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Lot 395

Whitefriars Ruby red molar vase with original label, and a selection of various coloured glassCondition report: Mostly in good order, Victorian blue flask is chipped and nibbled, large blue bowl has a rim chip, green ashtray has a small chip to base

Lot 173

A Whitefriars textured red glass cylindrical vase, 15cm high, together with three Kosta Boda votives, 8cm high and other similar glasswareCondition report: Chips to rim of motled glass vase, chips to hankercheif vase, the remainder show signs of wear commensurate with age

Lot 46

A Whitefriars controlled bubble bowl, together with a Murano glass bowl or dish and an Art Glass vase with trailed design

Lot 164

Whitefriars streaky knobbly vase, 18.5cm high and a Michael Harris Isle of Wight paperweight (2)

Lot 424

The Field Officer’s Gold Medal for Java awarded to Lieutenant-Colonel William Raban, commanding 6th Battalion Bengal Volunteers Field Officer’s Small Gold Medal, for Java (Major Wm. Raban, 6th Volr. Bn. Bengal Estabt.) complete with gold ribbon buckle, lunettes sometime professionally replaced, otherwise nearly extremely fine £14,000-£18,000 --- William Raban was born in Whitefriars, London, in May 1765 and was appointed as a cadet in the East India Company Service in December 1780. He sailed for India in the Hinchinbrooke, 13 March 1781, and joined his regiment in Bengal as a Lieutenant in May 1782. He served as a subaltern in the 12th Battalion of Sepoys under Sir Robert Abercromby during the Rohilla Campaign in 1794, including the battle of Bitaurah. He was promoted to Captain Lieutenant in the 12th N.I. in May 1800, and to Captain in December 1802, when he obtained a furlough for three years to return to England. He returned to India in September 1805, and at the latter end of year he was promoted to the rank of Major and joined his regiment. He was appointed Commandant of Barasat Cadet College on its reopening in 1806 until July 1807. In 1811 Major Raban volunteered for service with the expedition which was about to proceed on foreign service and was appointed to command the 6th Battalion of Bengal Volunteers. He was engaged in the affairs of Weltervreden, Maisur and Cornelis and for his services in Java received, along with other commanding officers the gold medal conferred for the attack and capture of Java. Major Raban next volunteered his services under Major-General Gillespie in the expedition to Palembang, Sumatra, in 1812 and commanded the Northern Brigade. When the army was formed and arranged for service he was appointed to command the reserve and on Major-General Gillespie’s instructions was to proceed to Palembang. Raban was directed to march with the reserve to take possession of the island of Banca and hold it in the name of His Majesty, which service he performed, remaining on the island for one month. Upon the conclusion of the operations at Palembang the troops this officer commanded were left at Banca and Major Raban volunteered to accompany Major-General Gillespie to attack the Sultan of Jogocarta, and being unattached he was placed on the staff of Major-General Gillespie. Unfortunately the ship in which he embarked made a tedious passage to Java and the unsuccessful attack on the Fortress of the Sultan took place the very evening that Major Raban arrived at Samarang, intelligence of which he only received on his way to join the General. Active service being at an end Major Raban was shortly after, with the consent of the Major-General, appointed to be the Governor in Council resident of Cheribon and at the same time to hold the military command of the district. On 11 September 1811 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and after remaining for three years at Cheribon, his private affairs called him to Europe and he obtained a second furlough to offer his resignation of service and sailed from Java in July 1814. Lieutenant-Colonel Raban died on 30 April 1854, and was buried along with his son Lieutenant William G. Raban, 44th Foot, who had been killed in action at Cabul on 6 November 1841: “Poor Raban was shot through the heart, when conspicuously waving a flag on the summit of the breach” (Eyre’s Cabul refers). in the church at Hatch Beauchamp in Somerset. A stained glass window dedicated to Lieutenant-Colonel William Raban and his son William George Raban, commissioned by Ellen Raban, is still present in the church at Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset. The National Archives has the diaries and journals of Lieutenant-Colonel William Raban, Lydia Raban, and William George Raban 1803-41; ref. Mss Eur F697 (held by British Library: Asian and African Studies).

Lot 34

A tray of assorted glass ware including, Whitefriars kingfisher blue vase, Moet & Chandon wine glass cooler, iridescent perfume glass atomizer, and a Halcyon Days dragon formed scent bottle (one tray)

Lot 621

A Whitefriars ruby red glass controlled bubble bowl and a red glass vase

Lot 665

A Whitefriars ruby glass dish with controlled bubble decoration

Lot 112

Early 20th century Whitefriars green glass vase with frilled top and circular footrim, 12cm high

Lot 122

A quantity of cranberry and clear glass Hock glasses Whitefriars jug, cranberry decanter etc.

Lot 434

A Whitefriars glass vase. 31.5 cm high.

