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Lot 351

Large mixed collection of dolls and bears including: Madame Alexander- Kins x four little women, bisque and vinyl dolls, dolls clothing, dolls prams 24", doll reference books such as Antique Doll by Agnes Melger and British Dolls of the 1960s by Susan Brewer; plus a range soft toys and teddy bears including x three Harrods bears, one small Merrythrought bear plus others; some items would benefit from a cleaning (tobacco smell); (Qty).

Lot 4014

A 1920's/1930's 'Suzie Q' novelty cloth character doll, attributed to Madame Alexander Dolls (New York, America), the cloth face with painted features including blue side glancing eyes, red 'yarn' hair, dressed in costume with a blue felt overcoat or jacket, unmarked, 41cm high

Lot 623

Madame Alexander Pair of vinyl dolls including: (1) Center Stage Cissy 2000, LE 265/350, baby pink gown and matching shawl, earrings and necklace, swing label (detached but present) and certificate, 19"/48cm; (2) Unnamed portrait doll, gold and black gown with removable cloak, earrings and necklace, MISSING labels, Good Plus to Excellent; (2).

Lot 147k

Collection of Vintage Madame Alexander, Vogue and F&B Dolls

Lot 378

American vintage hard plastic / composition teenage dolls x four: (1) General Doll Manufacturing Corp. teenage Walking Doll (Brooklyn, NY, USA), 1950s, hard plastic, with swing label, strawberry blonde Saran hair, original clothing, 15.5"/40cm; (2) R & B (USA) hard plastic doll, 1950s, wearing original dress, 16"/41cm; (3) Madame Alexander (USA) Sonja Henie composition doll, 1930s, wearing original skating outfit, 14"/36cm; (4) Arranbee (USA) composition skater doll, 1930s / 1940s, wearing original outfit, 17"/43cm; Good to Excellent Plus; (4).

Lot 388

American hard plastic vintage dolls x three, 1950s, including: (1) Arranbee (R & B) Nancy Lee, original dress, undergarments and hair ribbons, 14"/36cm; (2) Effanbee Honey Walker, 13.5"/34cm; (3) Madame Alexander Ballerina, plastic discoloured / degrading, 13.5"/34cm; Fair to Good; (3).

Lot 193

A set of five Madame Alexander Dionne Quintuplet dolls, each dressed in pastel coloured costume. Approximately 19cm

Lot 345

Vintage Madame Alexander Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum boxed dolls-excellent. (2 dolls in a single box)

Lot 192

Four vinyl dolls, a Heidi Ott girl, in original box --12in. (30.5cm.) high; The Alison Nisbet Doll, boxes; a Madame Alexander Mary Todd Lincoln doll with tag and a Zanini & Zambelli winking doll in original dress

Lot 333

An early 20th Century American doll by Madame Alexander, with impressed marks to reverse, in period dress; together with a selection of wooden dolls house furniture.

Lot 319

Porcelain dolls collectors doll and Madame Alexander collection doll (2) 

Lot 239

A Kathe Kruse cloth doll and other various 1950s dolls , Kathe Kruse girl with synthetic head, painted features, blonde hair and on a cloth body wearing a pink corduroy dress, 14” (36cm) tall, condition: good, re-dressed, together with a Madame Alexander Ice skating doll and three black Pedigree dolls, one in need of stringing, together with two later hedgehog soft toys, (7 items).

Lot 661

Various vinyl and plastic dolls, a hard plastic Madame Alexander with rubber arms --20½in. (52cm.) high; an Ideal Toy Corps vinyl doll with smile; a Alexander vinyl toddler; two other babies and three Old Cottage dolls; and a Hasbro Nurse Kit bag

Lot 426

Two McCall Corps Betsy dolls, one blonde and one brunette with sleeping eyes, jointed bodies and original clothes (one arm needs restringing); a Madame Alexander Cissy Queen Elizabeth doll --9 ½in. (24cm.) high; and another dressed as an angel

Lot 313

McDonalds Collectables - A collection in excess of 25 'Madame Alexander' dolls, some still sealed in packaging and a collection of eight LoL.miniature dolls

Lot 76

A SET OF FIVE VINTAGE MADAME ALEXANDER 'LITTLE WOMEN' DOLLS circa 1950's , similar dolls and  items

