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Lot 394

Selection of Crystal plus and other glassware including Stuart and Edinburgh, plus a Waterford Crystal and plated cake slice - 2 shelvesCondition report: Overall good condition, with no obvious cracks or chips to the glassware

Lot 323

A selection of Waterford Crystal glassware to include liquor, wine, champagne and other glasses together with a wicker basket

Lot 17

A pair of boxed Waterford crystal flute glasses, H. 28cm.

Lot 147


Lot 211

Set of eight Waterford Crystal Sheila pattern wine glasses and seven Sheila pattern tumblers (15)Condition report: Two wine glasses are chipped on the rim and so is one of the tumblers, the rest are in good condition.Wine glasses 16.5cm high. Tumblers 9cm high 

Lot 212

Extensive Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern table service - 66 pieces plus a Waterford Crystal clockCondition report: All in good condition.Set comprises:13 hock glasses 18.8 cm high13 large wines 17.3 cm13 mid size wines 15.2 cm7 champagne coupes 12 cm 13 Sherry glasses 12.5 cm 7 liquer glasses 10 cm

Lot 726

A Dartington Crystal mantel timepiece, a Waterford Crystal, a cake slice, a Swarovski double candle stand, similar dog, a blue glass paperweight etc.

Lot 148

A part suite of Waterford crystal to include twelve red wine glasses, eight white wine glasses, eight champagne saucers, and seven sherry glasses, etched marks (three trays)

Lot 72

A boxed Waterford crystal glass decanter, with facet cut decoration, in original box, acid marked, 32.5cm high, a pair of Cumbria 'Grasmere' pattern tumblers, in original box, 9cm high, and a claret jug in the form of a duck, with white metal mounts, 26.5cm highCondition report: In good order

Lot 100


Lot 397

A GROUP OF LATE VICTORIAN AND 20TH CENTURY GLASSWARE, including a Waterford Crystal quartz clock, bears etched mark to the underside and adhesive label to the back, height 18cm, a cranberry glass bowl, diameter 13cm, a Royal Brierley Studio white flecked and iridescent vase, height 8.5cm, a Mdina squat vase with white, pink and blue flecks, height 9.5cm, a pair of orange carnival glass vases and a 1930's bulbous claret jug and stopper, black Art Deco style decoration, the stopper with chipped base, a boxed pair of John Jenkins Ruby Royal wine glasses, etc (14)

Lot 436

A QUANTITY OF GLASSWARE, including a set of seven Waterford Crystal wine glasses and four sherry glasses, four Stuart Crystal grapefruit glasses, dressing table items, gilt decorated cocktail glasses, vases, jug, hour glass decanter, etc (condition:- some chips noted but generally in good condition) (quantity)

Lot 130

A selection of four clear cut crystal glasses by Waterford in good condition

Lot 131

A selection of four clear cut crystal tumbler glasses by Waterford in good condition

Lot 192

A clear cut crystal Waterford glass lustre droplet table centre candelabra in good condition all pieces marked

Lot 112

A group of Waterford crystal, comprising a pair of Chatham candlesticks, pair of brandy balloons, pair of hock glasses, three sherry glasses, and jug. (10). Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 113

A set of six Waterford crystal wine glasses, H14.5cm. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 114

A pair of Waterford lead crystal cut glass and brass mounted candlesticks, H27cm. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 121

A set of eight Waterford crystal Colleen pattern wine glasses, H13cm. Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 122

A set of eight Waterford crystal Colleen pattern champagne flutes, H15cm.Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 123

A set of eight Waterford crystal Colleen pattern sherry glasses, H11cm, together with a seven Waterford crystal Lismore pattern cordial glasses, H8.5cm, and a Waterford Crystal Colleen pattern tumbler. (16). Click here to view further images, condition reports, sale times & delivery costs for this lot.

Lot 2111

Waterford Crystal; modern, mostly boxed, including champagne flutes, port glasses, ships decanters and sundry, (qty). Condition Report There are a total of 44 Waterford glasses in this lot, including others.

Lot 283

A vintage set of six Waterford Crystal sherry glasses 4.25in tall, no faults

Lot 294

A Waterford crystal wine/ale glass 5.125in tall, no faults

Lot 295

A Waterford crystal vase (very small slither chip inside rim) 7.875in tall, an Edinburgh crystal bowl 7in tall x 9in wide & other glassware

Lot 460

Various glass items including a Waterford Crystal mantel clock and Royal Commemorative plates, sweet basket, sweet jar, paperweight, tankard and dishes etc.

Lot 254

A mixed lot of ceramics and glassware to include an Edinburgh crystal thistle pattern liqueur decanter and three glasses, along with five sherry glasses, a boxed Waterford portraits photo frame, Royal Worcester Evesham tureen, two Japanese porcelain wall chargers and an Imari pattern plate

Lot 83

A selection of cut table glass to include Stuart crystal, pair of Waterford Nocture champagne flutes and other drinking glasses

Lot 202

Glassware - a pair of Waterford Crystal Lismore Toasting Champagne flutes; six Stuart Crystal olive & lattice cut claret glasses; other cut glass glasses including red & white wine; a Dartington glass daisy bowl and eight bowls etc. qty.

Lot 242

Glassware - a Stuart Crystal cut glass decanter and stopper; others , large bowl, Waterford clock, etc

Lot 250

Crystal and other glassware - a set of four Waterford crystal Lismore pattern wine glasses, five aperitif glasses; others Eileen pattern wine glasses; assorted plain stemware, decanter etc qty

Lot 513

A vintage late 20th century Waterford Irish cut crystal pen holder having a circular faceted base with a chrome stand and pen. Comes with original box.

