Victorian and Later Effects

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Victorian and Later Effects

This sale is a timed auction. (ONLINE ONLY)

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A 19th century oval oak drop leaf dining table on tapered legs and bun feet, height 71 cm x 131 cm diameter ...[more]

A mahogany oval table with leaf, raised on turned centre column and four reeded splay legs with brass castors, 72cm x 195cm x 111cm ...[more]

Two early 20th century mahogany inlaid chairs with wicker seats, height 89cm together with upholstered stool. ...[more]

A TDL Electronics Near Field Monitor 2 speaker, wooden cased, no 01698, 45cm x 18cm x 18cm ...[more]

A JBL ESC 200 Surround Amplifier, serial no. NI0003-40547, 45cm x 19.5cm x 35cm

A Rola Celestion Ltd G15-100 Guitar Amplifier speaker, 8 ohms, diameter 38cm, together with a RCF L15/542 speaker, 150 watts, diameter 38cm

A retro vintage Singer Sewing machine 306K, Semi-Industrial, contained within a wooden case with cream fabric covering and a handle to the top, wi...

An antique Frister & Rossmann hand crank sewing machine, width 49cm ...[more]

A Philips reel to reel portable tape recorder, within a grey case with a red handle and cream grill to the front, width 33cm

A G.B. Equipments Ltd auto wind projector transformer, no. 243, no. GF859, within a black wooden box with metal handle to the top

An early 20th century Kolster Brandes Ltd (KB) radio receiver, No 253 'Pup', the chamfered oak rectangular case set to the top with two Bakelite c...

A Sony Cassette-Corder TC-134 SD tape recorder, serial no. 78934, 41cm wide

A Stanton Instruments Ltd set of scales, model C.28, within a metal case with upward sliding front, two hinged side doors and a black base, missin...

An unusual mid-century military MoD A.P 8161 Gyro unit & mounting, possibly being a laser, serial no. 7003-LEB-36, with removable dome top ...[mo...

A Cambridge PYE AM/FM tuner, type htf111, within a wooden case on raised feet, 38.5cm x 12.5cm x 23cm

A Celestion subwoofer, serial no. G138249 FIF, 35cm wide, together with a Audilux unit with orange perspex dial, 37.5cm wide

A vintage retro Grundig TK18 Automatic reel to reel tape recorder, fitted in white plastic case with metal grill, 32cm wide

A Truvox RE-15 reel to reel tape recorder in green case, 39cm wide, together with a vintage Telefunken Magnetophon 85 reel to reel tape recorder i...

A Hacker Gondolier GP42 transportable record producer, circa 15cm x 41cm x 44cm, fitted with a Garrard 2025TC autochanger

A Braun Narnberg slide storage case together with three projectors, comprising a Eumig Wien type P8, no.302937, a Brownie Eight-58 Projector and a...

An Audio radio microphone, RMS 9, Serial no. 1741, 7cm x 29.5cm x 18cm, with cable, in wooden fitted box

Four Aldis projectors, with 200/250 Voltage, some with lamps, two in the original boxes and another in an original carry case with handle to the t...

A Simplex industial spotlight, diameter 40cm, together with a similar example with a square light, diameter 25.5cm, two metal spotlight covers, di...

A Lanta Aurora 12T tri-colour Outdoor Spot, 240 volts, 60 watts, diameter 18.4cm, in the original box with owner handbook

An Arrilite 800 tungsten floodlamp, AL800, 800 watts, in a blue metal case, diameter (closed) 22cm

A Hickok 133b tester meter tubes vintage portable radio, enclosed in a wooden carry case with a leather handle, (closed) 26cm x 14.5cm x 19.5cm

A 1970s Teac AN-80 Noise Reduction unit, no. 22103, 100-240V, 41cm x 7.5cm x 25cm

A pair of Hitachi 2 Way Speakers, model HS-M2, no.12005059, height 29cm, together with a vintage speaker of circular form, diameter 30cm

A Singer 128 hand crank sewing machine, EC363280, with gilt decoration, embossed with the company logo, mounted on a mahogany base, contained with...