Lot 1000

An extensive Georges Méliès archive of autograph material and original photographs1. 11 Autograph Letters Signed ('G. Méliès') and two autograph manuscripts, all in French: nine letters to Léo Sauvage, dated March to November, 1937, and two, likely to critic Maurice Noverre, which were given to Sauvage by Merritt Crawford, dated October-November 1930, 25 pp total on various papers, concerning his films, career, other filmmakers, as well as a first-hand reference to a young American sculptor and his animated dolls made of wire performing shows in his Paris home (Calder's Circus, which he is to visit with Hans Richter); the two manuscripts are autograph lists of his primary illusions and tricks ('Illusions et grands trucs') produced by him at the Theatre Robert Houdin from 1888 to 1918, and his Principal Major Cinematic Compositions ('Principales grandes compositions cinematiques'), containing a list of 60 of his greatest films in 4 categories; with 3 carbon copies of typed responses from Léo Sauvage;2. 9 mounted vintage gelatin silver prints, roughly 5 x 7 in. to 6 x 9 in., on card mounts, various pencil notations to the verso, from the sets of the following films: Faust and Marguerite (1904), The Dreyfus Affair (Suicide of Colonel Henry) (1899), Humanity through the Ages (1908)(?), Eclipse (1907), Tunnel Under the Channel (1907), an unidentified family scene, and three promotional films for Brunot shoeshine, Bornibus mustard, and Dewars scotch.3. 2 Autograph Letters Signed ('J. Méliès') from Jehanne d'Alcy, Méliès's wife in his later years and widely considered the first female movie star, both early 1938, one on mourning stationery; with 2 carbon copies of typed letters from Léo Sauvage;4. Original invitation for the funeral of George Méliès, bordered in black, with original transmittal envelope addressed to Léo Sauvage, January, 1938;5. 7 promotional sales brochures (6 in French and one in English) for 5 Méliès films from his 'Star Films' company, one annotated by Méliès with pricing information: 'The Palace of the Arabian Nights' in French (annotated) and English (with 12 photos), 'Two Hundred Leagues Under the Sea' (2 copies), 'Joan of Arc,' 'Christmas Dream,' and 'Special Scenes from the 1900 World's Fair';6. 3 Autograph Letters Signed from Andre Méliès ('A. Méliès'), Méliès's son, to Léo Sauvage, 4to, November 1941 to January 1942;7. Assorted other ephemera and reproductions, including articles on Méliès, photocopies of letters, or original Méliès drawings and designs, etc.Provenance: Léo Sauvage (1913-1988); by descent.A FASCINATING AND IMPORTANT ARCHIVE OF GEORGES MÉLIÈS. In 1937, Léo Sauvage met the great filmmaker Georges Méliès and they became friends and correspondents over what would be the final year of Méliès life. Sauvage played a major role in the resuscitation of the filmmaker's reputation, facilitating articles, reviews, and photographs in various publications. The nine letters from Méliès to Sauvage constitute a review of his final year and the struggles of Méliès to secure his reputation (with the help of Sauvage). There is also a wonderful letter that speaks to the vibrancy of Méliès's Parisian life during the time as his star was again in ascendance, including an invitation from Hans Richter to a (in translation): 'show at the home of an American sculptor that I know, and who it is said makes very amusing shows with animated dolls that he fabricates with iron wires.' The first-hand contemporary reference to Alexander Calder's circus from the venerable magician Méliès is very rare, and Méliès further references a possible collaboration in film with Richter. There are also two manuscripts in Méliès's hand being Méliès's account of the important tricks in his films, as well as his own account of his films and his own categorization.The two letters from Méliès, likely to Noverre, were given to Sauvage by Merritt Crawford and discuss the contemporary arguments of Crawford and Noverre in defense of Méliès in the arguments regarding the beginnings of cinema, as well as Méliès's progress on a bookplate he is designing for Crawford. There are also two letters from Jehanne D'Arcy, widely credited as the first female movie star, who appeared in countless (literally) Méliès films before leaving the profession in 1903, and then becoming his wife later in 1916. We locate no other examples of Madame Méliès's autograph at auction, or in institutional collections. This is a large and important archive of materials, both autograph material and visual, including 9 rare photographs of Méliès productions, as well as the black-bordered invitation to Méliès's funeral at L'eglise Notre-Dame du Travail, with envelope addressed to Sauvage. In all, this is an emotionally stirring and academically viable collection of materials documenting the final year of Méliès's life, in the midst of his own revival and reassessment of his career that had begun in 1929.Léo Sauvage would go on to become a New York correspondent for Le Figaro and then the drama critic for the New Leader, and penned a well-regarded book on the history of cinema, L'affaire Lumière.

