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Five pieces of Beatles memorabilia to bid for including George Harrison’s former home

When it comes to music memorabilia, few bands command as much interest as the Beatles.


Marvellous musical lots to add harmony to your home

Whether you are a professional musician, amateur enthusiast or simply a music lover, it’s easy to reflect your passion with some interior touches.

Martin Hughes with Bowie acetate.jpg

David Bowie demo record to appear at Wiltshire auction

A demo recording by David Bowie from 1966 is to be auctioned in Chippenham later this month.

Drum album.jpg

Join drummers in raising money for the NHS with a music memorabilia auction

A group of musicians, TV presenter, dealer and professional drummer Paul Martin and auction house Dawsons are raising funds for NHS charities.

Eight-key flute

Sold on Rare 19th century eight-key flute

Popular in the first decades of the 19th century, the eight-key flute is something of a transitional instrument – one which retained much of the characteristics of the earlier baroque flute but also featured elements of the modern instrument.


Most watched lots right now – including a rare Dambusters mascot

Pictured here is our latest round-up of some of the most watched items on