Lot 1112

A collection of cut glass ware including a Waterford crystal vase, 17.5cm, a glass bowl on stand, decanter and stopper, etc, together with a cream glazed lamp base with applied wrything dragon detail, 39cm approx (not including fittings) (12)

Lot 1266

Waterford crystal drinking glasses (13)CONDITION: Three glasses marginally shorter (approx. 8mm) than the other ten; one of the shorter glasses with very minor nick at bowl rim. Taller glasses good condition. Of the ten taller glasses, four have slightly smaller bases, ie four glasses are matched to this set.

Lot 1363

A quantity of glassware, including two Orrefors bowls (one boxed), a large iridescent centrepiece bowl, Waterford Crystal, including five brandy balloons (three boxed) and a set of liqueur glasses, two coloured glass water jugs, a 'ship's' decanter and stopper, a Bohemian ruby flash goblet and various ruby and sundry other coloured and painted table glass

Lot 98

BOXED WATERFORD CRYSTAL VASE/SUNDAE GLASS, along with a collection of loose and cased crystal and glass ware including Royal Doulton glasses

Lot 185

A boxed set of six Waterford Colleen cut crystal wine glasses; together with a boxed set of six matching Waterford crystal sherry glasses

Lot 549

A Waterford crystal etched model of a Globe of the World, on shaped base. (1)

Lot 558

A pair of Waterford Crystal champage flutes, decorated in the Lismore pattern, cased.

Lot 145

A large suite of Waterford Crystal in the Colleen patterncomprising twenty-four tumblers, 11cm high; twenty-four goblets, 13.5cm high; and twenty-four claret glasses, 13.5cm high, each contained within originals boxes(72)Condition report: All items are boxed. The majority of glasses appear to have not been used and have probably stayed in the boxes since original purchase, the others only have a few very minor surface scratches to the underside of the feet and a couple of light scratches to bowls. No signs of any cracks or chips, the glasses are in clear condition with no blooming.

Lot 15

Small Waterford cut crystal glass hat shaped boudoir clock with Roman numerals, 6.5cm high approx. (B.P. 21% + VAT) No obvious damage.

Lot 368

Pair of Waterford crystal 'Clarendon' cobalt hock glasses. (2)(B.P. 21% + VAT)

Lot 215

A Waterford Crystal and sterling silver necklace, in retail box.

Lot 599

A Waterford and two Edinburgh Crystal clocks, former 17 cm x 11 cm

Lot 605

A Waterford Crystal clock, 18 cm x 12 cm, together with a Wedgwood paperweight, a Nubro Swedish owl paperweight and a pair of cut glass knife rests

Lot 197

A quantity of cut lead crystal including a part suite of Waterford drinking glasses, decanters and two blue glass vases (one shelf)

Lot 51

Waterford crystal claret decanter with certificate and four Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern brandy glasses (5) - Condition Report

Lot 60

Large Waterford crystal pedestal vase with scalloped rim, H30.5cm and a cut glass bowl centrepiece (2) - Condition Report

Lot 230


Lot 405

A pair of Waterford Crystal glass vases, of faceted narrow ovoid form, 26 cm.Qty: 2Condition report: No chips, cracks or repair, some discolouration to the interiors through use.

Lot 90

10 large Waterford crystal champagne flutes, with two Waterford crystal tumblers, no chips or cracks

Lot 1553

Collection of assorted crystal including five Webb sorbet glasses, a Waterford Crystal bowl and mirrored stands. Not available for in-house P&P, contact Paul O'Hea at Mailboxes on 01925 659133

Lot 58

Two Waterford crystal decanters and similar Webb Corbett, also a selection of vintage place mats and cutlery.

Lot 899

A Waterford crystal bedside clock, boxed.

Lot 326

A Bohemia Czech Republic crystal glass mantel clock, two deco blue glass vases and two bowls including Marquis Waterford crystal (5)

Lot 264

Waterford crystal cut glass vase, etched mark to base, 34cm high Condition: **Due to current lockdown conditions, bidders are unable to view lots in this online-only sale. Please therefore read the following: As this is a sale of second-hand and antique items, bidders should expect items to exhibit general wear and tear commensurate with age and use unless otherwise stated. Please carefully examine the images as they form part of the overall condition. Clevedon Salerooms are happy to provide further detailed information on request, if received by email or telephone at least 24 hours prior to the sale. The mention of a specific flaw or fault does not automatically mean that no other faults exist. Reports are provided as a goodwill gesture and are a general assessment, not a forensic survey. Further category-specific condition information can be found in our Standard Terms and Conditions. The placing of a bid by you is taken by us as an indication that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms. Ceramics & Glass/Oriental - We endeavour to mention any post-production damage we can see, either with the naked eye or a magnifying glass. Where requested, we will place the item under UV light to check for professional restoration. We do not automatically mention such standard occurrences as fine glaze crazing or kiln dust which are by-products of manufacture as opposed to signs of damage.

Lot 140

Boxed Waterford crystal paper knife. P&P Group 1 (£14+VAT for the first lot and £1+VAT for subsequent lots)

Lot 561

WATERFORD CUT CRYSTAL WINE GLASSES, a set of twelve along with a cut glass bowl. (13)

Lot 20

Waterford crystal vase: height 17cm. Boxed

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