9ct Gold cased Roamer wristwatch

In 300 LOTS - Jewellery, Watches, Glass, Ceramic...

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9ct Gold cased Roamer wristwatch
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Bolton, Greater Manchester
9ct Gold cased Roamer wristwatch
9ct Gold cased Roamer wristwatch

300 LOTS - Jewellery, Watches, Glass, Ceramics & collectables.

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
Bolton Auction Rooms
Breightmet Drive
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

General delivery information available from the auctioneer

We offer a delivery service which is subsidised by the auction house so we can offer a cheap reliable service to our customers. From our auction house prices for this service start at £10 for small item, larger items would have to be collected or courier arranged.

Important Information


Terms & Conditions

Terms and condition for the seller

Any items which you may have can be brought to us, our staff will have the final decision on which auction your item/items will be entered, either our weekly general sale or monthly antique and collectable sale

We accept items everyday except Monday, please feel free to drop by any time before 4.30pm Monday to Saturday, 3.30pm Sunday

Any monies owing to vendors can be collected 10 days after the sale and will be paid by cheque. If you are not able to call in and collect your payment we will be happy to send it to you in the post.

Sellers Commission is set at 15% of the hammer price + VAT for items sold under £1999 and Commission is 10% of the hammer price + VAT for items sold above £1999.

From the 24/10/16 for all auctions the insertion fee will be £1. That will be a £0.50 increase on the general auction, a £1.00 decrease in the antiques & Collectables auction

For the weekly general sale there is an insertion fee of £1.00 per item. For the antiques and collectables monthly sale there is an insertion fee of £1.00 per item

By entering an item into our sale the vendors are exercising their full ownership and entitlement to sell the item. Bolton auction rooms ltd will not be held responsible for any information found in breaching said agreement with the vendor. If a situation arises Bolton auction rooms ltd will hand all evidence gathered to the correct authorities and any cost to the auction room will be claimed from the vendor, who by entering an item in to the sale agrees fully to these conditions.

All sale items are without a reserve set in the general sale. All reserves for the fine art, antique and collectable sale will be authorised by the auctioneer/manager only and will be agreed in writing prior to the sale. The auctioneer withholds the right to a 10% discretion on the hammer price if deemed necessary for the sale of the item. If the item has not met the reserve it will automatically be placed in to the next sale and the same criteria will be followed until the successful sale of the item. If it was to be removed from the sale without a prior agreement between the vendor and the auctioneer it will incur a removal charge of 10% of the reserve price.

We have a withdrawal fee of 15% plus VAT of the lowest estimate for items in our antique auction (minimum £10). If the item has been online for more than one week, the withdrawal fee will be 30% of the lowest estimate plus VAT. Items in our general auction – we have a fixed withdrawal fee of £10 per item after 10am on the Friday before the auction.

Under no circumstances can items be removed from any auction the day of the sale.

Any electrical items entered in to the sale are not the responsibility of Bolton auction rooms ltd to verify the safety of the item. We recommend all items before sale are PAT tested but do not require it to be entered to the sale. The full responsibility for the item is with the seller until the item has left the premises with the new owner.

The items brought in to the sale room are covered by Axa and are covered by the terms and conditions of the insures, not what seems fair by the seller. A copy of these terms are available upon request from the auction house reception.

Any item which doesn’t receive a payment from the buyer the auctioneer reserves the right to re-enter it into the next appropriate auction, by placing the item up for sale the seller agrees to a 10% charge of the auctioneer’s fair market valuation if the item was to be revoked from the forthcoming sale.

We are not responsible for items which are stolen but if any dispute is made we will make all video evidence available to any parties including the police required to show a theft occurred. It will then be down to the authorities to deal with issue from there on and all monies lost can be regained by the criminal offender. If no evidence is found we will insure the cost of the item. If a submitted item goes missing our procedure is as follows. A 3-4 week period of grace to locate the item is applicable and is offered by the vendor. If a successful retrieval of the item is the outcome Bolton auction rooms ltd reserve the right to submit the item to the next suitable sale but may return the item to the vendor if required free of charge. In the unlikely event of a unsuccessful retrieval of the item/items Bolton auction rooms ltd or the insurers will cover the cost of the item/items. The amount released for the item will be a fair market value which will be determined by our in house Auctioneer/valuer. We do not accept the opinion of any outside influence in this regards but will accept any documentation to determine the fair market value, if a refund is applicable monies will be paid via cheque within 28 days of the auctioneers/valuers decision.

