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Lot 446

A MIXED COLLECTION OF GLASSWARE including a Per Lutken Holmegaard glass centrepiece bowl, Iitala glass dish etc.

Lot 2004

Strombergshyttan circular decanter with disc stopper no. e209 and boat shaped vase no. 7388 and 1960s Holmegaard ovoid glass vase by Per Lutken H23cm (3)

Lot 244

A Holmegaard Rondo cylindrical vase, designed by Per Lutken, in smokey grey, number 18722, 27.5cm, engraved mark; a Hogan and Wilson type thick walled lobed glass vase, in smokey grey, 22.5cm (2)

Lot 468

Collection of Five Items of 20th century Glassware including 1959 Per Lutken Holmegaard Bowl 18cms diameter, David Gulland Decanter etched with Shetland Ponies, Holmegaard Decanter and Two Whitefriars Dilly Ducks

Lot 221

A post war Holmegaard glass bowl designed by Per Lutken, of asymmetrical flared form in a deep cinnamon tint, engraved signature, height 16cm.

Lot 702

A Holmegaard Rondo cylindrical vase, designed by Per Lutken, in smokey grey, number 18722, 27.5cm, engraved mark; a Hogan and Wilson type thick walled lobed glass vase, in smokey grey, 22.5cm (2)

Lot 66

A collection of glassware, including a number of Canada designed glasses by Per Lutken for Kastrup Holmegaard, including seven smoked glass wine glasses, four liqueur, and six sherry glasses.

Lot 210

A Per Lutken designed bowl for Holmegaard, 1960, 16.3 cm diameter

Lot 6198

A Per Lutken designed Holmegaard ice bucket with cane handle and tongs, base engraved Holmgaard with number 8715, 26cm high overall

Lot 318

Per Lutken (1916-1998) for Holmegaard Menuet vase, sky blue vase, smoky grey vase, grey dish, each marked the base, together with a similar unmarked vase the tallest measures 24cm high (5)

Lot 1

An 'Aristokrat' tinted glass decanter, by Per Lutken for Holmegaard, label, 38cm; and another bottle vase after a design by Otto Brauer for Holmegaard, vibrant orange glass, (Qty: 2)

Lot 251

Holmegaard of Denmark blue glass vase, 29cm and a Holmegaard Menuet glass vase, both designed by Per Lutken.

Lot 724

A Copenhagen clear glass bowl by Per Lutken

Lot 633

A Copenhagen clear glass bowl by Per Lutken

Lot 186

Five pieces of Scandinavian glassware, including a Holmegaard smoked grey glass ashtray designed by Per Lutken, engraved '1958', diameter 12.5 cm, two blue glass vases; a lipped example c.1950, height 17.5 cm and another c.1928, height 13 cm, together with an Orrefors clear glass octagonal vase, c.2000, height 8.5 cm, and textured candle holder, diameter 13.5 cm (5)

Lot 709

A Holmegaard "Orchid" vase, designed by Per Lutken 1958, from the Flamingo Series, in clear and green glass, engraved marks to the underside. 23 cm high.

Lot 268

Holmegaard Denmark, blue/white vase by Per Lutken, from the Carnaby range 1968, height 13cm

Lot 312

Per Lutken for Holmegaard glass vase, no.15388, from the 'Smoke' series, height 16cm, together with a fluted vase with yellow threaded decoration upon a purple ground, signature to the base, height 17cm (2)

Lot 82

Scandinavian  glass - A group of three pieces of 1960's / 70's retro vintage studio glass to include a Danish Holmegaard asymmetric smokey glass bowl by Per Lutken (signed and dated 1962), a Finnish Riihimäen Lasi purple glass torpedo vase having bubbles to the base by Aimo Okkolin (signed to the base) and a possibly Norwegian cased blue glass vase of cylindrical form having control bubbles. Measures: 23cm tall.

Lot 305

Per Lutken ( Lütken ) - Holmegaard - A c1961 retro vintage studio art glass bowl having an off centre dish and smokey dusk grey colourway. Engraved monogram and date to base. Measures; 14cm diameter.

Lot 1003

A Per Lutken for Holmegaard 'Minuet' glass vase, signed and numbered 15732 to base, height 6cm, together with a Per Lutken for Holmegaard ashtray, signed and dated 1960, 11cm diameter.

Lot 122

Per Lutken for Holmegaard art glass fruit bowl of organic form, 36cm long

Lot 585

Two Holmegaard 'Sun Catcher ' circular glass pendants designed by Per Lutken for 150th Anniversary of Holmegaard 1975

Lot 642

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, a biomorphic shaped dish, circa 1962, having a light blue tinge throughout, engraved marks to the underside. 29 cm wide.

Lot 271

Holmegaard Danish Per Lutken - small blue bowl, signed

Lot 270

Holmegaard Danish Per Lutken smoked glass bowl, signed

Lot 22

A Holmegaard (Denmark) Smoked Glass Bowl, designed by Per Lutken 1959-1965, etched marks to base, 31cm diameter; a faceted blue tinted glass perfume bottle. (2)

Lot 356

Per Lutken for Holmegaard (Danish 1916-1998) 'May Green' glass vase inscribed factory marks to base 20cm high

Lot 246

Scandinavian glass lot - Orrefors bowl Orion boxed, together with Orrefors bowl Orion Lars Helsten commemorative etching, Orefors candleholder, Holmegaard Trigona candleholder and Holmegaard Per Lutken chalice - signed and numbered (5)

Lot 363

Six + six Danish mid-20th century spoons and forks, each of polished construction and with double struck dolphin motifs to the handles, length of spoon 19.5cm, combined weight approx 708gms and each bearing a three-tower mark, 40, with maker's mark for Poul Lutken Frigast, together with assay masters mark of Johannes Siggaard (1932-1960), (12)

Lot 154

Two Holmegaard Highlife Per Lutken glasses, in clear glass with swirl design to the lower sections, 22.5cm H.

