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Armand Marseille, Reliable, Others - A group of vintage dolls made from various materials. Lot includes a Reliable composition doll with sleeping ...

Armand Marseille - A vintage Armand Marseille black doll. The open eyed bisque headed doll, with an open mouth showing two lower teeth, is marked ...

An Armand Marseille bisque headed composition character doll, early 20th c, 53cm, impressed marks and 390 stringing somewhat loose, some restora...

A German (Armand Marseille) bisque headed doll, early 20th century, impressed marks, 40cm; together with a small German bisque doll, each in white...

An Armand Marseille 341 Dream Baby, early 20th Century, with weighted blue glass eyes and painted features on a jointed 5 piece composition body, ...

An Armand Marseille 390 bisque headed doll, early 20th Century, with weighted brown glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, brown mohair wig, on ...

An Armand Marseille 990 bisque headed doll, 20th Century, with weighted grey glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, blonde mohair wig, on a joi...

Lot 75


PUPPE, Herst Kämmer & Reinhardt/ Waltershausen, Celluloid Kopf von Schildkröt, Modell 255, Mädchen, blaue Glasaugen, offener Mund mit 4 Zähnen, br...

Armand Marseille Porzellankopfpuppe Charaktermädchen, um 1930, gemarkt 2966, 3./6., Spritzporzellan-Kurbelkopf mit offenem Mund, zwei Zähnen ob...

Armand Marseille kleine Porzellankopfpuppe Charakterbaby für Geo. Borgfeldt & Co. um 1912, gemarkt 251, G.B., Germany, A.410.M., D.R.G.M. 2...

Masse gemarkt AM, Babykopf mit fein modelliertem Haar, blauen Glasaugen, offenem Mund und 2 obenliegende Zähnchen, Stoffkörper mit Massearmen und ...

Sonneberger Massebaby Nr. 2542/2 1/4 mit braunen Schlafaugen und offenem Mund, Kopf beweglich an Körper mit beweglichen Armen und Beinen, L ca. 33...


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