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An old bayonet with brass hilt, No. A29926.

An old bayonet with brass hilt, No. S29940.

Lot 2401

An old bayonet.

An old bayonet.

A French bayonet.

19th century 1842 pattern Lovells private purchase musket made by Lacy & Co London with military proof marks to the barrel possibly made for an of...

Batch of British Bayonet Blades etc. (qty)

Bayonet & Military knife - 1) No4 MkII Spike bayonet in its steel scabbard also marked "Bg 3122". 2) Army knife in scabbard, blade 5.3/4" Ricasso ...

Bayonet 1853 pattern socket bayonet stamped with a WD and 58 to the blade in its correct leather and brass scabbard.

Bayonet 1878 pattern Martini Henry socket bayonet with WD arrow Enfield inspectors stamps and the date 5/85 in its correct brass and leather scabb...

Bayonet 1907 pattern hook quillon a good copy in scabbard.

Bayonet a likely later made Colonial Sword bayonet with T slot for the .577 Enfield complete with scabbard

Bayonet French 1842 pat Yatagan sword bayonet.

Bayonet French model 1886 model Epee.

Bayonet socket type & Machete, machete rusty. (Sold as seen)

Bayonets - 1) French M1866 made at St Etienne in 1870, scabbard and cross guard heavily pitted, button and top spring missing, blade generally GC....

Bayonets 1888 Metford, no scabbards. (3)

British Bayonet 1907 Pattern maker marked 'JAC' and 'Mk1' crows foot and 'FR 56'. In leather and steel scabbard. Various other markings to scabbar...

British Victorian Bayonet relics. (3)

Bundle of Battlefield pick up relic Bayonets. (qty)

Bundle of British Bayonet odds. (qty)

Czechoslovakian Mauser Bayonet with metal scabbard. Blade stamped 'CSZ V'. Handle stamped '31'. Scabbard stamped 'CSZ E 36'. Small 'Z' in circle t...

Fighting knife a Victorian 1888 Sanderson bayonet reworked probably WW1 to a brass handled fighting knife

Fighting knife likely WW1 made from a 1888 or similar pattern bayonet

German Afrika Corps original K98 web bayonet frog - unused

German Nazi Kriegsmarine / Luftwaffe Dagger under belt by Assmann, mint dated 1943, plus Sword under hanger, and Nazi Army Bayonet knot. (3)

German Nazi stag grip Parade bayonet, with metal scabbard, blade maker marked 'E & F Horster Solingen'.

KEDVII Sword with metal scabbard, a Wilkinson '07 Bayonet without scabbard, a French M1886/93/16 bayonet without scabbard, and a replica Spanish s...

No4 and No9 bayonets (some no catches). (approx 15)

Portuguese Steyr Guedes/Kropatschek M1885 Bayonet, with metal scabbard.

US civil war scarce practice fencing bayonet, would have used a whale bone for the blade with leather covered ball at the end stamped 'T2' and 'KL...

WW1 British 1907 Pattern Hooked Quillion (removed) Bayonet. Originally Dated Sept 1911, reconditioned in 1916 by REME workshops by drilling an oil...

WW1 British Unit Marked Hooked Quillion 1907 Pattern Bayonet. Dated 1909. Unit marked to the 5th Bn (Sandringham) Battalion of the Norfolk Regimen...

WW1 scarce spring bayonet training rifle.

WW1 unusual British trench knife converted from a German 98 pattern bayonet with alloy grip stamped with W Marsland 14-17 Ypres and Loos etc.

WW2 pattern .303 Lee Enfield No4 Service Rifle complete with sling and a No9 bowie bladed (VGC) bayonet in its steel scabbard. Good woodwork, and ...

German Nazi Ammo pouches x2, one dated 1938 + bayonet frog.

German Nazi original Police bayonet frog marked 'Johann Frohlich Wien XV 1938', plus one other marked 'II/FJR.I'.. (2)

GSM QE2 with Near East clasp named (22551429 Gdsm K D Robson S.G.) Plus Bayonet Team Combat Winners Medal named L/Cpl K Robson. (2)

A French WWI Lebel Bayonet

A French WWI Lebel bayonet.

Four WWI bayonets to include French, German and USA (4)

A French Chassepot 1866 pattern sword engraved ""Mre d' Armes de St. Etienne Juillet 1874"" to the spine. Together with a Mosin Nagant bayonet. Tw...

A British Pattern 1853 3-Band Enfield socket bayonet.

A WWII Czech Mauser bayonet dated 1944 with matching scabbard, and leather frog. Also a German leather frog.

A French 1874 pattern Gras bayonet with scabbard, engraved to spine "Mre d'Armes de St. Etienne 1876".


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