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Worcester Stands Tall Live Auction

Philip Serrell Managed by St Richard's Hospice Live Webcast Auction 11 Oct 2018 19:15 BST

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  • Lots: 31

Venue Address

  • DRP
  • 212 Ikon Estate
  • Droitwich Road
  • Hartlebury
  • DY10 4EU
  • United Kingdom

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There are 31 item(s) within this sale
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Lot 1

Bumble Bumble Bee giraffe Artist: Traci Moss Design Inspiration:   Traci’s inspiration for this design was a bee. Bees are highly social...

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The Dreaming Giraffe

Lot 2

The Dreaming Giraffe Children from Royal Grammar School illustrations, working with Petr Horáček (children’s author and illustrator) Artist:...

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Lot 3

Robo-Giraffe Robot Giraffe Artist:  Tim Sutcliffe Design Inspiration:  The design for Robo-giraffe was inspired by the idea of technology...

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An Outstanding Source

Lot 4

An Outstanding Source Worcestershire Sauce ingredients highlighting history, plants and flowers from the original ingredients of the sauce A...

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Lot 5

Deco Art Deco theme, with patterns from Karndean Designflooring patterns Artist:  Sue Webber Design Inspiration:  Sue chose this design b...

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Lot 6

Angelica  Cathedral stained glass window  Artist:  Catt Standen Design Inspiration:  Catt is proud to be living in Worcester and has alwa...

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Arthur The Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas

Lot 7

Arthur The Giraffa in Banana Pyjamas Giraffe wearing banana themed pyjamas  Artists:  Jane Mota and Glen Brooks Design Inspiration:  One ...

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Diversity is Us

Lot 8

Diversity is Us  Celebrating diversity – that we are all different, unique and beautiful, but our diversity connects us all together Artist:...

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Lot 9

Bones  Giraffe skeleton Artist:  Sophie Green Design Inspiration:  With its long neck, the giraffe has a very interesting physiology. Sop...

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Variations on an Original Theme

Lot 10

Variations on an Original Theme Elgar’s ‘Enigma Variations,’ or ‘Variations on an Original Theme,’ composed in 1899. Artist:  Emily Sparkes ...

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Hive Mind

Lot 11

Hive Mind  Beehive theme, which demonstrates that as human beings we are all connected – a hive mind of shared humanity Artist:  Anna Mitche...

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Touch the Wishing Star

Lot 12

Touch the Wishing Star Designed by:  Toyah Willcox - Wishing upon a star Painted by:  Rachel A Blackwell Design Inspiration:  Toyah’s insp...

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Have a Giraffe

Lot 13

Have a Giraffe  The joke giraffe – match the joke with the punchline Artists:  ILdikó Nagy and Martin McNally Design Inspiration:  There ...

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Giraffsy Graffiti

Lot 14

Giraffsy Graffiti Banksy themed artwork Artist:  Chris Morgan Design Inspiration:  Chris’ inspiration for Giraffsy Graffiti was born from...

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Kneck-er Bocker Glory

Lot 15

Kneck-er Bocker Glory Knicker bocker glory ice cream  Artist:  Megan Heather Evans Design Inspiration:  Kneck-er Bocker Glory! Is based o...

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A Tall Order

Lot 16

A Tall Order  Chef giraffe Artist:  Linda Davies Design Inspiration:  The artist’s inspiration came from her dyslexic son, who found his ...

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Giraffic Park

Lot 17

Giraffic Park Giraffe Jurassic Park Artist:  Anne-Marie Byrne Design Inspiration:  It’s a little known fact that present-day giraffes ori...

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Lot 18

Worceraffe  Buildings and architecture from Worcester Artist:  Ian Gibson Design Inspiration:  The creation of this design for Worceraffe...

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Lot 19

Girafficus Roman Soldier Artist:  Chris Morgan Design Inspiration:  Chris’ inspiration for Girafficus was Worcester’s rich Roman past and...

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Lily the Pink

Lot 20

Lily the Pink Rose gold chrome giraffe calf Artist:  Hydro Monkeys Design Inspiration: Lily the Pink conveys the culture and atmosphere ...

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Chang Ying Lu

Lot 21

Chang Ying Lu Chinese Dragon Artist:  Jessica Perrin Design Inspiration:  Jessica chose to design this giraffe in the style of a Chinese ...

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Lot 22

Gregory  Worcester Black Pear Artist:  Suzie Elizabeth Hunt Design Inspiration:  The artist’s design is based on the giraffe’s distinctiv...

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Giraffa Chameleondalis

Lot 23

Giraffa Chameleondalis  Chameleon Giraffe  Artist:  Matthew Smith Design Inspiration:  Inspired by another of the world’s strange creatur...

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Swirly Whirly Worcester Land

Lot 24

Swirly Whirly Worcester Land Worcester city landscape seen through a whimsical lens Artist:  Rachel Blackwell Design Inspiration:  Rachel...

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Lot 25

Fabella  Architectural heritage and historical events that shaped Worcester: building a cathedral, the Civil War and story of the black pear ...

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Lot 26

Snowdrop In memory of the artist’s grandfather who passed away in 2016 and received the help and care of St Richard’s Hospice. Imagery and colo...

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Lot 27

Stampede  Artist:  Kathleen Smith Design Inspiration:  The inspiration for Stampede was Rowland Hill, who was born in Worcestershire. He is ...

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Lot 28

Girafficorn Giraffe unicorn mosaic  Artist:  Alison Turner Design Inspiration:  The artist’s inspiration for this design was to allow her...

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Woolly Worcester - The Giraffe in a Scarf

Lot 29

Wooly Worcester - The Giraffe in a Scarf Giraffe in a scarf Artist:  Donna Newman Design Inspiration:  The artist was inspired to bring a...

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Gilded Gerty

Lot 30

Gilded Gerty Inspired by the beautiful hand painted gilded fruit porcelain of Royal Worcester Artist:  Glen Brooks Design Inspiration:  G...

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The Giraffe Who Found His Happy Place

Lot 31

The Giraffe Who Found His Happy Place The simple wonder of nature and its ability to make everyone feel instantly happy. Sunshine sky, star fil...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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