Antiques, Fine Art & Chattels

by Southgate Auction Rooms

12 Feb 2024 13:00 GMT Live Webcast Auction

Important Information


Terms & Conditions

1. The highest bidder to be the buyer, and if during the Auction the Auctioneers consider that a dispute has arisen the Lot in dispute may be put up for auction again.
2. The Auctioneers have the right to refuse any bid and have the right to advance the bidding at their discretion.
3. (a) The Seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any Lot, subject to agreement with the Auctioneers, and in this respect the Auctioneers shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller on any Lot up to that reserve only. Minimum reserve £50.
3. (b) Southgate Auction Rooms do not allow any Seller or their Agents to bid on any Lot they may have submitted into Auction. If this rule is transgressed Southgate Auction Rooms reserve the Right to refuse any further Lot from the person involved or any of their Agents.
3. (c) Southgate Auction reserve the right to refuse entry or to refuse to take bids from any person involved in, or suspected of being involved in, any illegal practice or ring.
3. (d) Southgate Auction Rooms reserve the right to withdraw or divide into Lots, or to combine any two or more Lots, at their sole Discretion.
3. (e) We charge the seller 20% of the hammer price; £4 per Lot Lotting up fee + VAT.
4. (a) The Buyer shall forthwith before bidding give their full name, address and telephone number and obtain a Bidding Number. No bids will be accepted without a Bidding Number.
4. (b) The Buyer shall be required to pay down forthwith the whole or one third of the Purchase Money on day of sale, otherwise the Lot(s) may, at the Auctioneers' sole discretion, be put up for auction again.
5. (a) Each Lot is sold by the Seller thereof with all faults and defects and with all errors of description and is to be taken and paid for by the Purchaser whether genuine and authentic or not and no compensation shall be paid for the same.
5. (b) Southgate Auction Rooms act as Agents only and neither they nor the Seller are responsible for any faults or defects in any Lot, or the correctness of any statement as to the authorship, origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness, provenance or condition.
5. (c) All statements in the Catalogue, advertisements or brochures of forthcoming Sales as to any matters specified in 5(b) above are statements of opinion and are not to be relied upon as statements or representations of fact, and intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all of the matters specified in 5(b) above, as to the physical description of any Lots and as to whether or not any Lot has been repaired.
5. (d) The Seller and Southgate Auction Rooms do not make or give, neither has any person in the employ of Southgate Auction Rooms any Authority to make or give, any representation or warranty.
5. (e) In the event neither the seller nor Southgate Auction Rooms are responsible for any representation or warranty, or for any statement in the Catalogue, advertisements or brochures of forthcoming Sales.
6. (a) To prevent inaccuracy and delivery and inconvenience in settlement of a purchase, no Lot can be taken away unless it has been paid for in full.
6. (b) All Lots are to be paid for and taken away at the Buyer's expense by latest 5.00 pm on Tuesday following sale or any part payment shall be forfeited, or charges for storage at the Auction Rooms discretion per Lot per day will be implemented. Both conditions are subject to the decision of the Auction Rooms.
6. (c) Unless previously agreed with the Auction Rooms to the contrary, after two days following the relevant sale a storage charge of £5 per Lot per day will be levied in respect of unsold Lots which remain on the premises. After seven days notice will be served by letter to the effect that if items are not collected within another seven days then items will be sold at the earliest convenience to cover the charges incurred.
7. (a) The company will not accept responsibility for bids, left, other than those handed in to Southgate Auction Rooms.
7. (b) It is the responsibility of Buyers who leave bids to establish whether or not the bids are successful, and if so to pay and collect by 5.00 pm on Tuesday following the sale.
8. Failure of a buyer to take and pay for any Lot in accordance with Condition 6, Southgate Auction Rooms as Agents of the Seller shall be entitled at their absolute discretion and without prejudice to other right or remedies:
(i) To resell the Lot or cause it to be resold by public or private sale - any money paid in part payment being forfeited, and any deficiency attending such resale after deduction of all costs incurred in connection with the Lot to be made good by the defaulting Buyer, and any surplus to the seller, or,
(ii) If the Lot has been in store pursuant to (i) for more than three days, to remove the Lot from store and exercise the right set out in (i).
9. Buyers premium is payable at Southgate Auction Rooms on each Lot purchased with a 24% per Lot charge (plus VAT).
10. All Lots are put up for Sale without reserve unless written instructions as to reserve are received by Southgate Auction Rooms prior to sale and being agreed by Southgate Auction Rooms.
11. In the event of any Lot not being sold at Auction, Southgate Auction Rooms reserve the right to sell after the Auction, by private treaty, at not less than the reserve price if applicable, as long as the goods remain on Southgate Auction Rooms premises. In the event of such a Sale by private treaty, the conditions of Sale applicable to a Buyer governing the Auction will apply.
12. (a) Where the reserve has been agreed, the Auctioneers reserve the right to use their discretion if the highest bid approaches reserve.
12. (b) All reserves are subject to a 10% Auctioneer's discretion.
13. Lots cannot be withdrawn from the Sale after viewing has commenced unless subject to a Court Order, Redeemed Pledge or Redeemed Repossessions.
14. Southgate Auction Rooms are not responsible for any Lots left on their premises without prior permission.
15. In the event of an insurance claim, we cover the minimum valuation guide.

Important Notice to All Buyers
Some lots will require Export or Cites Licences in order to leave the UK or the European Union.
It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that lots have the relevant licences before shipping them.
Please contact the department for assistance.
Please also note that some countries such as the United States and Canada restrict or prohibit the purchase and import of objects of Iranian or Persian origin. It is the bidder's responsibility to satisfy themselves that the lot being purchased may be imported in the country of destination.