Lot 109

Various dolls, a Madame Alexander vinyl Lucinda 1535, in original box, six Shackman dolls’ house dolls, in original boxes, The World of Barbie doll case, a blonde Ken doll and other items

Lot 278

1940's/50's Madame Alexander vintage Little Women Dolls, Beth and Amy, contained in original travel case with labels and original travel spare dresses (small crack to face of one doll)

Lot 175

A collection of modern dolls including Madame Alexander, Gilbert Blythe, Barbie Victorian Skating etc

Lot 853

Five boxed Madame Alexander dolls, New York, USA

Lot 264

*Chinese puppets. A pair of opera puppets, late 19th century, two fabric hand puppets, with hand-painted carved wooden faces and feet, and articulated hands, both wearing hand-sewn silk robes embellished with braid or embroidery, some dust-soiling and a few small holes in places, male figure with choice of head attire (a mandarin hat with plait, and an embroidered hat with beaded tassels), male figure with paint chipped on feet and damage (with slight loss) to nose and forehead, female figure with embellished black hair and beaded earrings, and holding a folding paper fan, height 32cm (12.5ins) and 29.5cm (11.5ins) respectively, together with two dolls by Madame Alexander, New York, mid 20th century, both in elaborate costume, with gold hoop earrings and fruit headdresses, approximately 25cm (10ins) high, one with metal stand (Butler Doll Stand Co. Chicago), plus a broken oriental figurine A note accompanying the puppets reads rather charmingly: "I am very sorry, but my wife had a bad dream the other night, and she hit me on my forehead, and thus marred my beautiful countenance." (5)

Lot 677

*Doll. A bisque head doll, Germany: Schoenau & Hoffmeister, early 20th century, composition character doll with articulated limbs (index finger on left hand missing), bisque head impressed 'S H 1909 5' and 'PB' within star, brown glass sleeping eyes, slightly open mouth showing upper teeth, and long brown hair, dressed in a lace-trimmed blue velvet dress, length 59cm (23.25ins), together with three mid 20th century dolls by Madame Alexander (all with maker's name impressed on head), one a baby doll dressed in a long white gown (with additional dress, bonnet and pinafore), the other two princess dolls, wearing original clothes, and a tiara and sequinned headdress respectively, plus another doll similar, wearing a frilled 'Bo-Peep' dress and bonnet, plus a Theodor Recknagel bisque head costume doll, impressed '1909 DEP R 10/0 A', dressed in Swiss Guard style outfit, with sword on leather belt, and a similar German doll, impressed 'L 14/0', carrying a little leather satchel, hat and hair detached, plus a china head doll with china limbs, circa 1905, wearing a later dress (and with an earlier dress), plus four metal doll stands (8)

Lot 697

Two boxed Madame Alexander dolls - 'Nutcracker Prince' and 'Emperor & Nightingale' NY, USA, 2001

Lot 632

Three Madame Alexander 'Very Veggie Friends' soft toy dolls USA 2001

Lot 420

A Quantity of Costume and Portrait Dolls By Peggy Nisbet, Madame Alexander including King Henry VIII, Anne of Cleves, Anne Boleyn, Orange Seller, Pearly King; together with Collectors Club literature, all boxed.

Lot 222

A collection of hard plastic dolls, including a walking Pedigree in blue dress, 21” (54cm) tall, Pedigree Princess Anne in spotted dress, , celluloid Raynal ‘flirty-eye’ doll, celluloid sailor and flirty- eye doll in green and white dress, Amanda Jane with two trunks of original clothes, flirty eye baby, a Schildkrot design baby, small Roddy walker, Madame Alexander and a Maori doll with baby (12 items).

Lot 102

A 1953 Pedigree Coronation doll in plastic, with royal regalia, 14" high, a Madame Alexander plastic "Baby Genius" doll, 18" high, two Palitoy vinyl dolls, 24" high, and a quantity of dolls clothing (4)

Lot 357

A Pair of American Dolls, by Madame Alexander, dressed in blue and pink outfits with navy blue straw hats, (1 shoe missing), approx 23 cms high together with a pair of ceramic ballerinas on plinth, approx total ht 16 cms. (2).

Lot 148

Collection of approximately twelve Madame Alexander dolls, some in original boxes,

Lot 312

19th CENTURY WAX OVER COMPSITION HEAD DOLL with wooden limbs and a green shawl; together with a Madame Alexander Little Genius doll with sleeping blue eyes, wearing a pink dress and bonnet, with tilt activated crying, boxed; a plastic doll with open mouth and teeth showing and sleeping blue eyes, wearing a red cape trimmed with white fur; a plastic headed doll; a Scottish doll with a full length green ball gown with tartan sash; and four cloth dolls (8)

Lot 548

Collectable dolls to include Heidi Ott babies in boxed condition, Funtime Sindy, Pedigree fashion doll with box, boxed International Travel Barbie, two Peggy Nisbet Collectors Dolls, The Prince Regent and King Charles I and a boxed Madame Alexander doll "Little Women", (6)

