Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases.

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Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 1 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 2 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 3 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 4 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 1 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 2 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 3 of 4
Chinese cloisonne Bottle vases. - Image 4 of 4
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2643 Nicosia, Cyprus

A pair of Chinese cloisonne enamel Bottle vases. Each decorated with scattered floral branches on a turquoise ground, beneath a band of ruyi head lappets at the neck, together with wood stands, H30cm, late 19th / early 20th century. (4) Provenance: Kiki Petri collection.

A pair of Chinese cloisonne enamel Bottle vases. Each decorated with scattered floral branches on a turquoise ground, beneath a band of ruyi head lappets at the neck, together with wood stands, H30cm, late 19th / early 20th century. (4) Provenance: Kiki Petri collection.

Postage Stamps, Rare books, Interiors & Fine Art - VENUE: CLEOPATRA HOTEL

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Lots: 1-412
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9, Demokratias Street
Ergates Industrial Area
2643 Nicosia

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Company: The Auction House.

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Droit de Suite: Artist’s resale right, according to which living artists or artists deceased within 70 years prior to the sale, are entitled to receive a resale royalty each time their work of art is sold, subject to certain conditions. (4% up to €50,000)

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2. The Auctioneer and/or the Company acts at all times as agent of the Seller (except where a Lot is owned by the Company) and accordingly is not responsible for any default of either the Seller or Buyer. The contract of sale between Seller and Buyer is concluded at the stroke of the Auctioneer’s hammer and title to any Lot does not, at any time, pass to the Company.   

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4.  A Buyer’s Premium of 20% (incl. VAT) on the Hammer Price is payable on all purchased lots. Any lots marked with an asterisk (*) will, in addition, be subject to VAT at the appropriate rate on the Hammer Price. Any lots marked with an arrow  (→) are subject to Droit de Suite. (4% up to €50,000)  

5.  Payment by the Buyer for all purchased lots must be made within 3 days following the sale.  Thereafter, the Company is entitled to cancel any sale or to re-offer lots for which payment has not been received in a future sale without reserve.  In the latter case, the original bidder will be held liable for any shortfall between the selling price at re-offer, plus expenses, and the Total Amount Due on their unpaid account.   

6. Payment should be made cash or by card or by bank transfer to the Company’s bank account, details of which will be provided on request (name of buyer and invoice number to be quoted with the transfer instructions as well as all bank charges to be paid by the buyer).  Personal and company cheques will also be accepted, however, purchased lots will not be released to buyers until such cheques have cleared.    

7.  No lots may be cleared whilst the auction is in progress. Payments may be made to the cashier after the auction.   Lots purchased and paid for may be claimed and cleared at the conclusion of the sale.  Lots will be released only on production of a release slip from the Accounts Department. Ownership of a purchased lot shall not pass to a Buyer until full payment of the Total Amount Due has been made to the Company. 

8. Purchased lots will be stored free of charge for 3 working days following the sale and thereafter the Company will impose on the Buyer a storage and handling charge of €3 plus VAT per lot per day. Lots may be dispatched to Buyers upon request and all dispatch charges, as well as carriage charges incurred by the Company in having goods removed to storage, will be the responsibility of the Buyer.

9. Liability of Auction House and Sellers: (i) Goods sold are not new and are sold on an ‘as-is’ basis, with all faults and imperfections and errors of description. An absence of indication of damage, does not imply that a lot is free from defect.   Any representation or statement by the Auction House in any catalogue as to ownership, attribution, genuineness, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price is a statement of opinion only and the Auction House hereby disclaims responsibility for the correctness of such opinions. Illustrations in the catalogue and any other illustrations provided are for identification only and colours and/or appearance may differ to the actual item(s). (ii) Prior to bidding, Bidders should inspect and will be deemed to have inspected the Lot and satisfied themselves as to its condition and the accuracy of its description. (iii)  Neither the Company nor the Seller, nor their servants and agents, are responsible for errors of description or for the authenticity of any Lot nor do they give any warranty whatsoever; any express or implied conditions or warranties are hereby excluded.

10. Buyers acknowledge the Auction House’s right to reproduce illustrations and to publish sale results.

11. Electrical and mechanical goods are sold only as decorative objects with no guarantee as to working order or safety and it is the Buyer’s responsibility to modify, if necessary, the goods to render them safe, fit for their original use and legislation-compliant. 

12.  Where a member of the public causes damage to a lot (or part thereof), the Auction House reserves the right either to (i) sell such lot without reserve and to hold the person responsible liable for the difference, if any, between the Hammer Price and the reserve or lower estimate, whichever is the higher, or (ii)  hold the person responsible  liable for the cost of restoration where appropriate, or (iii) hold the person responsible liable for the full amount of the reserve price or lower estimate, whichever is the higher.

13.  Lots entered into this sale are subject to confidential Reserve Prices.

14. It is the Buyer's responsibility to ascertain whether a license is required to export property sold at auction from the country where it was purchased and/or to import into another country and to familiarize himself with any relevant restrictions. 

15. The Auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion without giving any reason to refuse any bid, to advance the bidding as he may decide, to withdraw or divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots and, in the case of a dispute, to put up any lot for auction again.

16. The Company may, at its absolute discretion, refuse admission to its premises or attendance at its auctions by any person.

17. To gain access to viewing rooms, visitors shall be required to leave coats, bags and large items in a designated area and in such case, visitors shall be deemed to have removed any money and valuables therefrom. The Company shall accept no responsibility for any loss in connection therewith.


SELLER’S GUIDE - Selling at Auction

When you are ready to sell art, antiques and collectible items at auction, we can help you throughout the process.

The first step is to determine the auction value of your property. You can obtain an auction estimate by sending us clear photographs by e-mail or through your mobile phone.

Following your request, we shall contact you for further explanations or more information we might need. Auction estimates based on photographs are preliminary only and may change based on first hand inspection and further research. Please note that Petrides gives no representation, warranty or guarantee in respect to an item’s origin, provenance, attribution, condition, date, age or authenticity.

After you receive an estimate, you may consign your property to us for sale in the next appropriate auction. We can assist you throughout the process arranging transportation of your items to our premises (at the consignor’s expense), providing a detailed inventory of your consignment and reporting the prices realized for each lot.

We provide secure storage for your property in our warehouses and all items are insured throughout the auction process.

If your lot fails to reach the low estimate, we will generally not sell it. You may choose to take the work back or we may mutually agree to offer it in another auction. We will happily discuss your options with you to help you reach a decision. Please note that we levy an unsold minimum fee per lot to cover the costs we have incurred in handling your property.

You will receive payment for your property approximately 20 working days after completion of sale.


Professional Appraisal Services

We can conduct insurance and fair market value appraisals for private collectors, corporations and Museums.

Insurance appraisals reflect the cost of replacing property in today’s retail market.

Fair market value appraisals are used for estate and family division purposes and reflect prices paid by a willing buyer to a willing seller.

When we conduct a private appraisal, we will prepare a thorough inventory listing of all your appraised property. A complete description together with locations and values of items are included in the documentation.

Appraisal fees vary according to the nature of the property, the amount of work involved, travelling distances and whether the property will be consigned for auction.

We can also serve the needs of fiduciaries (Lawyers, Trust Officers, Accountants and Executors) in the disposition of large and small estates. Our services aid in the efficient appraisal and disposition of fine art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles.


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