Important Information

Sale Notes:

Important information:



1. Buyers commission 15% +VAT plus commission 4.95% +VAT. 

2. In-house shipping only available for lots suitable for posting.

3. A condition report must be obtained before bidding as all items are pre-owned & may have damage, signs of use, be incomplete, not working or have all original parts.

WE RECOMMEND ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS READ OUR DETAILED INFORMATION FOR BUYERS BELOW as it contains terms & restrictions applying to all purchases.


ALWAYS OBTAIN A CONDITION REPORT BEFORE BIDDING. By bidding at our auctions you are entering into a legally binding contract to buy & pay for any lot successfully purchased & are deemed to have accepted our Terms & Conditions. All lots will be sold within the stipulations shown below & under our Terms & Conditions of Business shown with this catalogue listing. Ample viewing time is available in person before an auction & a catalogue of all lots is available for viewing online for a minimum of 10 days before an auction for those unable to view the auction in person.

1. Potential buyers must obtain a report on the condition of any lot before placing a bid & ensure they are content with any condition report & the catalogue description before bidding.

2.  All items offered for auction must be considered used & previously owned. Bidders must obtain a report to ascertain if any item is complete, undamaged, without faults or in working order when applicable, before bidding.

3. Bidders must not rely on the catalogue description & image only before bidding as minor faults, wear or damage inherent with the age, use or manufacture process may not be described or shown. Measurements or weights in the auction catalogue descriptions are approximate & for guidance only. Photographs must not be relied on for assessing size, condition or colour accuracy.

4. Refunds are not available for buyer complaints or disappointment upon receipt concerning inherent faults, wear or damage or catalogue description omissions or unintentional errors if a condition report has not been sought & supplied.

5. Condition reports requested via e-mail must be received before 5.00pm on the Monday before auction day. Condition reports received after this deadline or on auction morning cannot be guaranteed to be answered.


Shipping services provided by or recommended by the Auctioneer are used at the buyer’s own risk. We cannot be held responsible for damage during transit by the shipping service provider & recommend buyers provide their own in-transit damage & loss insurance.

1. Our in-house shipping service is only available for non-fragile items suitable by value, size & weight for Royal Mail/Parcelforce tracked & signed for services.

2. We do not ship nationally or overseas large or glazed pictures, clocks, furniture & rugs, vulnerable ceramics, glass etc. or any items prohibited by UK postal services

3. We retain the right to decline to ship individual or multiple purchases we deem to be unsuitable for postal shipping. Multiple lot purchases may be shipped in separate parcels at our discretion.

4. We charge a fee for packing & materials based on complexity & time to pack, plus the Royal Mail postage charge at cost. Shipping charges are added to a buyer’s invoice. Buyers will receive an email notice of shipping & a tracking number.

5. We can recommend other carriers for items we cannot handle or buyers must arrange their own shipping.

6. Purchases are shipped as soon as possible, but strictly in sequence of invoice payment from the Monday following the auction.



1. Strictly within 5 days of the auction or receipt of invoice.

2. Payment can be arranged by telephone using a debit card or by bank transfer.

3. We accept credit cards only up to a limit of £250 due to past misuse.

4. We reserve the right not to accept credit card payments from overseas buyers.

5. Payment by direct bank transfer may be requested for high value purchases.

6. Bank transfers from non-UK accounts are subject to an £8 bank surcharge.


15% plus VAT at 20% on the hammer price. Total 18%.


Register to bid early & before the start of the auction as we may decline, without notice, registrations to bid once an auction has begun.

We reserve the right to decline any registration to bid live online via  at our auctions. Note: A charge of 4.95% plus VAT will be applicable on purchases as a commission charge by for their service. This will be added to the buyer’s invoice.


Acceptance of such bids will be at our discretion & may be accepted only with certain guarantees obtained from the bidder Please submit commission bids by email or telephone early to guarantee they can be executed. We cannot accept & will not execute any email or telephone commission bids received after 9.30am on auction mornings or once the auction has started.   


Please book telephone bidding lines early as they are limited in number. Lines must be reserved before 5.00pm of the day before the auction. Telephone lines cannot be booked once an auction has started.

We reserve the right to decline requests for telephone bidding for low value lots & to allocate or refuse telephone bidding booking applications at our discretion.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to be contactable at the number supplied to be available to bid when any lot is offered for sale. The Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for missed telephone bids when bidders are unobtainable or we are unable to contact them.


This is a private, single-owner display collection accumulated over many years.


All cameras in this collection are untested & sold as found on display or in storage. We cannot guarantee they are working, without faults, complete, undamaged or all original. All lots must be considered used/second hand unless stated otherwise.


We advise potential bidders to view & inspect any lot in person to ascertain condition. Adequate pre-auction time is allowed for viewing.


Anyone unable to view or attend the auction must obtain a condition report before bidding. Condition reports are available by telephone or by email.

We are not specialist camera auctioneers & potential bidders must ask all relevant questions to satisfy themselves about condition or any faults before bidding. Illustrations in the online catalogue must not be relied on as a guide to condition. Additional images can be supplied upon request.

