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Snowdogs Discover Ashford. pawsome live bidding auction # THIS AUCTION WILL BE HELD ON SITE AT THE ASHFORD INTERNATIONAL HOTEL TN24 8UX


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  • 17:45 GMT - 19:00 GMT
Hythe, Kent

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  • Westenhanger Auction Galleries
  • Station House
  • Stone Street
  • Westenhanger
  • Hythe
  • Kent
  • CT21 4HX
  • United Kingdom

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Lot 1

 Sian is an artist inspired by ethnic pattern and the beauty of nature. Her design is adorned and embellished in the most vibrant blossoms and bir...

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Lot 2

• This mucky pup has been rolling in glitter and looks ready for a dog pageant! The artist christened his creation Sparky - a popular dog's name a...

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Give a Dog a Bone

Lot 3

• All dogs have a level of mischief to them and this one is no exception. This design is a reflection of Oliver's own dog who has a constant appet...

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My Very Best Jumper

Lot 4

• We all have a very best jumper. Just right for the occasion. When the Snowdog was called to Ashford, he knew exactly what to wear. His jumper ha...

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Lot 5

• This anonymous artist wanted to create a contemporary and lively version of The Snowdog. Using a contoured chrome surface this artist has create...

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2 Tone Ska Dog

Lot 6

• 2 Tone Ska Dog is based on John's design connections with the 2 Tone record label 40+ years ago. Helped by friend and artist/sculptor Mark Suthe...

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Lot 7

• The 'Garden of England' with its numerous topiaries skilfully sculpted by Kentish gardeners, made an impression on this Artist when he moved to ...

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Lot 8

• The inspiration behind this is Victoria's amazing family. They are very close, love each other unmeasurably and really enjoy life but it isn't a...

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Lot 9

• Kent is not only 'the garden of England' but also the home of the Wimbledon strawberry. Pawberry embodies the quintessential British dessert str...

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Harey Hound

Lot 10

• Hello! Hello! I’m Harey Hound, the silliest pooch to be found... Daisies, stars and hares you see - they’re the things that make me ME. My harey...

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Lot 11

• Pow-Wow was inspired by pop art comic book style and Roy Lichtenstein to make a bright colourful dog that is is bold and iconic on the trail! It...

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Lot 12

• Zeus celebrates the simple pleasure of stargazing. With much of the county suffering increasing light pollution, Ashford's surrounding areas enj...

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Lest We Forget The War Dogs

Lot 13

• A hundred years since World War One, this Snowdog reminds us of the 20,000 brave war dogs who were trained in dangerous front-line duties, bring...

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Camo King

Lot 14

• Camo King was inspired by the town's name and it’s association with ash trees. The coat of arms for the Borough of Ashford features three ash le...

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Lot 15

• Who's that girl? Dotty is a bright blast of colour with a dynamic design inspired by the big, bright and accessible work of 1960’s Pop Artist Ro...

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Lot 16

• Chester, the keep fit snowdog loves exercise and kicking-up Autumn leaves on his walkies. • David Hover is a local artist who exhibits his uniqu...

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Harry Kanine

Lot 17

• Harry loves the colour, laughter and excitement of the carousel at the funfair. The horse coats often take designs from the coats of arms of med...

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Lot 18

• Stripes is inspired by the fact the first "white line" road markings appeared on on the London-Folkestone road at Ashford, Kent, in 1914. Stripe...

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Infinity Dog

Lot 19

• The infinity symbol was introduced to science in 1655 by Ashford born mathematician John Wallis. In this design Wallis's classical work is visua...

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Winter Lily

Lot 20

• Plums, Calla Lillies and purple crocuses adorn this pooch. Artist Sarah Jane Richards selected these plants for their contrasting yet compliment...

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Pastel Harleqin

Lot 21

• Catherine’s design is inspired by the traditional clown who has mystical associations with night time and the moon, and was a muse for famous ar...

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Doodle Dog

Lot 22

• Mr Doodle's design is a continuation of his mission to cover the world in doodles! The next step was this big dog! • Mr Doodle has created this ...

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Autumnal Tumble

Lot 23

• Sarah's favourite season is Autumn. She loves to go for long walks and listen to the sound of her footsteps crunching in the leaves. Autumnal Tu...

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Lot 24

• Seen from the sky, Ashford is a patchwork of abstract shapes. Some elements, like the Designer Outlet and railway station are instantly recognis...

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Bark Kent

Lot 25

• This design reflects how incredible Ashford is for Victoria's work. She grew up here then lived in London, Italy and then in Brighton for 15 yea...

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Lot 26

• As the designer behind The Snowbrador Ruby has created the perfect combination of handsome Labrador and lovable Snowdog. In true Ruby Cooper sty...

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Wild Flower Meadow

Lot 27

• Created with love and fun to give an impression of a free spirited dog running through a beautiful meadow full of colourful wild flora. The Eart...

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Lot 28

• This Snowdog was painted by Emily Firmin on behalf of Peter Firmin, who co-created Bagpuss. • Peter Firmin is one half of Small Films, set up wi...

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Made in Ash-Hound

Lot 29

• Illustrator and designer/maker Danielle Williamson (AKA Tinybeegle) was inspired by Made in Ashford, an Ashford Borough Council supported collec...

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Lot 30

• A dog can be your best friend but needs to be loved and cherished. Walking is a great way to show your love, not just for your dog but for yours...

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Lot 31

• Oasty is inspired by the distinctive hop-drying buildings called oasts found in Kent and are common in the countryside. An oast is a building de...

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Noble Ash

Lot 32

• Noble Ash highlights the importance of the ash tree and the vital ecosystem it provides for a host of flora and fauna. Now under threat of extin...

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Lot 33

• Parklife wants to encourage people to get out and about and enjoy nature. By taking a walk around the park and along the Green Corridor, many sp...

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Vincent Van Pooch

Lot 34

• Vincent has been inspired by a combination of Beverley's love of Japanese Art and the Van Gogh Painting, Almond Blossom. These influences have l...

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Lot 35

• We all know the story. Cobbled together by young Billy in memory of his late four-legged companion, and coming to life in the night, the Snowdog...

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Lot 36

• My name is Snowy and I'm Pilgrims Hospices Snowpup. I have been on many paw-some adventures with Pilgrims Hospices and Ashford Borough Council s...

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A surprise lot - Spotty a Snowpup

Lot 37

A surprise lot - Spotty! Spotty has been gifted to Pilgrims Hospices by our auction partner, Motorline. Motorline Group held a creative competitio...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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