W.R.S. Stott (exh. 1905-1934),Falconry on horseback,signed,oil on board,52 x 36cm.

In Fine Art & Antiques, Arms, Armour & Medals

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W.R.S. Stott (exh. 1905-1934),Falconry on horseback,signed,oil on board,52 x 36cm.
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Banbury, Oxfordshire

W.R.S. Stott (exh. 1905-1934),Falconry on horseback,signed,oil on board,52 x 36cm.

W.R.S. Stott (exh. 1905-1934),Falconry on horseback,signed,oil on board,52 x 36cm.

Fine Art & Antiques, Arms, Armour & Medals

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Cotefield Auction Rooms
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OX15 4AQ
United Kingdom

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