.2 and 4.2 cms...

Late Victorian silver ivory brooch carved to depict a traditional Japanese scene, length 4.3cms, 18.3gms.Late Victorian carved ivory floral brooch...

A 19th century Japanese carved ivory netsuke of a walking man with a drum and two playful monkeys, h. 10 cm

A 19th century Japanese carved ivory netsuke of a man and a monkey on a Conch shell. Signed, l. 6 cm

A group of five 19th century Japanese carved ivory netsukes to include a man drinking with a monkey, a scholar, a Sumo wrestler, two children and ...

A vintage Japanese dark wood Netsuke depicting an Owl seated on a thick branch or log, signed and a vintage Japanese dark wood Netsuke depicting ...

A vintage Japanese dark wood Netsuke depicting a lady bathing, signed and a vintage dark wood Japanese Netsuke depicting a horned type animal, sig...

A Japanese carved wood netsuke in the form of a goat, signed, a bone vase with depiction of animals and other.

AN EARLY IVORY NETSUKE OF A REPENTING ONI Unsigned Japan, 18th century, Edo period (1615-1868) The ivory of a deep yellowish color with an app...


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