An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver

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An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 1 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 2 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 3 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 4 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 5 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 6 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 1 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 2 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 3 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 4 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 5 of 6
An S&W 32 Safety First Model D.A. Revolver - Image 6 of 6
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dating: 1888 provenance: USA, Round, 3', 32 S&W cal barrel, provided with rib with front sight, with the company marking on the back and patents from 1877 to 1885. Grooved, five-shot cylinder. Working mechanism and extractor, but the rear secure lock does not work, the firing pin remains in the advance position. First type release button. Knurled, hard-rubber grips with the company logo. Serial number '52xxx' on cylinder, barrel and grip. With approx. 80% of the antique nickel plating. Trigger guard with antique bluing, trigger with remnants of casehardening. length 17,2 cm.
dating: 1888 provenance: USA, Round, 3', 32 S&W cal barrel, provided with rib with front sight, with the company marking on the back and patents from 1877 to 1885. Grooved, five-shot cylinder. Working mechanism and extractor, but the rear secure lock does not work, the firing pin remains in the advance position. First type release button. Knurled, hard-rubber grips with the company logo. Serial number '52xxx' on cylinder, barrel and grip. With approx. 80% of the antique nickel plating. Trigger guard with antique bluing, trigger with remnants of casehardening. length 17,2 cm.

Fine Antique Arms & Militaria and American Firearms

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12. Exclusion from auctions: The Sales Manager, at his sole discretion, has the right to exclude from participation in the auction persons who may disrupt its normal exercise as, by way of example but not limited to the following: parties who interfere, who trade in the room, who are late in making payments, regardless of the reason, due to Czerny's Auction House or that have a dispute open both in court and out of court, or those who have been convicted of crimes concerning trade or patrimony.

13. Auction mode: Individual lots are sold to the highest bidder, for cash and in Euro. Bids on the increase during the bidding process cannot be less than 5% of the previous bid. Any purchase offers for a price lower than the auction's reserve price (which, if not further specified, shall never be lower than the minimum bid price), may be considered only outside the auction and after that, at the sole discretion of Czerny's Auction House and prior written consent of the seller or owner. Lots are awarded by the Sales Manager who ratifies their award. Disputes regarding the priority or timeliness of bids are decided on the spot, at the Sales Manager's discretion. In the event that two winning bids are equivalent, the assignment of the lot to one of the two bids is at the Sales Manager's discretion. In all cases of dispute, it remains understood that the Director of Sales may cancel disputed transactions and repeat an auction, in the same auction session or in the one immediately following it, for a starting price equal to the highest bid received in the room or in writing and not disputed.

14. Changes to lots: The Sales Manager has the right to withdraw lots from the auction, change the order of lots, merge multiple lots among those for sale, or divide items already catalogued as single lot into several lots, establishing new prices generated by these initiatives.

15. Auction fees and ancillary charges: Auction fees, equal to 25% (twenty five percent) of the price reached at auction or expressed in the written purchase bid, all taxes included, must be added to the purchase price that results from the event. In addition, any additional tax and / or ancillary charges shall be borne by the purchaser. Any duty, tax or rate, as well as any cost to export or import the purchased goods will be charged to the buyer.

16. Terms and methods of payment: Payment of the auction price and auction fees for lots awarded, with the relevant ancillary expenses, must be made within 10 days from the end of the auction, upon issuance of invoice notice in paper or digital format. The payment of precious goods must be done within the day ensuing the awarding.

Buyers present in the room must make payment of the purchase price, auction fees and relevant ancillary expenses immediately following the award of an item. The transfer of ownership of awarded property is finalized at the time of payment of the purchase price, auction fees and relevant ancillary expenses. In the event of non-payment or late payment, Czerny's Auction House can proceed legally in order to request the compulsory execution of the obligation to conclude the agreement or to sell the lot awarded through auction or private treaty, charging the defaulting bidder every greater cost and damages and withholding any advance payments received for this purpose. In all cases of non-payment or late payment, lots will remain in storage at Czerny's Auction House at the successful bidder's risk and expense, until sold or collected by the seller. Unless specifically agreed with the Seller, the precious objects that cannot be kept on storage constitute an exception. Foreign buyers are required to pay Italian taxes on the service (V.A.T).

