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Fine and Decorative Arts of the Globe

Revere Auctions A fantastic sale of fine art, antiques, Asian art, and Native American art. Live Webcast Auction 19 Jan 2019 10:00 CST (16:00 GMT)

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Chinese Gold Ingot

Lot 95

Gold ingot. Stamped [illegible]g Wah Bank, Hong Kong. Weighs 37.6 grams. Credit Cards NOT accepted on this lot. Dimensions: Height: 1/4 in x width...

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Group of Antique Chinese Silver Export Objects

Lot 97

An excellent group of Chinese silver including a set of pagoda pepper shakers, small table salts, and place markers. Excellent assortment of objec...

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Group of Chinese Export Silver Table Salts with Dragon Feet

Lot 98

An excellent set of Chinese salts accompanied by spoons. In their original box. This item is from the collection of William Jennings. This collect...

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19th/ 20th C. Hammered Copper Japanese Buddhist Singing Bowl

Lot 99

19th/ 20th C. hammered copper Japanese Buddhist singing bowl, well formed. Used for ceremonial purposes in Tibet, China, and Japan. This is a love...

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Pair Chinese Tang Dynasty Style Metal Bowls

Lot 100

A pair of bowls with hammered decoration, they show evidence of heavy tarnish and possible burying. No testing has been done to allow for a conclu...

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3 Antique Chinese Wool Hand Knotted Rugs - 19th/20th century

Lot 102

Very nice group of Chinese hand knotted wool rugs of the late 19th and early 20th century. This item is from the collection of William Jennings. T...

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Chinese Screen of Silk Forbidden Stitch - Precious Objects

Lot 105

This stunning silk embroidery from the mid 19th century depicts Chinese precious objects on tables in the manner preferred by scholars. This subje...

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Two Chinese Paintings of an Imperial Procession

Lot 106

A wonderful pair of late 19th century gouache or water color images depicting an imperial procession. Excellent item. The two images meticulously ...

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Group of Chinese Photographs in Period Frames

Lot 108

A wonderful group of photographs of China in the very early 20th century and even possibly the late 19th century. Some of the scenes include the J...

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Group of 2 Chinese Jade Belt Hook handled Cups

Lot 110

A pair of wonderful well tooled and precious stone mounted Chinese cups. Made in the early 20th century from a pair of wonderfully carved belt hoo...

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Carved Chinese Pale Jade Pendant Later Mounted as Finial

Lot 111

An excellent mid Qing jade carving mounted as a lamp finial. Great subtle carving and a very desirable color of jade. Dimensions: Height: 3 in x ...

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Group of 11 Chinese Antique Celadon Jade Carvings

Lot 112

An excellent group of pale Celadon and almost white carvings. Excellent condition and quality from the late Qing. Dimensions: Heights range from ...

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Grp of Chinese Scholars Objects; Chops, Seals, Carved Beads, Bronze Buddha

Lot 113

Group of seals, a necklace, a votive shrine, two bronze candle holders, and jade bird on a bronze stand. Overall, an excellent group of Chinese ar...

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Group of Fine Qing Chinese Jades and Silver Objects

Lot 114

Group of objects, comprised of two serpentine spoons; one Chinese textile, embroidered with gold-wrapped thread; one spinach jade tray; one beaded...

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Group of 7 Chinese Enameled Pill or Snuff Boxes Some Silver

Lot 115

This group of boxes includes some cloisonne, paktong, and enameled silver. Most intended for export. The large one with incised calligraphy is mad...

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Chinese Jade Snuff Bottle W/ Applied Stone Decoration

Lot 116

One of a very rare group of Chinese jade snuff bottles that were carved in the 18th or early 19th century and then were exported to Japan, where t...

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Group of 7 Chinese Cloisonne and Enameled Silver Snuff Bottles

Lot 117

An excellent group of Chinese and Tibetan snuff bottles made of silver, cloisonné and other semi precious materials. All a little tarnished and s...

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Group of 5 Chinese Qing Glass Overlay Snuff Bottles

Lot 118

An excellent group of Chinese snuff bottles, including some old glass overlay examples. Great additions to any snuff bottle collection. Dimension...

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Group of 3 Chinese Carved Hard Stone Snuff Bottles

Lot 119

An excellent group of three well carved and hollowed hard stone snuff bottles. All made in the late Qing and excellent examples. Dimensions: Heig...

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19th C. Chinese Qing Enameled Snuff Bottle Leaping Carp

Lot 120

A gem of a snuff bottle, this one of a leaping carp is a rare example of the top quality of enameled copper snuff bottles. This one is of particu...

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Chinese Molded Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Boat Scene - Marked

Lot 121

An excellent example of molded porcelain snuff bottles, this one has very delicate enamels indicative of an early 19th century date. Very high qua...

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Chinese Molded Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Procession - Marked

Lot 122

A molded porcelain snuff bottle with famille rose enamels over relief decoration depicting a procession. Late 19th to early 20th century. Dimensio...

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Temple of One Thousand Buddhas Chinese Porcelain Tile

Lot 123

Chinese architectural tile matching the Temple of one thousand Buddhas. Marked on its side with 4 characters. Biscuit glaze. This item is from the...

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Chinese Porcelain / Ceramics Pomegranate Pomegranate Fruit Guang xu

Lot 124

A lovely turn of the century Chinese temple fruit decorated in enamels. Of rare large size. Dimensions: Height: 3 in x width: 5 in x depth: 3 3/4...

