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A Chinese carved soapstone figure of Guanyin, seated holding a scroll, Republic Period in Qing style, 22cm high

A Chinese green glazed small Hu jar, Han Dynasty (206 BC - 221 AD),13.8 cm high; a black pottery two-handled jar, Lifan, perhaps Han Dynasty, inci...

A group of African pottery including Cameroon items, comprising two smoking pipes, 18cm and 10 cm long; a fetish figure with grenade like spherica...

A Chinese greystone figure of a Buddha, in late Wei/Sui Dynasty style, seated in meditation, C6/7th style, 25.5cm high

Two Chinese painted pottery figures, a standing figure of a guard, Han type, 57cm high; and a large pottery 'monster' group/stand, the mythical be...

A Chinese red pottery panel in relief with seated Bodhisattva, within an arch, in 6th-7th century style, 36cm high

A Chinese porcelain plaque, 20th century, decorated with maidens in a garden,41.5cm x 26.5cm: and another smaller decorated with the eight Daoist ...

A Chinese grey stone basket and cover, perhaps archaic, 15cm high and a grey pottery brick, Han Dynasty or earlier, moulded with tigers and taotie...

Three Chinese carved wood seated figures, two of a Buddha, the other of Guanyin with child, tallest 28cm

A Yam wood figure Nggwal , Wosera area, Southern Abelam Tribe, 12.5cm high, in an associated ceramic jar, 19cm high overall; a Papua New Guinea co...

A Chinese grey pottery prowling dog and a red pottery chimera, both probably Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), 22cm long and 24cm long

A Chinese lacquered wood figure of a standing lohan, on lotus base, 62.5; and four other lohan / deities in wood and bronze (5), 62.5cm high

Two Chinese vases, red pottery, two handled conical vase, Han type, 11cm; and a grey pottery small vase, globular, incised with three fish 5.5cm (...

Two Chinese vases, comprising a three legged pot with impressed string lines, Neolithic, 16cm high; and a small grey pottery vase with twin pierce...

A Chinese sandstone carving of a coiled dragon, modern, 32cm long

A Chinese stone model of a camel, 31cm high

A group of eight Chinese carved stone items, 19/20th century, including figures, an animal, and a three footed stool

A group of three Chinese pottery vessels, Neolithic type, comprising Gu vase 23.5cm high; hemi-spherical bowl, 6cm high and pear shaped vase 20cm ...

An Inuit carved greenstone figure of a hunter, circa 1960-70, standing in skins, on an angled base, 20.5cm high

Group of three Chinese olive glazed pottery, Han/Warring States type, comprising: tripod circular bowl with lion mask feet, 9cm high, 22.3cm diame...

Three Chinese painted pottery standing figures, perhaps Han Dynasty, of a lady and two men, tallest (lady) 15cm high,16.5cm and 15cm high

A Chinese greystone carving of two fighting Fo-Dogs, in archaic style,12cm high: and a veined brown stone carved Fo-Dog, in Sui style, 15.5cm high...

A Chinese painted grey pottery, horse torso, Han style, 23.5cm high

A Chinese red pottery horse with rider up, Han Dynasty type, 31.5cm high

A Baluba wood headrest, with stylized kneeling figure with stepped fan coiffure, 21cm high; an Ibo mother and child wood group 40.5cm high (2)

An oriental carved stone vessel and cover decorated with animals and figures 25cm high: and three archaic Chinese style Buddhist stele carvings (4)

A Chinese grey limestone door jamb/stele, of rectangular section, a Fo dog to the top, incised with a scholar, 64cm high

A fossilised skull of a horse (?), 34 x 51cm long

A Group of seven Chinese pottery tomb figures, of diverse type including dancers and entertainers, perhaps Han Dynasty, tallest 14.5cm high

A group of five Chinese pottery musician and entertainer tomb figures, perhaps Han Dynasty, tallest 20.5cm high

A Chinese carved limestone fragmentary carved figure of a Bodhisattva, in Northern Wei style, 29cm high (33cm high to include stand)

Three Chinese pottery figures, probably Sui Dynasty type,including a straw glazed standing slender lady 25cm high, an unglazed standing lady 26.5c...

Two Chinese pottery ovoid vases painted with floral devices & leafy flourishes, in Tang style, 31.5cm high and 32cm high

A Chinese carved wood seated dignitary, perhaps late Ming Dynasty, 29cm high Condition report: worn, colour loss

A Chinese carved white marble seated lion, in Sui Dynasty style, 13.5cm, another, larger, in veined brown stone, 15cm high (2)

A Chinese red pottery, Seated musician. Han type, 36cm high

A group of six Chinese painted pottery tomb figures of musicians and entertainers, Han Dynasty, tallest 10.5cm high

Two Indian wooden figures

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