Lot 274

A group of four Holmegaard minuet vases designed by Per Lutken in aquamarine, one of stylised heart form and three of soap bubble form, all signed, height of tallest 9cm. (4)

Lot 337

A group of four later 20th Century glass vases, all in blue, including a Holmegaard Labrador vase by Per Lutken, signed to base, height of tallest 27cm. (4)

Lot 166

Holmegaard heart shaped glass vase from the Menuet series designed by Per Lutken, acid etched Holmegaard 1961 to base, 13cm high..

Lot 333

A Holmegaard smoked grey glass flattened ovoid vase, designed by Per Lutken, 20cm wide, engraved marks 2

Lot 3233

A Holmegaard domed green glass Gronland decanter, designed by Per Lutken, clear glass globular stopper, 26.5cm high, etched marks, monogrammed, dated 1961

Lot 432

PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD; seven pieces of grey smoked glass tableware comprising vase, height 16cm, three candle holders (boxed), two oval and two circular dishes, all apart from the oval dishes marked to bases, also a small cylinder vase in the 'Labrador' colour, signed with monogram and dated 1960.Additional InformationGeneral light surface wear, the larger vase with some minor surface scratches but all generally ok. 

Lot 433

PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD; two ice blue glass vases, both with monogram to bases, height of slightly taller 12.8cm, a Holmegaard ice bucket with straw/cane handle and a large similarly coloured Whitefriars vase (4).Additional InformationThe larger Holmegaard vase dated 1960 to base, the slightly smaller no. 18/21, the basket no. 87/5, the Whitefriars vase with some abrasions around rim and several minor manufacturing imperfections, all with general light surface wear but all generally ok. 

Lot 435

A group of Swedish and Danish glass comprising a set of six Orrefors 'Mirabel' smoked grey wine glasses, a similar set of four Holmegaard liqueur glasses, an incomplete boxed set of five Holmegaard 'Excellence' flutes, a Holmegaard 'Island' jug designed by Per Lutken (af) and a similarly coloured Swedish jug.Additional InformationThe Holmegaard Island jug with damage at upper joint where handle meets body, large chip and area of further surface scratching to the body, the boxed Holmegaard set of five is obviously missing one flute, general light surface wear throughout, the Swedish jug with small nibbles and abrasions to the body.

Lot 444

PER LUTKEN FOR HOLMEGAARD; a near pair of 'Najade' pattern tapered vases on spreading circular feet, height of slightly taller 33cm, and matching pair of circular footed bowls, all opal white cased with splashed of mauve, green and ochre, the vases both with original paper labels (4).Additional InformationSome light wear but generally ok. 

Lot 43

A Holmegard smoke tinted glass vase, etched marks to base dated 1960 and Per Lutken (1916-1998), 13cm high

Lot 5217

A Holmegaard Carnaby range vase in red and white by Per Lutken, 13cm high

Lot 5228

28 Holmegaard Per Lutken glasses in various sizes including "Canada"

Lot 5216

A Holmegaard Carnaby range vase in red and white by Per Lutken, 15cm high

Lot 715

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, a graduated set of three blue glass beak vases, circa 1955, incised marks and numbers 14405, tallest, 24.5cm high (3)

Lot 716

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, a large colourless glass beak vase, 1951, etched mark and dated, 30.5cm high

Lot 230

An Orrefors glass vase designed by Sven Palmquist, engraved with flowers, etched marks to base, 21 cm high, together with a Per Lutken for Holmegaard beaked vase, 20 cm high, and blue labrador vase, 30 cm high, marks to bases (3)

Lot 107

A collection of mid century Scandinavian art glass including Per Lutken for Holmegaard, smoked glass Aristokrat decanter and Teardrop decanter, 36.5cm, Timo Sarpaneva for Littala, Krookus vase, signed TS to base, 15cm, a Holmegaard large clear glass centrepiece with smoked glass foot, etched mark to base, 41cm across, three Holmegaard blue glass vases, etched mark to base, 11cm, 16cm and 13cm, and an etched glass vase in the style of Orrefors depicting two figures in a fishing boat, 22cm (13 ).

Lot 261A

Per Lutken for Holmegaard vase glass vase in blue etched signature 17cm high.

Lot 303

Per Lutken for Holmegaard Glass bowl, 1955 clear green glass etched signature and date 20cm diameter, together with an unsigned example (2).

Lot 1095

A Holmegaard cylindrical Per Lutken vase, signed and dated 1961, height 17.5cm.

Lot 316

Holmegaard green glass vase and a tall cylindrical Holmegaard glass vase both by Per Lutken, signed

Lot 790

Per Lutken for Holmegaard, a blue glass vase, mid 20th century, with wavy rim and tapering body, engraved, monogram to the underside No. 1956. 26.5 cm high.

Lot 374

THREE RIIHIMARI ART STUDIO GLASS VASES, together with a Per Lutken for Holmegaard glass bowl and a Orrefors clear glass bowl, pattern No B3964/111, height of tallest vase 29cm (5)

Lot 292


Lot 376


Lot 380


Lot 53

A HOLMEGAARD SMOKY GLASS BOWL designed by Per Lutken, signed markings, and a collection of Scandinavian and other smoky Art Glasswares

Lot 123

Per Lutken (1916-1998) for Holmegaard seven pieces of studio glassware To include smoky vase of ovoid form, height 22.5cm, green dish of oval form, diameter 15cm

Lot 161

Per Lutken (1916-1998) for Holmegarrd sculptural bowlRaised on a circular plinth base, finished in a smoky colourway, signed and dated 1962, diameter 41cm

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