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Indian Jewellery

Colourful and ornate examples of Indian jewellery are available to buy at regular auctions on

TSR Paolozzi Forum.jpg

Five great objects to bid for in online auctions including Paolozzi print and Presley debut single

Fancy bidding for an Eduardo Paolozzi print from a collection of 50 by the great Modern British artist for sale online? Or maybe a rare first US issue of Elvis Presley’s debut single 'That’s All Right'? Of course you do.

Asian Art

Fight the virus, treat yourself: two charity auctions coming up on

Many auctioneers have been adapting their sales business models to fit a world under coronavirus.


Wear a piece of history with these pieces of affordable Victorian jewellery

Among the treasures both ancient and modern available at Wilkinson’s sale of Objet d’Art and Bijouterie is an assortment of Victorian jewellery.

Diamond necklace


Necklaces come in an array of styles and materials, and a huge variety of designs – modern, vintage, antique and ancient – are available to buy at auctions on

Sapphire ring

Jewellery with coloured gemstones

Gems are stones or minerals, deemed precious, semi-precious or fine and ornamental, that have inherent qualities of hardness, durability, rarity, lustre and sparkle.

Pear-shape diamond single-stone ring

Diamond rings: what to look for

A large array of diamond rings are regularly offered at auctions on and here we explain what to look for when you’re deciding what to buy.

Leap Day engagements and St Valentine’s Day – two reasons to shop for rings at auction

February 2020 is the month for romantics: St Valentine's Day on February 14 is a popular date to get engaged while the Leap Day of February 29 is traditionally regarded as the only time a woman can propose to her beau.

insect brooch

Animal magic: Six novelty brooches pitched at under £1400 at Fellows

Brooches come in many shapes and sizes, and some of the most striking are novelty examples formed as animals such as butterflies, birds, tigers and many others.

Art Deco 18ct white gold ring


More and more people are discovering the benefits of buying jewellery at auction. Free from high street mark-ups, ‘pre-loved' jewels by luxury designer names are priced at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar brand new item.