Refunds will not be considered for any buyer recorded as not obtaining, ignoring or refusing a condition report. Refunds are also not available for buyer disappointment upon receipt.


Insured postal in-house shipping is available but only for lots we deem suitable for posting.

Other shippers can be recommended for fragile, large & multiple lot purchases. The buyer will be responsible for making any claim for any lot damaged or lost in transit & it is recommended buyers arrange their own in transit insurance if not provided by the carrier.

Our Conditions & Terms of Business shown with this catalogue will apply. E&OE.

By e-mail to:
By telephone to office: +44 (0)1736 361342

General information available at website:


Terms & Conditions


'Barbara Kirk Auctions' act solely as agent for all Sellers & as Auctioneer for this auction. Barbara Kirk represents 'Barbara Kirk Auctions' & in these Conditions is called 'the Auctioneer'.


General: 1. The Auctioneer sells as an agent for the Seller. The parties to the contract of sale are the Seller & the Buyer & as agents the Auctioneer as such is not responsible for any default by the Seller or the Buyer.  2.  The Auctioneer makes every effort to ensure the description of every lot in any auction is accurate. Any measurements or weights may be approximate & images should not be relied on for colour accuracy, both are information & guidance only. The auction catalogue, whether printed or online is issued on the basis that the Auctioneer's Conditions of sale are accepted by the Seller & any Buyer.  3.  Each lot or combined lots will be sold by the Auctioneer with all faults, any imperfections & errors of description.  All lots are sold as seen & as previously owned with any signs of age & use inherent with the item(s) .  4.  The Auctioneer cannot accept responsibility for authenticity, attribution, genuineness, date or condition of any lot unless they have received written certification of this by the Seller.  5.  All statements expressed orally or in print is the opinion of the Auctioneer only. They are not to be taken as fact or warranty unless supported by written certification by the Seller.  6.  The Auctioneer may accept written instructions to bid on behalf of prospective Buyers. Any instructions accepted are at the risk of the prospective Buyer who will be deemed to have viewed the lot(s) & accepted the Auctioneer's Conditions of Sale.

The Auction:  1. The highest bidder shall be the buyer of any lot.  2. If a dispute arises as to the buyer of a lot, the Auctioneer has absolute right to settle the dispute or re-offer the lot.  3. The Auctioneer has sole & absolute discretion to combine or divide any lot, to refuse any bid, to choose how regulate or advance the bidding, to cancel a sale or withdraw any lot without giving reason or notice.   4. The Auctioneer may bid on any lot on behalf of the Seller subject to any reserve or the Auctioneer's discretion.  5. All lots may be subject to a reserve price placed by the Seller. Only where there is no reserve price, has the vendor the right to bid personally or through the Auctioneer.  6. All conditions, descriptions, notices, statements & other matters concerning any lot in the catalogue or elsewhere may be subject to statements modifying or affecting the lot may be made by the Auctioneer from the rostrum prior to accepting any bid.  7. All lots, until sold, shall be at the Seller's risk until the fall of the hammer when the risk devolves to the Buyer.  Title to all lots remains with the Seller or the Auctioneer as the Seller's agent until the buyer has made full payment. No lot can be removed from the auction until full payment is made.  8. Every person attending the auction & viewing of the auction shall be deemed to be there at his or her own risk. Vehicles parked at the auction or properties brought into the auction are done so entirely at the owners risk. 9. The Auctioneer reserves the right, at their discretion, to refuse bids from the floor, admission to or attendance at an auction without giving any reason.

Rescission: Notwithstanding any other terms of these Conditions, the Auctioneer must receive notice in writing within 14 days after the auction that in the Buyer's view the item is a deliberate forgery. The Buyer must return the item within 21 days of such notification in the same condition as sold at the time of the auction. The burden of proof will be on the Buyer to produce evidence & satisfy the Auctioneer that in the light of the description in the catalogue the lot is a deliberate forgery. The sale of the lot may then be rescinded & the purchase price refunded, but only with the sellers agreement. Shipping costs are only refundable at the Auctioneers discretion. Return shipping costs may not be refunded. On entering items for auction, the Seller of the lot agrees to be bound by this Condition & the Auctioneer's decision. Returns & refunds cannot be offered to online buyers for buyer disappointment upon their receipt of any purchase. The Auctioneer will make every effort to supply accurate reports, descriptions & information but it is the responsibility of the bidder to be satisfied with all information supplied on any lot before deciding to bid.