Lot 346

Whitefriars blue spill vase still with original sticker

Lot 116

A group of Art Glass, to include two Kosta Boda bowls, Caithness heart shaped bowl designed by Sarah Peterson, merging green and orange bark effect vase probably by Whitefriars, air bubble paperweight, air bubble vase, etc. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 1166

Whitefriars Turquoise Bark Effect Glass Vase, of tapering circular form, 20cm high, etched glass vase on EPBM base by Perkin & Sons, other glassware:- One Tray

Lot 675

Whitefriars small art glass bowl: in blue colours and bubbles, height 13cm.

Lot 1401

A small collection of coloured art glass, to include a Whitefriars style textured bark vase, 19.5cm high. (7)

Lot 515

A WHITEFRIARS TANGERINE DOUBLE DIAMOND GLASS VASE, pattern 9759, designed by Geoffrey Baxter as part of the Textured Range 1971 - 1974, H 15.5 cm, S/DCondition Report:Chip to top edge- see image

Lot 516

WHITEFRIARS RED AND CLEAR CASED GLASS VASE WITH HORIZONTAL OPTICAL RIBBING, H 16 cm, together with Whitefriars teardrop vase with original label (2)

Lot 519

A PAIR OF KINGFISHER BLUE WHITEFRIARS STYLE TEXTURED GLASS VASES, of rectangular form, H 17.5 cm, W 7.5 cm, D 4.5 cm, one with slight damage (2)

Lot 307


Lot 336

A Whitefriars malleiform glass paperweight of a central flower head surrounded by six rings each with a central flower head, Whitefriars cane and dated 1975, two glass ink wells, a cranberry acid etched light shade, a bag light and various decanter stoppers

Lot 109

Two boxes of misc. including a Whitefriars vase, a Swedish glass vase, pictures, lamps etc. and two boxes containing encyclopedia Britannica.

Lot 390

A large and impressive collection of vintage retro 20th century studio art glass to include Whitefriars bowl and dish, Murano glass fish, flower basket and paperweight, Czechoslovakia glass, etc. 37cm diameter

Lot 394

A collection of retro vintage late 20th century studio art glass comprising of a Mdina scent bottle, Whitefriars 9610 aquamarine knobbly vase, Swedish sunburst vase and more. 20cm high

Lot 462

William Wilson - Whitefriars - A collection of five assorted mid 20th century retro vintage studio art glass all in the gold amber colourway. Collection includes bubble control, applied wings and more. 20cm tall

Lot 496

A pair vintage retro 1960s glass green bowls / dishes, one being in the manner of Whitefriars 9099 with control bubble pattern. Together with another studio art glass bowl pf quatrefoil form. 

Lot 12

Four large Whitefriars vases, all by William Wilson, largest 25cm high by 17cm diameter

Lot 1128

Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Drunken Brick Layer vase in green, 21 cm high

Lot 1129

Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars basket weave slab vase in slate, 27 cm high

Lot 314

A green Whitefriars bubble glass vase, another vase and a Murano bubble glass dish (3). The green bubble glass vase has a small surface chip to the top edge. Otherwise all in good condition with just some surface scratches.

Lot 530

A folder of early and mid-20th century Press and Studio photographs, including 1939 Whitefriars Fire Station engine photograph, and a City of Gloucester invite to meet the Queen

Lot 669

Various Art glass, including Whitefriars bark design candle holder, Isle of Wight ashtray etc

Lot 195


Lot 1438

A small quantity of coloured glass including Whitefriars and Wedgwood, tallest 29.5cm

Lot 29

A group of decorative and Studio Glass wares, comprising a Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Greek Key vase, in Ruby, pattern number 9810, 20cm high, a tri-form shallow bowl, in smoke glass, possibly also Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars, 29 by 23 by 9cm high, a large bottle vase with handles and trail decoration 43cm high and a similar urn shaped vase, a lustre glass with tulip shaped bowl and tall stem, 33cm high, a Medina Malta glass decanter and similar vase, both signed to the bases, a Studio glass square shallow bowl, of polychrome abstract design and similar plaque, both apparently unsigned, an Isle of Wight small lustre vase, a further vase and a glass and metal candlestick. (12)

Lot 3166

GEOFFREY BAXTER FOR WHITEFRIARS, A TANGERINE GLASS 'DRUNKEN BRICKLAYER' VASE, DESIGNED 1966, pattern no. 9673, 20.5cm high; together with A WHITEFRIARS TANGERINE TEXTURED CYLINDRICAL BARK VASE, pattern no. 9690, 19.3cm high. (2)The absence of a Condition Report does not imply that a lot is without imperfections. Please note carefully the exclusion of liability for the condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale.Each in very good condition without chips or cracks.

