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1914 Star to 10322 Pte J Douglas 2/Scottish Rifles. Killed In Action 8/6/1915. Born Sunderland. Buried Rue-de-Bois Military Cemetery.

1914 Star to 11601 Pte F Henderson 2/Durham L.I. Wounded in Action 20th October 1914, Actions near to La Vallee and Paradis. Born Sunderland. (1)

1914 Star to 3-8646 Pte J Heffernan 1/W.York.Regt. Died of Wounds 15/1/1917. Born Middlesbrough. Buried Bethune Town Cemetery. (1)

1914 Star to 6459 Pte W Teager 2/Suffolk Regt. Killed In Action 26 August 1914. Born Ipswich. On the La Ferte-Sous-Jouarra Memorial. Entitled to t...

1914 Star to 7594 Pte W Williams 1/Som.L.I. Died of Wounds 25/11/1914. Born Cwmbran, Mon. Buried Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck. (1)

1914 Star Trio to 11445 Pte F Dyson 3/Worc Regt. Entitled to the Aug-Nov clasp, and a Silver War Badge. Lived Gloucester. (3)

1914 Star Trio to 3652 Pte A H Adams 17/Lrs. (A.H.H.Adams on pair). Served "A" Squadron. Killed In Action 28th March 1917. Born Langley, Bucks. Bu...

1914 Star Trio to 530 Pte S Bramall 9/Lrs. Served with "C" Squadron. Died of Wounds 30th May 1915. Born Bristol. Buried Hampstead Cemetery, London...

1914 Star Trio with original Aug-Nov clasp, to 17534 Dvr J H Ham RE. (A.Cpl on Pair). Served "L" Cable Section. Lived Bargoed, Glamorgan. Died 4/...

1914 Star Trio (entitled to the Aug-Nov clasp) to 13549 Sjt B East 1/Grenadier Guards. Died 31 Oct 1914 aged 25 with the 1st Bn. Born Watford. Bur...

1914 Star Trio (Star has been gold plated) to MS-3604 Dvr C A Gough ASC. Served with 19th Infy Bde HQ ASC. Mentioned in Despatches L/G 10th July 1...

1914 Star with original Aug-Nov clasp, BWM & Victory Medal (R.M.A.5058 Gunner H G Jackson R.M.Brigade) (Pair R.M.A.5058 Lce Br H G Jackson ), Metr...

1915 Star and Victory Medal to 307278 E E Everitt S.P.O.RN. Plus 1915 Penny Coin made into an ID Tag HMS Shannon. Born Cambridge. (2+1)

1915 Star and Victory Medal to 4017 Pte F J Lenton 7-London Regt. Later served with 29-London. Collector notes with lot note that while in the tre...

1915 Star and Victory Medal to PW-2758 L.Cpl J T Wells Middlesex Regt. Killed In Action 13th Oct 1916 with the 18th bn. Born Stepney, Middlesex. B...

1915 Star to 13012 Pte J Stockdale York R. Wounded In Action 15th July 1917 with the 8th Bn in Actions near to Godswaersvelde. Born Dalton-le-Dale...

1915 Star to 13106 Pte J Bowers W.York.Regt. Killed in Action 1st July 1916 (First day Battle of the Somme) with the 10th Bn. Born Halton, Yorks. ...

1915 Star to 13816 Pte M Nolan York Regt. Killed In Action 7/6/1917 with the 8th bn. Born Murton, Durham. On the Ypres Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 13926 Pte T Cole Border Regt. Died of Wounds 25th April 1917 with the 9th Bn. Born West Cornforth, Durham. Buried Sarigol Military Ce...

1915 Star to 15021 Pte G Musgrove York Regt. Killed In Action 8/2/1917 with the 7th Bn. Born Ryhope, Sunderland. On the Thiepval Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 15653 Pte G Antlett York Regt. Died of Wounds at Sea 24th August 1915 with 6th Bn. Born Sunderland. On the Helles Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 16667 Pte R L Rennoldson E.York.Regt. Killed In Action 9/8/1915 with the 1st Bn. Born West Boldon, Sunderland. On the Ypres Memorial....

