~ A Pair of Late 19th Century Venetian Carved Wood Gilt Lacquered and Polychrome Blackamoor Figures,

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~ A Pair of Late 19th Century Venetian Carved Wood Gilt Lacquered and Polychrome Blackamoor Figures,
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Leyburn, North Yorkshire

~ A Pair of Late 19th Century Venetian Carved Wood Gilt Lacquered and Polychrome Blackamoor Figures, in elaborately-decorated robes with arms outstretched holding circular platform torches standing on octagonal bases, on green and gilt painted marble-effect octagonal pedestals and stepped bases, the interior later fitted with lighting
figures 120cm high
pedestals 31cm by 32cm by 76cm

Male with small paint losses throughout. Various fine splits visible and through the face section. Arm with paint losses. Platform base with some splitting. Female in similar condition, but further paint losses to the back. Platform bases with paint loss, scuffs and splitting.

~ A Pair of Late 19th Century Venetian Carved Wood Gilt Lacquered and Polychrome Blackamoor Figures, in elaborately-decorated robes with arms outstretched holding circular platform torches standing on octagonal bases, on green and gilt painted marble-effect octagonal pedestals and stepped bases, the interior later fitted with lighting
figures 120cm high
pedestals 31cm by 32cm by 76cm

Male with small paint losses throughout. Various fine splits visible and through the face section. Arm with paint losses. Platform base with some splitting. Female in similar condition, but further paint losses to the back. Platform bases with paint loss, scuffs and splitting.

Spring Fine Sale

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
The Auction Centre
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom


Shipping/Delivery is entirely at the discretion of the Auction House. We suggest contacting the Auction House before placing a bid to ensure delivery is possible. They cannot guarantee being able to pack ceramic or glazed items or to ship internationally. They recommend contacting one of the following companies to assist with delivery of purchases.

Carrs Carriers Ltd   

Email:  carrscarriersltd@gmail.com  Telephone: 07958 923927 / 0191 307 7024                     

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Any documentation accompanying the package will detail the full value of the invoice and this will not be amended.

If you are arranging your own professional delivery, please ensure that the lot has been paid for and the transport company has full details of the items to be collected.

The following specialist packing and shipping companies can also be contacted to transport large items from Tennants: 

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Bradley's Antique Packing Services Ltd 
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Should you be collecting your purchase(s) in person or sending a carrier, please call or email the auction house in advance to arrange a date and time.

Important Information

This Spring, Tennants Auctioneers is delighted to be offering for sale a fine and rare Chinese Celadon Jade Inscribed ‘Luohan’ Boulder from the Qianlong reign with its original hardwood stand. It will be sold as part of a Private Collection of Asian Art and European Antiques in the sale. The boulder, which is offered with an estimate of £70,000-100,000 plus buyer’s premium, depicts Luohan Ańgaja sitting cross-legged in a rocky grotto. View Press Release

Further highlights from the collection include a Set of Four Chinese Pale Celadon Jade Bowls, Qing Dynasty, probably Qianlong (estimate: £8,000-12,000 plus buyer’s premium), and a Pair of Chinese Porcelain ‘Nodding Head’ Figures, Qianlong (estimate: £4,000-6,000 plus buyer’s premium).

The collectors lived in London from the 1950s and acquired the fine collection predominantly from the leading Asian art and antiques dealers in the city. Many of the pieces in the collection will be sold with original purchase receipts. The items in this collection will be denoted throughout the online catalogue with a ~ symbol.

The sale will also include selected contents from Dutton Manor, Lancashire. 

In addition the sale comprises a small family collection of Renaissance bronzes, two good Iznik Faience Dishes from the late 16th/early 17th century, and a Private Collection of 17th and 18th century furniture including Continental and English oak pieces.

Please Note: 

Please note there will be no internet bidding on lots 1-10 and bidders on these lots will be required to provide proof of identification and a deposit of £1,000. Registration for commission and telephone bidding on lots 1-10 will close on Wednesday 13th March at 12 noon. To register please email enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk  You are welcome to attend the auction to bid in person.