We accept responsibility for items that are locked away with access by key, we will give a fair market value to cover the item but waiver the responsibility if items are left on an open shelf, all jewellery is covered by our policy.

Any items can be disposed of as deemed necessary at any time by the auction house before during or after the sale. A charge may be incurred for this if any item has been left or discarded and the cost will be incurred by the owner of the item.  If any item is left over a period of time and the vendor does not contact Bolton Auction Rooms, we reserve the right to donate all items to a charity of our choice.

Any interest gained on the holding of any outstanding monies by Bolton auction rooms is wavered by the vendor, by the entrance of items in the auction upholds this.

By entering an item into the sale you agree for the auction house to deduct any relevant costs (outlined above) incurred for the sale of the items from the premiums gained from the sale.

All valuations and appraisals are given by opinion of the individual who has been requested to carry out the task and Bolton auction rooms are in no way liable for the inaccuracy. In the event of the item being foreseen as genuine but at a later date being found to be a forgery, we use valuers of extensive subject knowledge and within that is our commitment to ensuring an accurate appraisal.

Any items which don’t sell (excluding items with reserves set on them) will be added to the next available sale, unless agreed prior with the auction house. All items must be collected within 5 days of the sale it was entered in. If left over the 5 day period a warehousing charge of £5.00 per day (£10 extra large) from the 5th day will be incurred and must be paid for in full before the item is removed from the Auction House.

Terms and conditions for the Buyers

All bidders are required to be registered with the auction house before bids are made, a paddle number will be allocated to you and this number will be noted by the auctioneer as the hammer goes down.

Buyer’s commission is set 15% of the hammer price + VAT for items bought under £1999 and commission is 10% for items bought above £1999. This raises to 20% of the hammer price + VAT if the item is not paid for before the following Wednesday at 4.45pm. 

Commissioned bids can be left on any day on any item providing the buyer is a registered buyer with the auction house.

Phone bids can be made during the auction, if you speak to the reception they will take your contact details and will give you an approximate time the item will be going under the hammer and will arrange for a phone call to be made to you around that time.

We have an online auction facility which can be viewed on any computer connected to the internet and bids can be placed online live as the auction is running, you must be registered with the auction house prior to biding.

Our catalogue can be viewed at any time online

All payments will be made before 1pm on Wednesday.

All goods will be collected no later than 1pm on Wednesday. 

We offer a delivery service which is subsidised by the auction house so we can offer a cheap reliable service to our customers. From our auction house prices for this service start at £5 for small item in the local area and range in increments depending on distance from the auction house and size of the item.

No item is the property of the buyer until payment has been made in full nor shall it be removed from the auction house until the item has been presented to the buyer by one of the porters on duty.

When a bid has been placed and the item won, the buyer is liable for costs which include:-

  • if the item is not paid for before Wednesday 4.45pm after the auction a extra 5% will be added to the commission
  • warehousing of the item which the charge is set a £5.00 a day after the 5th day.

The matter of non-payment is taken very seriously and these charges will be enforced by Fieldings porter solicitors who will act as our agents in the collection of monies owed.

Any items that need to be posted, we offer a worldwide, fully insured posting and packaging service. Please contact the auction house reception for current rates.

If a disagreement arises between two buyers the auctioneer has the final decision on the outcome of the dispute.

If an item has been deemed a forgery within 21 days of the sale we will take back the item and investigate the matter using sources and methods chosen by Bolton auction rooms.
Bolton auction rooms has the final say on weather it is the same item that was entered into the sale and is no way bound to proceed with any action until it is satisfied that it is, it is advisable any paraphernalia relating to the item is obtained to help with this process, any cost incurred to find the authenticity lie with the owner of the item until proof of a forgery has been obtained, then a refund of the hammer price + VAT and any cost incurred to find its authenticity will be refunded within 21 days.

The auctioneer can refuse to take a bid off anyone if he has good reason to believe the person will not follow the terms and conditions set above or if the bidder is a former non payer. This will be executed without prejudice and the auctioneer’s decision is final.

See Full Terms And Conditions

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