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Chinese Flambe Porcelain Vase with Chimera Handles

Lot 125

Chinese flambe vase with chimera handles. Well formed and fired with masks and tapered neck. Provenance: Henry G. Marquand Collection Sticker.Dime...

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Early Chinese Celadon Stoneware Bowl

Lot 126

Chinese 16th century bowl, likely recovered from a shipwreck based on the aging of the glaze. Old sticker on bottom. From a MN Collector. Dimensio...

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Antique Chinese Glazed Meiping Vase with Stand

Lot 127

A very fine Chinese vase in the meiping form, likely an early Qing replica of a Sung period ware. Almost Junyao in nature. Excellent glaze, well f...

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Republic Prd Chinese Porcelain Ceramic Bowl - Guan

Lot 128

A Republic period (20th century ) bowl excellently mimicking the Guan wares of a much earlier period. Excellent example of the style. Dimensions: ...

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2 Chinese Late Qing Turquoise Porcelain Vases

Lot 129

Two turquoise-glazed mallet form vases. The smaller vase well decorated with an incised phoenix decoration. Vases of this type and color were very...

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Chinese Porcelain Famille Verte Teapot w/ Famille Rose Cup

Lot 130

A very fine group of Chinese late Qing or Republic porcelain objects including a very fine famille verte teapot with molded decoration. Excellent ...

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Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Tea Set Republic Era

Lot 131

Composed of a teapot with calligraphy and two low cups. A fantastic example of Chinese Republic era porcelains and enamels, these items are decora...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Teapot - Tongzhi

Lot 132

Famille rose teapot with excellent enamels and fine white slip. Very high quality enamels indicative of the Tongzhi reign. Dimensions: Teapot; he...

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Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Dayazhai Tea Set

Lot 133

A lovely portion of a tea set decorated with the intensely sought after Dayazhai pattern of porcelain. This pattern was made for the Qing Empress...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Wine Warming Jars

Lot 134

A pair of stunning and very rare Chinese Republic porcelain famille rose covered wine warmers with wine cups. Excellent quality of famille rose en...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Cup - Marked

Lot 135

A fine Chinese famille rose porcelain tea bowl decorated with sprays of flowers and berries. Marked on the bottom with over glaze red. This item i...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Cup w/ Cherry Blossoms

Lot 136

A very fine Chinese famille rose porcelain tall cup decorated in famille rose enamels and delicately potted. An excellent piece of Chinese Republi...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain BAJIXIANG dish

Lot 137

Bottom has an under-glazed blue mark and inside contains a beautiful green floral design. This Bajixiang dish is of vastly higher quality than mos...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Bowl - Dragons

Lot 138

Beautiful floral and phoenix design with a blue and orange design on the inside bottom. This is a very fine example of Chinese Republic era over g...

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Dish w/ Dragon and Phoenix

Lot 139

Dish contains an under glaze blue mark on bottom, the inside has a design depicting two dragons and two phoenixes. This dish, plate or platter was...

More details

Pair Chinese Republic Period Famille Rose Octagonal Eggshell Porcelain Bowls with Original Stands

Lot 140

Pair of fine Chinese Republic Period famille rose octagonal eggshell porcelain bowls painted on exterior and interior with intricate mountain land...

More details

Grp 4: 19th c. Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Plates Pill Box

Lot 141

An attractive group of mid 19th century famille rose wares. Likely TongZi period. Excellent execution of enamels. All well decorated with figures...

More details

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Charger with Immortals

Lot 142

A very finely enameled famille rose porcelain charger with fantastic decoration. Very high quality of enamels and well fired. A very fine example ...

More details

Pair of Chinese Famille Rose Cups with Boy and Chickens

Lot 143

Pair of Chinese famille rose porcelain cups from the Republic Period decorated with the “Precocious Chicken Boy†with chickens and a poem by th...

More details

Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Dish - Imperial Mark

Lot 144

A lovely example of Chinese blue and white porcelain augmented but the always desirable and very difficult to use underglaze red decoration. This ...

More details

Chinese XUANTONG Mark and Period Porcelain Charger

Lot 145

A fantastic example of very rare XUANTONG (1908-1911) ceramics, this charger depicts two five clawed dragons circling each other and the mythical...

More details

Group of Chinese Porcelain Objects - Marked

Lot 146

Tea pot, top of a bowl, small jar. All well decorated and made post 1890. The lid is of particularly high quality with a rare peach ground. These ...

More details

Circular Chinese Porcelain Plaque Famille Verte Enamels

Lot 147

Circular Chinese Republic period porcelain plaque, depicting a scene of workers in a rice paddy. Mounted on felt. Likely part of Chinese screen at...

More details

Chinese Porcelain Edward Farmer Inkwell

Lot 148

A stunning Chinese porcelain vase made into an inkwell by Edward Farmer of New York some time in the very early 20th century. The mille fleur and ...

More details

2 Pre-Columbian Stone Idols

Lot 191

Two Pre-Columbian stone idols. One Valdivian Stone Idol from coastal Ecuador (3000-2000 B.C.E.); one Mezcala Seated Figure (circa 400 B.C.E.).Prov...

More details

Group of 3 Ojibwe Quilled Boxes

Lot 199

Group of three Ojibwe quilled boxes. One depicts a moose and another depicts a beaver. Dimensions: Heights range from 2 in to 2 3/4 in. Diameters...

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