Five to buy from a single owner collection of striking and colourful classic Quad film posters

As a schoolboy and young man, William Clavery worked at the various cinemas in South Shields where he lived.

TSR SAS Tarantula

If we want to splash the cash on a standout poster with lots of wallpower, try this Tarantula! (1955) image estimated at £2000-3000. The Sci-Fi/Horror film starred John Agar and Mara Corday and this design features stunning artwork by Reynold Brown. It is rolled with light fold marks and in very good condition. Bid for the Tarantula! Film poster via


Seeing that many posters were simply discarded after the film’s run ended, he decided to save the majority of the posters in his collection now up for auction from being thrown away.

Most of the examples on offer at Newbury saleroom Special Auction Services on May 23 are UK Quads from the late 1950s to the early 1970s which Clavery kept carefully folded, then as time went by, had them rolled and preserved In brown paper and put in polythene sleeves.

This has meant that the condition of the majority of the posters is ‘quite extraordinary’, says SAS.

Alongside the posters, Clavery collected Lobby Cards/Front of House Stills and Press Books, again, mainly from his work at the time and with some collected later in his life.

Here are five ideas on Quad posters (which measure 2ft 6in x 3ft 4in) to buy at the Single Owner Vintage Film Poster & Memorabilia Auction.

Cult classic

TSR SAS Barberella

This well-known Renata Fratini poster art is for the cult 1968 film Barbarella starring Jane Fonda. It is  rolled with light fold marks and catalogues as being ‘in Excellent condition’. The estimate is £1000-1500. See to view the Barbarella film poster.

Creature comforts

TSR SAS King Kong

SAS says this King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962) Quad Poster is ‘scarce’. With superb colourful artwork, the Quad size design for this classic of its genre – ‘The Most Colossal Conflict The Screen Has Ever Seen!’ - is rolled with light fold marks and in ‘Excellent condition’. Estimate £600-1000. Bid for the King Kong Vs Godzilla film poster using

Phantom fame

TSR SAS Phantom

The Phantom Of The Opera (1962), a Hammer Horror classic starring Herbert Lom and Heather Sears, was promoted by a poster featuring artwork by Renato Fratini. This example, rolled with light fold marks and in ‘Excellent condition’, is estimated at £300-500. Bid for the The Phantom Of The Opera film poster on

Take your Peck

TSR SAS Mockingbird

A ‘more affordable’ option is this Quad poster for To Kill A Mockingbird (1964), the film starring Gregory Peck based on the Harper Lee Novel, estimated at £100-150, rolled with light fold marks and in ‘Excellent’ condition. See to check out the To Kill A Mockingbird film poster.

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