Who Made Ercol Furniture

Ercol was launched in 1920 by Italian designer Lucian R Ercolani (1888-1976) in High Wycombe, then the centre of English furniture making.

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Three from a set of six Ercol beech and elm Goldsmith dining chairs, which made £480 at Wessex Auction Rooms in August 2023. 

Simple, functional, modern and well-made, Ercol (or properly ‘ercol’) continues to suit a range of interiors.

When was Ercol furniture made?

The factory rose to prominence in the 1950s-60s. This is the period with which it is most strongly associated.

However, the factory continued after Ercolani’s death in 1976. It is now located in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, and continues to operate today. 

How much does Ercol furniture cost?

Some vintage pieces can go for relatively little – say £50. Though they are popular there is a healthy supply.

However, these pieces are good quality, means that they can be an investment.

For an original 1940s or 50s piece you might pay a little more, but probably not much more than £1000. The most desirable pieces are generally those in lighter blonde woods (elm, beech) in a natural wax finish. Good dining sets can be bought for around £400-800, though some can go for as little as £200.

One of Ercolani’s passions was the Windsor chair, a centuries-old British design which is considered one of the classics of English country furniture. His Windsor range, which expanded to include other items such as cabinets and couches, is considered an icon of British furniture design.

What style is Ercol furniture?

Ercol is considered a classical British mid-century modern style. It takes inspiration from British furniture of the past while still being modern and inventive. The look blends well with both historic and modern interiors.

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