Lot 3167

THREE PIECES OF WHITEFRIARS, COMPRISING; A CONTROLLED BUBBLE PEACH GLASS VASE, with flared rim and graduated bubble inclusions, 22.5cm by 19.5cm; A RIBBED ORANGE GLASS BOWL, circular form with ribbed design, 11cm by 20cm AND A BLUE GLASS VASE, cylindrical form, 17cm by 8cm (3)The absence of a Condition Report does not imply that a lot is without imperfections. Please note carefully the exclusion of liability for the condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale.All pieces in good overall condition, some bubble faults and light surface wear, no signatures or stamps. Condition report made 200121.

Lot 547

Harry Powell for James Powell and Sons, Whitefriars, a pair of Arts and Crafts liqueur glasses, circa 1900, colourless flint glass, the bell shaped bowls on knopped inverse baluster stems, 9cm high (2)

Lot 200

Whitefriars art deco Sanctuary Blue spiral ribbed glass bowl, 30 cm x 5 cm. UK Postage £15.

Lot 472

A Whitefriars grey glass water jug, 31cm high., an amber glass jug, 24.5cm high., green glass jug, 29.5cm high., and a turquoise glass jug, 24.5cm high. (4)

Lot 474

A Whitefriars green glass water jug, 26cm high., fluted green glass jug, 17cm high., and a green glass jug with wavy banding, 15.5cm high. (3)

Lot 290

19thC Rohmer style green glass goblet raised on clear stem, possibly Whitefriars, H: 20 cm. P&P Group 2 (£18+VAT for the first lot and £3+VAT for subsequent lots)Condition Report: No cracks, chips or visible restoration.

Lot 267

A Collection of Various Cut Glass to Include Large Cut Glass Vase (30cm High), Whitefriars Vase etc

Lot 367

A WHITEFRIARS NAILHEAD RECTANGULAR OVAL VASE IN PEWTER, height 11.5cm, in good condition, and a Whitefriars streaky knobbly vase, with cinnamon swirl, height 19cm (2)

Lot 444

ASSORTED GLASSWARES, to include cut glass whisky glasses, vases, decanter, Stuart Crystal wheel cut sundae bowls, Whitefriars green controlled bubble bowl, diameter 15cm, a sapphire blue Wrythen bowl, twin handled vase with gold inclusions etc

Lot 2020

WHITEFRIARS GLASS, large dark optic rib charger with original label, pattern 9097 introduced 1949, diameter 35cm.Good condition, light scratching.

Lot 2075

WILLIAM WILSON FOR WHITEFRIARS, a sea green, controlled bubble vase, and 4 other bubble glass pieces, vase height 19cm.Good condition.

Lot 2076

HARRY DYER FOR WHITEFRIARS, 2 streaky brown knobbly vases, 1960s', tallest 21cm.Good condition.

Lot 2077

HARRY DYER FOR WHITEFRIARS, a large streaky green knobbly bowl, 1960s', and vase, bowl diameter 23cm.Good condition, no chips or cracks.

Lot 2111

BARNABY POWELL FOR WHITEFRIARS, BRITISH, golden amber bowl and vase from the "Wealdstone Range" 1930s', bowl diameter 23.5cm.Good condition, no chips or cracks.

Lot 2112

WHITEFRIARS, 3 pieces of sapphire blue glass, lampbase, posy vase a"wealdstone range" shallow bowl, large bowl diameter 29cm.Good condition.

Lot 2114

MARRIOTT POWELL FOR WHITEFRIARS, a large wave ribbed vase in sanctuary blue and plate, pre 1940, vase height 26cm.Both in good condition, no chips or cracks.

Lot 2115

WILLIAM WILSON FOR WHITEFRIARS, 3 pieces of 1953 coronation commemorative wear, 2 thick walled sapphire glass vases, a tankard and minature medal.(4)Good condition, signs of light use.

Lot 2116

BARNABY POWELL FOR WHITEFRIARS, a sapphire blue ribbon trailed vase and 4 other pieces of Whitefriars glass, 1940s'/50s', vase height 14cm.Good condition.

Lot 2117

GEOFFREY BAXTER FOR WHITEFRIARS, a pair of mid century ruby glass candle holders, diameter 8cm.Good condition, some small chips to inside rim of base.

Lot 2151

WHITEFRIARS, glacier glass cylinder decanter and 4 glasses ,decanter height 34cm.All in good condition.

Lot 2152

WHITEFRIARS, glacier glass, square section whisky decanter and 2 glasses, decanter height 27cm.Good condition.

Lot 1152

Cranberry Glass; Jack in the pulpit vase, frilled epergne flute, sugar bowl and cream jug, jugs, a Whitefriars ruby glass jug, etc:- One Tray

Lot 268

Art glass vase, another, a Whitefriars ashtray and a soapstone figure

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  • 240
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