The Seller warrants to the Auctioneer & the Buyer that:  1. The Seller is the true owner of any lot or is authorised to sell the lot by the true owner.  2. The Seller is able transfer title to any lot free from third party claims, liens or encumbrances.   3. That all the Seller's entries described on the Auction Entry Form or Auction Advice are correct.   4. That the Seller will indemnify the Auctioneer & the Buyer against any loss or damage suffered to them in consequence of any breach of this warranty by the Seller.  5. That the Auctioneer may make announcements or publish information supplied by the Seller about any lot at their discretion & as they think fit. The Seller will indemnify the Auctioneer if any warranty made by the Auctioneer as a result of such announcements & information supplied by the Seller is proved to be false or incorrect. 6. The seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any lot prior to the auction. This must be given in writing & agreed with the Auctioneer.  7. The seller may be liable for a charge to cover the Auctioneers expenses if withdrawing a lot once catalogued or offered for auction.  8. The seller may be liable for a charge to cover the Auctioneer's expenses where any previously agreed reserve for any lot is raised by the Seller once catalogued or offered for auction without the agreement of the Auctioneer, if it is deemed by the Auctioneer to have become unattainable & as a result the lot is unsold.  9. All goods delivered to the Auctioneer will be deemed as for sale by auction unless stated otherwise in writing. All goods will be accepted, catalogued & sold under the Auctioneers Conditions of Sale. Each Seller acknowledges they have accepted & agreed to be bounded by the Auctioneers Conditions of Sale.


1. Ample opportunity is given to Buyers to inspect all lots, request a condition report, request further information, additional images or other information before bidding or placing a commission bid. Prospective Buyers must satisfy themselves by inspection or written report as to the accuracy of any description & the condition, including but not restricted to, any damage, repairs or restoration of any lot.  2. All prospective Buyers must register their name & permanent address with the Auctioneer before bidding. The Auctioneer retains the right to re-offer any lot if the Buyer is not registered with the Auctioneer.   3. The property included in any lot becomes the sole risk of the buyer at the fall of the hammer but the property will not pass to the buyer until payment is received for any lot(s) in full.   4. The Buyer may not claim or remove any purchase until any lot has been paid for in full.  A Buyer may be called upon to pay to the Auctioneer any proportion of the purchase price as the Auctioneer requires upon the purchase of any lot. The auctioneer retains the sole discretion to re-sell any lot where a Buyer has failed to pay for any lot.   5. The Auctioneer accepts all commission bids at the bidder's risk. The Auctioneer accepts no liabilities for failure to execute any commission bid or secure any lot for the bidder. All bids will be executed as cheaply as possible as permitted by other bids or a Seller's reserve.  6.  All bids left by telephone & e-mail are at the bidder's risk & must be confirmed in writing.  The Auctioneer's Conditions of Sale apply to all bids left via the telephone or e-mail & any bidder accepts this upon placing a bid. It is the bidder's responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of description & condition of any lot before placing a telephone or e-mail bid by report from the Auctioneer or the Auctioneers representative. Prospective buyer's placing a bid by telephone or e-mail without obtaining a report on description & condition do so at their own risk.  7.  All telephone & email bidders will be required to register their payment card details with the Auctioneer before their bids will be accepted. These details are stored securely, deleted after every auction & will not be used without the consent of the buyer.   8. Artists Re-Sale Rights: For paintings & other works of art a buyer in bidding accepts the levy that will be charged in accordance with the terms of the Act if & when it is applicable. 9. All buyers pay the hammer price plus a buyer's premium of 15% of the hammer price as the Auctioneers commission. This commission is subject to VAT at 20%.   

Live auctions. Bidding & buying via the Internet:

These Auctioneer’s Conditions of Sale also apply to all prospective online buyers registering to bid or leaving ‘autobids’ via the online bidding service To bid online, prospective buyers must register at ‘’ by completing the bidder registration procedure of, unless alternative arrangements are agreed with the Auctioneer (Barbara Kirk Auctions).  Any lots purchased via live auction service will be subject to an additional 4.95% commission charge + VAT on behalf of  The Auctioneer does provide ample public viewing days for all auctions. Potential buyers who cannot inspect any lot personally should ensure they seek a full condition report & obtain any other information they require, to be satisfied with the authenticity, condition or accuracy of the Auctioneer’s description before bidding. (See ‘Rescission’ in ‘General Terms & Conditions’ above).  The Auctioneer reserves the right to decline any registration to bid made via Potential buyers should note that all lots are sold as second-hand with any faults or wear commensurate with age, use or manufacturing processes. All lots are the property of private sellers & the Auctioneer only acts as agent for the seller. 

Shipping services:

All shipping services provided, used or recommended by the Auctioneer are used at the buyers own risk. All shipping services used by the Auctioneer are subject to the service providers own Terms & Condition in relation to loss, damage & insurance. The services & carriers used by the Auctioneer may not insure purchased lots in transit due to the nature of the lots sold by the Auctioneer & their own terms & conditions.  The Auctioneer retains the right to decline to ship purchases deemed by the Auctioneer unsuitable for in-house shipping services due to fragility, high value, size or weight.  Every effort is made to pack items safely & securely to an acceptable standard for transit using suitable materials, but it must be accepted that the Auctioneer is not a professional packer so cannot be held responsible for or making any claim for damage or loss caused in transit. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any refund for loss or damage in transit they consider false or dishonest.

 BARBARA KIRK AUCTIONS.  Conditions of Sale & Terms of Business. January 2019. Cancels previous versions. E&OE