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A Bretby crab basket, a continental ceramic frog, a Beswick Labrador figure and a blue and white boot. (a lot)

2 Beswick models of Ponies.

A large Beswick horse ornament, 30cms high together with four other ceramic horse ornaments

Royal Doulton figure of 'Sarah', modelled with puppy alongside, HN 3384; along with a pair of Staffordshire wally dogs; Staffordshire dog figure; ...

Guiseppe Armani Florence, 'Fresh Fruit' figure, 29.5cm boxed; Royal Doulton 'Special Occasion' HN4100; Lladro 'Travelling in Style' 5680 and 'Carm...

A Royal Doulton flambe 'Woodcut' vase, 18cm; a Wedgwood pale blue jasperware bowl; Sadler beetroot and onion jars; Sader lidded tea and coffee jar...

Two boxed John Beswick figures, Timmy Willie Fetching Milk and Jeremy Fisher Catches a Fish

A Collection of Various Ceramics to comprise Carlton Ware Leaf Dish, Royal Albert Four Seasons Summer Collectors Plate, Old Tupton Ware Hand Paint...

Studio Pottery. A globular glazed stoneware vase, 11.5cm h, incised ASG, a Royal Copenhagen dish and a Beswick kitten (3) Good condition

A small selection of Wedgewood Peter Rabbit items, a Beswick Peter Rabbit, two plates of Hammersley bone china and two sherry glasses

A selection of Beswick and other china animals

A large Beswick tiger, number: 2096

A large Beswick puma on a rock, matt glaze, number: 1072

Two Beswick dogs, a Boxer 1202 and a Pug 1997

Three Beswick labrador dogs, two black and one yellow, number: 1548

Eight various minature Beswick dogs, Dalmation etc.

Seven various minature Beswick dogs, Collie etc.

A large beswick siamese cat and a selection of Beswick kittens (8) and a small Royal Doulton group of kittens

A selection of Beswick animals: a fox, a seated puppy 308, a goup of ducks and a selection of rabbits

A group of five Beswick graduating mallard ducks, number 756. In good condition with no obvious damage, repair or restoration

Four Beswick farm animals, Nigerian Goat 223, Boar (pig) 4117, Wall Champion queen 1452, Wall Champion Boy 1453

Five Beswick donkeys, three 2267, two foals 2110

Three Beswick Black faced sheep 1765, and two black faced rams 3071 and two black face lambs 1828 All pieces in good condition with no obvio...

Seven various Beswick sheep, 3 x 935, 2 x 937 and 2 x 936

Three Beswick calves: Herefordsire calf brown and white 901, Ayrshire calf brown and white 1249 and Jersey calf 1249, (two of calves legs a.f)

Three Beswick birds: Magpie 2305, Songthrush 2308 and Cuckoo 2315

Four Beswick bird models: Chicadee 929, Kestrel 2316, Lesser spotted Woodpecker 2420 and Kingfisher 2371

A Beswick bird stand and a large collection of Beswick birds (16)

A Beswick bird stand and a large collection of Beswick birds (15)

A Beswick pride of lions one male, two females and three cubs

A Royal Doulton cat, a Beswick cat and three Beswick mice

Two Beswick Shire horses 818 and 975, a Beswick Huntsman horse 1484, a Beswick Black Beauty and a Royal Doulton foal.

Four Beswick horses: Arab "Bahram" Palamino 1771, a Stocky Jogging mare 855, mare 976 and A prancing Palomino 1261

A Beswick Pinto Pony 1373 Skewbald 16.5cm, in good condition

A Beswick Pinto Pony 1373 Piebald 16.5cm, in good condition

Two Beswick horses: an Appaloosa Stallion 1772 and a Shetland Pony 1033

Six Beswick brown foals of various sizes

Six Beswick foals: 1 grey 5 brown various sizes

A Beswick group of girl on jumping horse 939, length 26cm (tail restored)

A Beswick hunting group: Huntsman 1501, Huntswoman 1730, a pack of four dogs and a fox Good condition with no obvious damage, repair or rest...

A Beswick hunting group: Huntsman 1501, Huntswoman 1730, Girl on Pony 1499, and Boy on pony 1500, with a pack of five dogs and a fox Good condit...

7 assorted collectors catalogues/price guides to include Wade, Clarice Cliff & Beswick. Publications include Francis Joseph, Schiffer and Charlton...



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