Why it's a time to buy James Bond memorabilia

James Bond has been in the headlines because of Sean Connery’s death and the latest instalment in the series constantly being pushed back thanks to Covid-19.

TSR ewbanks Dr No poster.jpg

James Bond Dr No 1962 film poster - estimate £6000-9000 at Ewbank's on November 20.

Many salerooms had planned to hold auctions to coincide with the release of No Time to Die, the 25th 007 film, and many are still holding them despite the movie now being shunted back to April 2 next year in the UK.

Ewbank’s of Send, Surrey, is staging such a sale on November 20, titled James Bond ‘007’ A Time To Buy (did you see what they did there?). 

Posters dominate the 158 lots but other items of memorabilia are also available.

Here are five suggestions.

Visit to the doctor

Dr No, starring Connery, kicked the 007 film series off in 1962. This British Quad film poster (pictured top) features an illustration by Mitchell Hooks. Linen backed, the 2ft 6in x 3ft 4in poster is described as being generally in good condition, with some minor blemishes and touch ups mainly to a small tear lower middle which has been repaired. No major restoration carried out.

Estimate £6000-9000.

To bid for the James Bond Dr No film poster check thesaleroom.com.

Once bitten, twice buy

TSR ewbanks Only Live Twice poster.jpg

James Bond You Only Live Twice film poster - estimate £1000-1500 at Ewbank's on November 20.

As this 1967 film poster for You Only Live Twice underlines, for many fans ‘Sean Connery is James Bond’. He only lived once, sadly, but is regularly voted the favourite 007 actor. His stardom came in pre-Woke times of course, so here he is surrounded by a typical bevy of Bond beauties wearing very little.

Estimated at £1000-1500, this British Quad film poster, Style C (Bath Tub), include an old Christie’s sticker on reverse which has bled through upper right, and is catalogued as “nice clean back, small tear upper edge. Frame is available with purchase if required.”

Try thesaleroom.com to bid for this 1967 film poster for You Only Live Twice.

Stage direction

TSR ewbanks Bond lightbox.jpg

James Bond metal lightbox from Pinewood studios - estimate £200-400 at Ewbank's on November 20.

Moving away from posters, for an unusual Christmas present for the Bond obsessive in your family try this metal lightbox marked '007 Sound Stage Exit Only Property of Pinewood Studios Do Not Remove'. It has a Perspex front with metal casing and measures 26 x 25 x 16 cm.

Estimate £200-400.

To view this 007 Pinewood studios metal lightbox visit thesaleroom.com

Ejector seat for a very small person

TSR ewbanks Corgi DB5.jpg

James Bond Corgi Aston Martin DB5 - estimate £150-250 at Ewbank's on November 20.

Talking of Christmas presents for 007 fans, what about a Corgi 261 Diecast James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, complete with ‘secret instructions pack’?

A full-size replica of Bond’s classic souped-up motor is available for just £3.2m but this rather smaller version is estimated at a less wallet-busting £150-250.

See the Corgi 261 Diecast James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 on thesaleroom.com.

The terrifying Gilbert Oddjob

TSR ewbanks Oddjob.jpg

James Bond Gilbert Oddjob puppet toy - estimate £40-60 at Ewbank's on November 20.

One of the most popular of the many Bond-villain-henchmen/women, Oddjob was an enforcer for the baddie Auric Goldfinger in the 1964 film Goldfinger.

This toy, approximately 32cm high, estimated at £40-60, is catalogued as a Gilbert Oddjob Action Puppet, although it should be noted that Oddjob was not in fact called Gilbert, which would destroy his menacing persona. The AC Gilbert Company was a toy manufacturer in the US.

Maybe his first name was Norman.

To bid for the Gilbert Oddjob Action Puppet try thesaleroom.com.


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