17. Collection of purchased lots: Purchased goods must be collected at Czerny's Auction House within 48 hours of payment of the invoice notice referred to in section 15 above) at the buyer's expense and risk. 

18. Lot shipments: Czerny's Auction House does not ship the lots. If required, the service can be assigned to an external shipping agency that has an agreement with the Auction House; the buyer will have a direct relationship with the agency, also in the context of releasing the invoice that includes costs for administration, packing, labor, shipping and insurance and has to be paid immediately. The shipping of lots defined as antique arms by the Italian law will be completed after the payment of the awarding and shipping prices, and after that the competent authorities process the legal formalities to transport, ship or export the goods abroad. The administrative formalities to ship and export the goods will be dealt by Czerny’s Auction House at the buyer’s expense. Buyers state to be aware that the time required for issuing the necessary authorizations does not depend on Czerny's Auction House which cannot be held liable for any delays. Regardless of the service offered by Czerny's Auction House, customers residing abroad are obliged to use the service of a forwarder, as they are not authorized by law to transport weapons, even antique ones, to Italy.

19. Shipping by the buyer: In a situation where the carrier is identified by the buyer, it is the latter's responsibility to immediately notify the identity to Czerny's Auction House; the buyer is also required to issue specific written clearance to Czerny's Auction House for delivery to a courier of purchased lots, without prejudice to the need to have all the necessary authorizations for transporting and exporting individual items.

20. Special rules for the shipment of firearms to non-EU countries: Shipments are normally carried worldwide, except for countries that prohibit their import by law. Buyers state to be aware that shipments of antique firearms outside the European Community may require additional time and costs.

21. Courier packaging: Czerny's Auction House reserves the right to provide the shipping agency with any information and recommendation on the lots’ packing procedures. The goods shipped outside Italy must be provided with a commercial invoice indicating value and type of goods.

22. Damage to shipped goods: Czerny’s Auction House is not responsible for any damage suffered from the goods after the delivery to the shipping agency. Any damage suffered by shipped goods must be reported to Czerny's Auction House and to the carrier within five days of discovering it, in order to obtain the assistance of the insurance company, without prejudice to the buyer's obligation to take all measures suitable to avoid aggravation of damages. Damage must be reported to Czerny's Auction House by registered letter or certified e-mail (PEC) at the address czernys@legalmail.it, and must be accompanied by appropriate photographic material or video. Czerny's Auction House shall not be liable for any damages beyond the mentioned above period.

23. Nature of auctioned goods: All goods placed at auction must be considered as used and supplied as antiques or as products to be repaired and refurbished in accordance with and for the purposes of Art. 3 paragraph 1 lett. e) of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Italian Consumer Code) and subsequent amendments.

24. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal: Pursuant to Art. 59 of Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments the right of withdrawal with respect to any lot are excluded.

25. Items which refer to the fascist or Nazi period: Czerny's Auction House clarifies that the items offered for sale are simple historical and documental evidence of a given period; therefore, with particular reference to items which are specific to the historical period or in any case referable to the Nazi or fascist regime, the description, photographs and publication on the auction catalogue always take place for commercial and scientific purposes and excludes any apologetic understanding.

26. Extension of sales terms: These general terms apply, to the extent compatible, also to any subsequent purchases following the auction of lots not awarded.

27. Changes to the general terms: Czerny's Auction House reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its own absolute discretion, at any time and without prior notice. Auction participants shall be liable for checking updates published according to the procedures set out in point 1.

28. Jurisdiction: Any dispute concerning the application, interpretation or breach of this agreement shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of La Spezia.

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