Antlers, Max. (1871-1929) Die Liebesinsel, Berliner Tiergarten. c.1930. Oil on canvas. Landscape of

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Falls Church , Virginia

Antlers, Max. (1871-1929) Die Liebesinsel, Berliner Tiergarten. c.1930. Oil on canvas. Landscape of park. Marked on back with title artist signature and address in Berlin. 17"" x 25"". Frame: 21"" x 29 1/4"".

Antlers, Max. (1871-1929) Die Liebesinsel, Berliner Tiergarten. c.1930. Oil on canvas. Landscape of park. Marked on back with title artist signature and address in Berlin. 17"" x 25"". Frame: 21"" x 29 1/4"".

Fine & Decorative Arts

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360 South Washington Street
Falls Church
United States

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