1915 Star to 18-557 Pte J Marsh Durham L.I. Killed In Action 1/8/1916 with the 18th Bn. Born Sunderland. Buried St Vaast Post Military Cemetery, R...

1915 Star to 18099 Pte G R Faid North'D Fus. Killed In Action 17/9/1915 with the 8th Bn. Born Sunderland. On the Helles Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 2448 L.Cpl O T Nairn Durham L.I. Killed In Action 26th April 1915 with "D" Coy 1/7th Bn. Born Sunderland. On the Ypres Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 32190 Gnr J F Munday RFA. Killed In Action 6/7/1915 with 9th Bty, 41st Bde. Born Sunderland. Buried Annequin Communal Cemetery. (1)

1915 Star to 3488 Pte M Pallas Durham L.I. Killed In Action 3/7/1916 with the 1/7th Bn. Born Sunderland. Buried Ridge Wood Military Cemetery. (1)

1915 Star to 4654 Pte R Givans Border Regt. Killed In Action 12/3/1915 with the 2nd Bn. Born Sunderland. On the Le Touret Memorial. (1)

1915 Star to 49880 Pte W Holborn RAMC. Killed In Action 11/10/1918. Born Sunderland. Buried St Aubert British Cemetery. (1)

1915 Star to 49910 Pte J W Mitchell RAMC. Died at Sea 4/5/1917 when the T.S.S.Transylvania was Sunk by U-63. Born South Shields. On the Savona Mem...

1915 Star to 56128 Gnr S Hopper RGA. Killed In Action 25/3/1918 with 35th Heavy Bty. Born Monkwearmouth, Durham. On the Pozieres Memorial. Suspen...

1915 Star to 7943 Pte A Robson 3rd D.Gds. Later Tank Corps as 308628. Born Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland. Also served in the Boer War. (1)

1915 Star to 9871 Pte J Moore Durham L.I. Died of Wounds 7/7/1918 (Home) Reading Hospital, with the 2nd Bn. Born Sunderland. Buried Reading Cemete...

1915 Star to G-4862 Pte A J Dray E.Kent Regt. Killed In Action 25th May 1915 with the 2nd Bn. Born Ruckinge, Kent. On the Ypres Memorial. (1)

1915 Star Trio named 2.Lieut L J M Allen Wilts Regt. Killed In Action 2nd July 1916 with the 6th Bn Wiltshire Regt during the successful attack on...

1915 Star Trio to 16792 Pte T H Foster Essex Regt. Died of Wounds 1st July 1915 with the 2nd Bn. Born Great Sampford, Essex. Buried Hospital Farm ...

1915 Star Trio to 1830 Pte F C Sturgeon Suffolk Regt. Died of Wounds 11/9/1915 with the 5th Bn Gallipoli. Born Lavenham, Suffolk. Buried Embarkati...

1915 Star Trio to 20471 Pte B Fordham Suffolk Regt. Killed In Action 3rd July 1916 with the 7th Bn. Born Bristol. Lived Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs. O...

1915 Star Trio to 334 Pte F Thompson Durham L.I. (BWM is a named replica). Killed In Action 26/4/1915. Born Sunderland. On the Ypres Memorial. (3)

1915 Star Trio to DEAL 1386-S- Spr I Nevill RM. 1935 Silver Jubilee Medal, and GV Efficiency Medal with Territorial clasp (3438213 Sjt I Nevill 7 ...

1915 Star Trio to L-5483 Pte A A Holmes 12th Lancers. Died of Wounds 17th May 1915. Born Briggate, Leeds. Buried Bedford House Cemetery. (3)

1915 Star Trio to RMA 12016 GR H.W.Howe. (Cpl on Pair), Defence Medal, War Medal, GV Naval LSGC Medal (PO.212016 H W Howe SGT RM), and QE2 Police ...

1915 Star Trio (2.Lieut D W Cox Suffolk Regt) and Death Plaque named Douglas Weld Cox. Died of Wounds 17th May 1915 with the 3rd Bn, shot through ...

ADCC (Air Defence Cadet Corps) buttons 20 of with ATC (Air Training Corps) buttons 20 of. The ADCC was formed in 1938 and disbanded 1941. The ATC ...

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