Four Aldis Brothers Ltd projectors, comprising a C5058, F378, F4699 and a S9571, all in the original boxes, some with the instruction manuals

A Racal 836 counter electronic frequency, serial no. 3722, approx 13cm x 22cm x 37 cm

A set of Salter's Postal Parcel Balance scales, with white enamelled dial, 11lbs x 1/2 oz, in cast iron frame and base, 26cm high

Two reel to reel projectors, one a Noris Super 200 Automatic, and a boxed Bell & Howell Lumina 1.2 auto load 8mm projector, with instruction manua...

A Singer 99k hand cranked sewing machine, EK15377, in black with gilt embellishments, mounted on a mahogany base fitted within a leatherette carry...

A vintage speaker in a wooden cabinet with two small drawers, back not opened, cabinet 54cm x 40cm x 15cm

Three vintage slide projectors, comprising: an Aldis Bros. example with instruction manual, an Aldis 2000 Automatic and a Boots Super 300 Model 11...

A pair of Sony E50 carbocon speakers, in wood effect cabinets, 57cm x 27cm x 24cm

Three vintage slide projectors, comprising a Wallace Heaton Ltd Continental, a Reflecta Diamator AF and an Aldis projector

A WWII Admiralty Pattern Wavemeter G73, fitted with crystal calibrators G42, with striked-through serial no, PY 347, dated 1942, with later plaque...

A Grover Products Company (Los Angeles) chromed air horn, with bracket mount, 60.4cm high

Two vintage reel to reel projectors, comprising: a Bell & Howell Autoload and a Rank Aldis Automatic, each portable and cased, the first 34cm high...

Six Kodak carousels, five boxed, together with a portable case containing twelve slide cartridges

A 1930s electric fire heater with convex chrome back and single heat bar, on a brown metal base

A Fracmo bench grinder, serial no, 74, together with other items including an HMV electric heater, 40cm high

A Sangamo Weston AC/DC meter, model S103, a Megger insulation tester, in a case, together with a Komplex Screening Audiometer AS7, width 20cm, in...

Three slide projectors, comprising an Aldis 500 W. model, serial no. J3224, cased, an Aldis Universal Projector, marked B.795 and an Aldis A3(?)99...

A Noris 150A projector, a cased Braun Paximat Triumph projector, a boxed Aldis Automatic Deluxe projector and other items

A Washburn Amplification unit, serial no.111014/1412, 8-16 OHM, segmented into four input and output units, distributed by Kneller Instrument Ltd,...

A box of infrared lamps, comprising eight lamps, predominately Philips, most with bulbs

An Evershed & Vignoles Bridge MEG resistance tester, 250 volt, together with a Lubricate Brush fuse light and a Cressall Sliding Dimmer no. 97789 ...

Six vintage infrared lamps, including a Wren example, two Pifco examples and others in enamel, metal etc some with ceramic fittings, the Wren exam...

A portable Crypton Motormaster Minor engine tester, with red painted vents, model no, B6B/FA6725, serial no. PB 618/6, 35cm x 25cm x 19.5cm

Three vintage slide projectors, comprising a Kodakslide home projector 2, 100-250 volts, 150 watts, a Cabimat no. 255689 and a Rank Aldis Tutor 2

Four 20th century projectors, comprising two Gnome Alphax II, Rank Aldis Tudor 1000, and an Aldis 303

Three projectors comprising a Kodak Brownie portable Eight-58 Projector, a Noris H12 no. 165708, with the registration card and in the original bo...

A vintage black and gilt Singer 99k hand crank sewing machine, model EN176901, in fitted case

A Laney Theatre 850 amp head, serial no. 1484, 17cm x 54cm x 31cm

A Siemens portable speaker, containing a RTC 20 Watt speaker, model no. 121/11G, serial no. HF1, within a green wooden carry case with a handle to...

A Goodmans of England Dallas speaker and another, each in portable black cases, the speakers approximately 26cm diameter, largest case 65cm x 40cm...