Five jewellery ideas for November birthdays

Associated with good fortune, warmth and calming energy, topaz and Citrine are the two November birthstones.

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Another antique, this topaz and diamond ring is offered with an estimate of £300-310 as part of Banks Jewellery Auctions’ timed online sale which opens on November 7.

Citrine usually comes in yellow and orange hues. Topaz can be similarly shaded, but also comes in a range of other colours.

Though more affordable than some birthstones (e.g. diamonds), these gems can still be expensive, especially if presented in a high-quality setting. Looking for a second-hand stone at auction can have the dual benefit of being more affordable and being kinder to the planet.

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This early or mid-Victorian Citrine and yellow gold brooch has an estimate of £200-300 at Catherine Sothon’s Antiques and Collectables sale on November 15.

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Offered at Tennants Fine Jewellery, Watches & Silver sale on November 11, this pair of Citrine and diamond drop earrings featuring a fan motif have an estimate of £600-800.

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This antique Citrine necklace, offered in Elmwood’s Fine Jewellery Day 1 sale on November 7 with an estimate of £800-1200, is set in yellow gold with seven large round cut citrines. It is suspended from a trance chain.

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Also offered in Elmwood’s Fine Jewellery Day 1 sale is this antique Portuguese topaz girandole brooch, c.1800, in silver. Featuring ribbon and floral motifs, it is estimated at £2000-3000.

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