今年春天,坦能拍卖行很高兴将出售一件精美且稀有的乾隆时期中国青瓷玉刻罗汉巨石,并配有原来的硬木架。它将作为亚洲艺术和欧洲古董私人收藏的一部分在 3 月 16 日的春季艺术品拍卖会上出售。

这块巨石估价为 70,000 至 100,000 英镑(另加买家佣金),描绘的是安加拉汉盘腿坐在岩洞中,手里拿着经文、一根手杖和念珠。


春季特卖,3 月 16 日上午 9:30


这次拍卖的1-10号拍品不支持互联网竞拍。这些拍品的竞拍者将需要提供身份证明和1000英镑的押金。对1-10号拍品的佣金和电话竞标的注册将于3月13日星期三中午12点截止。请通过电子邮件注册,发送至 enquiry@tennants-ltd.co.uk。您可以亲临现场参加拍卖竞标。


Terms & Conditions





1. Definition

TENNANTS OF YORKSHIRE FINE ART AND ANTIQUE AUCTIONEERS LTD are referred to as TENNANTS throughout these Terms of Business. The representative of TENNANTS conducting the auction is referred to as the “Auctioneer”

2. Attribution and Condition of Lots 

We are happy to provide Condition Reports to prospective buyers, but would welcome your request as soon as possible, preferably at least 48 hours before the Day of Sale. We cannot guarantee a reply to any requests made within 48 hours of the start of the auction. The absence of a Condition Report from a lot does not mean that the lot is in perfect condition. A Condition Report is an honest expression of our opinion, not a statement of fact and is provided as a service to the seller. All lots are available on public view ahead of an auction and we encourage prospective buyers to inspect an item in person where possible. Our Condition Reports are not prepared by professional conservators, restorers, or engineers, and are prepared with the naked eye unless otherwise stated. Works are not examined out of the frame, unless specifically stated. We accept no liability for the opinions expressed in any Condition Report. Tennants Auctioneers do not cover damage to gilded wood or plaster picture frames, or to picture frame glass whilst the item is in our possession.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any statement as to authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition of any lot whether or not such statement forms part of the description of any such lot. Whether any such statement is made orally or in the catalogue it is an expression of opinion given after careful consideration and research. Each buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that they have satisfied themselves fully as to the attribution and condition of the lot. In respect of pictures, it should be noted that these have not been removed from their frames unless specifically mentioned in the Condition Report. If any damage is done to any lot at the viewing or before, during or after the sale, such damage shall be made good by the person committing such damage, principals being responsible for the acts of their servants, such damage to be assessed by the TENNANTS.

3. Third Party Liability

Every person on TENNANTS premises before, during or after a sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk and shall have no claim against TENNANTS in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accident which may occur.

4. Disputes

Any dispute not herein proved for shall be settled at the sole discretion of TENNANTS.


5. Payment

The “net sale proceeds” received from the buyer in cleared funds will be forwarded to the vendor no later than 28 working days after the auction (TENNANTS endeavour to settle non-catalogue sales within 14 working days after the auction). Where the buyer makes a payment more than 23 working days after the auction TENNANTS shall send to the vendor the “net sale proceeds” within 5 working days of receipt of cleared funds. The “net sale proceeds” are the hammer price less commission and expenses set out in the Property Receipt and Instruction Form. The vendor waives any right to interest that may be earned during the period from payment by the buyer to receipt of the “net sale proceeds” by the vendor.


6. The Buyer

The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the Auctioneer will be the buyer. If any dispute arises, the Auctioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle the matter. The Auctioneer shall rule the bidding and no bid shall be retracted. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any bid. The bidder in the room who is successful in purchasing any lot or lots is entirely responsible for paying for such lot or lots in accordance with TENNANTS Terms of Business. Purchases made on behalf of a third party are entirely the responsibility of the bidder in the room. The Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the vendors for any lot and to withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots.

7. Registration

Prospective buyers need to register before the sale, giving their full name, address, contact telephone number(s) and email address. First time buyers will be required to provide proof of identity (i.e. driving licence/passport), a valid debit or credit card and a copy of a utility bill or a document showing their name and address. Upon receipt of the above a paddle will be issued, which is only valid for the current sale. This card may be used to indicate your bids to the Auctioneer during the sale. If successful, the bidder must ensure that their number can be seen by the Auctioneer and that it is their number that is called out. Should there be any doubts as to price or buyer, please draw the Auctioneer’s attention to it immediately.

8. Buyer’s Premium

  • Antiques & Interiors Sales: 22% plus VAT (26.4% in total)
  • Fine Sales, Country House Sales, Specialist Sales and Automobilia Sales: 24% plus VAT on the first £1,000,000 of the hammer price (28.8% in total), and 22% plus VAT of that part of the hammer price in excess of £1,000,000 (26.4% in total).
  • Motor Vehicles: 10% plus VAT (12.0% in total).

The buyer’s premium is subject to VAT at the current rate.

9. Value Added Tax

All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.