Lot 102

Selection of assorted hard plastic dolls, includes: boy doll with painted face, height 45cm; 'Plasticbaby' doll, mark to back, height 14cm, with Original Toys dog; Pedigree Delite black doll with sleeping eyes, astrakhan hair, h.18cm; Madame Alexander style dress-makers doll, c.1940's, auburn wig and sleeping green eyes, height 51cm. (11)

Lot 692

Two American Madame Alexander Doll Company dolls, boxed

Lot 816

Six Madame Alexander dolls, one not boxed, 1977, excellent condition and reference book

Lot 755

A 1950 Madame Alexander Cinderella doll and a German bisque dolls head

Lot 182

Two Brenda Starr dolls with a Rebecca doll, all from Madame Alexander Doll Co, one Brenda Starr box, one blonde bride doll and one red hair doll in camisole, Rebecca mint in box 1585 in pink. (3)

Lot 8504

Lot of two Madame Alexander dolls, to include: Southern Belle 1963 and Alice and Wonderland 1954. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8505

Lot of two Madame Alexander ballerina dolls, including 1964 and Nurse Wendy and Baby. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8506

Lot of two Madame Alexander dolls, to include: Bridesmaid Y and Bridesmaid B. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8507

Lot of two Madame Alexander dolls, to include: 1953 doll and Quiz Kin. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8521

Lot of four Madame Alexander dolls, to include: Native American boy and girl, and Amish boy and girl. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8522

Lot of thirteen Madame Alexander dolls, to include: English Guard, Boy (Conference Doll), 10" Floozy, Convention Doll with black and white checkered dress, Alice, Nurse, Irish, Ballerinas in blue and white, three dolls with yellow dresses, Leaf Fairy, and Hawaiian. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8524

Lot of two Madame Alexander dolls, to include: Baby Angel 480 Platinum, and doll with green stripe dress. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8525

Lot of two Madame Alexander dolls, to include: Victoria with wrist tag, and Scarlet 65. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 8528

Lot of six Vogue Ginny dolls, to include: doll with white embroidery dress, Scotch, Lucy, Dutch girl, Jill with pink night dress, along with one Madame Alexander doll, and an Eskimo doll. Provenance: From a Framingham, MA estate.

Lot 3194

LOT OF THREE ASSORTED DOLLS. Largest is an early cloth Madame Alexander doll in original box ""Little Nell"". Also included is a papier mache head squeak toy woman with a banner across her chest reading ""Votes for Women"". Last is an earlier Barbie with swivel neck, original black and white swim suit. SIZE: Little Nell: 15"" t (38cm). Barbie: 11"" t (28cm). CONDITION: Good to very good. 1-14093

Lot 283

Dolls: including H.Samuel Christmas 2000 Limited Edition Porcelain Doll, Roddy Doll, in original boxes, plastic Madame Alexander style Ballerina and a quantity of tourist dolls, F-VG, boxes P-VG (qty)

Lot 38

Selection of dolls: German bisque head composition body doll, having fixed blue eyes, open mouth with teeth, blonde wig, painted features, jointed arms, h.44cm, together with a black and white photograph (copy) of the doll with her original owner and a note stating that the doll was brought over from America in 1895/6 (F with G head); `Madame Alexander` composition doll with cloth body; Welsh costume doll; miniature Hasbro doll. Conditions G-F. (4)

Lot 234

"Cecile", one of the Dionne quins. The composition girl with green eyes wearing completely original pale green muslin dress, bonnet and badge. Fabric and composition body. Labelled Genuine Dionne Quintuplet Dolls. Madame Alexander N.Y. 17 1/2in H

Lot 398

A Collection of Composition Dolls, Including dolls by Madame Alexander, Arranbee, Effanbee, and others. Note condition: surface wear and cracks.

Lot 346

(lot of 2) Madame Alexander composition dolls including a "Fairy Princess" 15" and "Princess Elizabeth" 18" Start Price $50

Lot 1658

Collection of composition, hard plastic and other dolls: Composition baby doll, German, impressed 1370/2, weighted blue eyes, open mouth, moulded hair, cloth body wearing original type cotton and silk like garments, 15.5"/39cm; Armand Marseille painted bisque dressed as fairy, head is damaged (badly cracked), 11"/28cm; Peggy Nisbet King Henry VIII hard plastic portrait doll, within original box; Peggy Nisbet Norway costume doll within original box; Peggy Nisbet Sweden costume doll within original box; Porcelain pin cushion doll, 3"/8cm in height from base of torso to top of head; Madame Alexander hard plastic story book doll, original clothing, 6"/15cm; condition vary from Fair to Near Mint within Good packaging. (7)

Lot 1

Madame Alexander Dolls: three hard plastic and two vinyl dolls with a quantity of Madame Alexander clothes in a cream vanity case

  • 54 item(s)

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