United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half

In Single Owner Coin Auction "Modern British Gold...

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United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half - Image 1 of 2
United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half - Image 2 of 2
United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half - Image 1 of 2
United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half - Image 2 of 2
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Bourne End, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half Sovereign and Britannia 1/10oz 10 Pounds, together with original box and COA from the Royal Mint,
United Kingdom - Elizabeth II (1952-2022), 1996 Gold Proof Two-Coin Set, comprising of Half Sovereign and Britannia 1/10oz 10 Pounds, together with original box and COA from the Royal Mint,

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