A solid copper/brass police telephone sign

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A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 1 of 3
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 2 of 3
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 3 of 3
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 1 of 3
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 2 of 3
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign - Image 3 of 3
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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign, original heavy sign, 12 inches x 8 inches
A solid copper/brass police telephone sign, original heavy sign, 12 inches x 8 inches

Jewellery, watches, coins, clocks and more June 2024 Auction

Sale Date(s)


Items will not be posted until at least 6 days after the sale and will be posted in the order they are paid for. 

All items will be shipped with a tracking number with Royal mail guaranteed signed for Delivery. Postage starts from £8.50

 Customers should be aware that most couriers, royal mail and parcel force will not insure most Antiques and collectables for damage in the post or loss.

 For large and expensive items we suggest the purchaser uses a shipper

We do not take responsibility for loss or damage in transit.

For postage outside the United Kingdom please arrange your own packing and shipping 


Important Information

Important Information


Please ensure you are aware of the condition of the lot before bidding - refunds will not be given due to condition - please note all goods are sold as seen. 

 Payment is by online link.

Buyers Premium is 23%

 Settlement of accounts - Please note invoices not settled within 14 days of the sale will be subject to interest charge of 6%.

Please register for a bidding number prior to bidding. 

Cost of postage will be added to invoice where possible everything will be sent Royal Mail guaranteed signed for  

 We also reserve the right to send you future emails regarding future sales

Items must be collected within 30 days of auction end by seller or items will be disposed of by the auction house 

Terms & Conditions

Terms + Conditions








1. Definition.                                       




Davidson - Reid Auctions are referred to as Davidson - Reid Auctions throughout these Terms + Conditions. 




For Live Auctions the representative holding the auction will be known as the Auctioneer.




We carry business with Bidders, Buyers and people online in connection with an auction.




Buyer’s Premium is 23%








2. Condition Statement




We make every effort to ensure that all comments made about age, origin and condition of items are accurate to the best of our ability and our opinion.  Items are sold as seen. 




Whether any statement is made orally or in the catalogue on the website it is an expression of an opinion given after research.




Please ask for any further information you require.








3. Third Party Liability




Any person visiting our premises shall be deemed to do so at their own risk and shall have no claim against Davidson - Reid auctions in respect of any injury they may sustain or any accident which may occur.








4. Ownership




We the auctioneer take items on good faith that the seller is the owner of the item or has legal permission to sell an item with us.










5. Disputes




Any disputes will be settled at our discretion.

Lots to be removed once the auction is live will be billed at £20 per lot  









6. Insurance 




Unless stated previously all goods held by Davidson - Reid auctions will be insured against the risk of fire, water damage and theft as a result of a break in to the premises.








7.Rights to photographs




By entering an item for sale you are giving us authorisation to take images of items and use them in our catalogues and website.








8. Payment




The ‘net sale proceeds’ received from the buyer in cleared funds will be transferred to the seller no later than 28 working days after the auctions end.  The “net sale proceeds’ are the hammer price less commission and expenses. 




Payment on the-salesroom.com. is by bank transfer or online link sent by Davidson-Reid Auctions 




Accounts not paid within 14 days will incur an automatic charge of 5% on the sale price.




Internet bidding has a charge of 5%.








9. The Buyer




The buyer is the person with the highest bid when the hammer falls.










10.  Reserves




All lots are offered without reserve unless otherwise stated. Reserves will be dealt with on request and will be agreed before the auction.



All Guns on this Auction are held By Turriff Tackle And Trophies- RFD 62 Police Scotland.




Under the Firearms act 1968




All Purchasers must hold a valid Licence to purchase the item they are bidding on.


A buyer who must be resident in the UK and successfully bids on any Firearm or Shotgun must send their Firearm/Shotgun certificate to Turriff Tackle and Trophies by registered post before they make payment on the item. Once the licence has been checked the Auction House will be in touch for payment and the certificate will be completed and returned by recorded delivery .


The successful buyer must stipulate a local Registered Firearms Dealer local to them who is willing to undertake the receipt of the purchase and enable the handover to the buyer.


All firearm descriptions are of external examination and the status of proof.


It is recommended that the buyer strips and cleans the firearms and the safety mechanisms are checked by a qualified gunsmith before use.


 12. The Seller


The person who is the owner of the item or who has the legal right to sell the item, 


Items will be sold with a low estimate, a high estimate and a reserve price and a starting price. If a reserve price is agreed the item cannot be sold for less unless agreed with the seller. 


There is a 10% commission charge on all items that are sold unless agreed otherwise prior to auction start.


No charge for items unsold for listing and photography

£5 charge on all unsold reserved items


Payment for the seller is normally within 14 - 21 days after the auction ends.


See Full Terms And Conditions