10. Auctioneers’ Margin Scheme

The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell items without VAT on the hammer price. Under the Auctioneers Margin Scheme an amount equivalent to VAT at the current rate is added to the buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.

11. Payment

Payment is due immediately after the auction in pounds sterling. 

The following methods of payment may be used:
Bankers draft, cashiers cheque, personal cheque, travellers cheques, debit and credit cards and cash up to a sterling equivalent of £8,000.

Wire transfers should be sent to:
Barclays Bank, High Row, Darlington, DL3 7QS
Sort Code: 20-25-29
Account no: 30874329
Account name: Tennants Auctioneers Client account

IBAN: GB46 BUKB 2025 2930 8743 29


Credit cards: Visa or Mastercard.
Debit cards: Delta, Switch, Connect.

Card payments where the card holder is not present will only be accepted for transactions up to £500.

Payment can be made and purchases collected during the auction. Accounts not paid within 14 days will automatically be subject to an interest charge of 5% above base rate from the day of sale. 

12. Internet Bidding

A charge of 4.95% will be levied on all items purchased by this method when using www.the-saleroom.com 

13. Ownership of Purchases

The ownership of the lot(s) purchased will not pass to the buyer until the buyer has paid TENNANTS in full the total amount due and TENNANTS have applied such payment to the lot.

14. Transfer of Risk

Each lot shall be the buyer’s sole responsibility from the fall of the hammer and shall be sold with all faults and imperfections, TENNANTS not being responsible for the correct description, genuineness or authenticity of any lot and making no warranty whatsoever. The buyer is deemed to have inspected each lot and satisfied himself as to its condition. In specific circumstances, a lot incorrectly described which proves to be a forgery may be returned to TENNANTS within 14 days of the sale and a full refund made. 

15. Commission Bids

If instructed, TENNANTS will execute bids and advise prospective buyers. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by such other bids and reserves as are on the Auctioneer’s book. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated, ie the amount to which the buyer would bid if they were attending the auction themself. “Buy” or unlimited bids will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are accepted at the client’s risk. TENNANTS urge their clients to place such commission bids within one hour of the close of the view day.

16. Telephone Bids

Requests for telephone bidding must be registered one hour prior to the close of the view day. We will not accept requests on sale days. Lines are booked on a first come first served basis and are subject to a minimum lot value of £500. Full name, address and telephone numbers will be required together with proof of identity and address. Bank and credit/debit card details are also necessary to secure the line. If we are unable to contact you we will bid up to the lower estimate on your behalf.

17. Absentee Bidding

Whilst every effort will be made to execute absentee bidding, TENNANTS cannot be held responsible for any default or neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements therefore are made entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk.

18. Storage and Collection

Please note furniture, carpets, clocks and larger works of art lots will remain in the salerooms for seven working days following each sale, after which they will be removed to store and arrangements for collection must be made in advance.

Storage charges will be levied on all lots not collected within fourteen days of the sale. This will include a handling fee of £5 per consignment as well as a storage charge of £5 per lot per day. No goods may be collected until these charges have been paid.


From 14 February 2006 all United Kingdom art market professionals (which includes auctioneers) are required to collect a royalty payment for all works of art that have been produced by living artists, and those who have died with the last 70 years. This payment is calculated on qualifying works of art which are sold for a hammer price more than the UK sterling equivalent of €1,000 (the UK sterling equivalent will fluctuate in line with prevailing exchange rates. 

It is the responsibility of the buyer to acquaint themselves with the actual Euro to UK sterling exchange rate on the day of the sale. The actual qualifying threshold will be calculated by the Artist’s Resale Right Service Hub based on the European Central Bank reference rate published at 2.15pm on the day of the sale, and can be found on www.dacs.org.uk.

All items in this catalogue that are marked with “?” are potentially qualifying items, and the royalty charge will apply if the hammer price is more than the UK sterling equivalent of €1,000. The royalty charge will be added to purchase invoices, and must be paid before items can be cleared. All royalty charges are paid to either the Design and Artists Copyright Society (“DACS”) or the Artists’ Collecting Society (“ACS”) by the auctioneers, and no handling costs or additional fees with respect to these changes will be retained by the auctioneer.

The royalty charge for qualifying items which achieve a hammer price of more than the UK sterling equivalent of €1,000, but less that the UK sterling equivalent of €50,000 is 4%. For qualifying items that sell for more than the UK sterling equivalent of €50,000 a sliding scale of royalty charges will apply. For a complete list of the royalty charges and threshold levels please refer to www.dacs.org.uk. There is no VAT payable on this royalty charge.



See Full Terms And Conditions

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