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Sold on A rare The Who poster headlines Somerset auction

A poster for a gig by The Who at The Blue Moon Club in Cheltenham attracted fans at a recent Gardiner Houlgate sale.

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Five film posters to buy at auction including original artwork and a James Bond From Russia With Love design

Film posters have become a major collecting area, with a combination of Bond/Star Wars/horror with a touch of Casablanca thrown in as the big hitters but also lots of options to suit most budgets.


Warm up for the ski season with vintage ski posters coming up at auction on

The poster, as we know it, dates back to the 19th century when the innovation and use of high-speed colour lithography by Jules Chéret made mass production possible and brought it to the masses.


Most watched lots right now – including a rare Dambusters mascot

Pictured here is our latest round-up of some of the most watched items on


Five vibrant vintage posters to buy at auction and why

As bold and colourful graphic statements designed for mass consumption, original posters are a great way to fill a wall.

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How to say yes to Dr No film posters at a range of price levels

If you want to say yes to buying a classic James bond Dr No poster but worry about the price then fear not – different versions in a single sale offer a range of options.