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A Vintage Hohner Student VM 48 bass piano accordion, serial number 121000, with black-lacquered case, stamped M Hohner, made in Germany, fiber cas...

A Gaudini 120 bass, 41 key piano accordion, with five tone selectors, hard case.

An Italian Maga Ercole button accordion, tuned G/C, mahogany and marquetry with nickel silver mounts, inscribed 'Premiata Fabbrica Maga Ercole Str...

A Hohner Club IIB Victoria diatonic button accordion, tuned to A/D, in grey pearloid plastic finish, fitted hard case.

A Settimio Soprani Cardinal 120 bass piano accordion, in 'Art Deco' gold sparkle case with jewelled decoration, fully reconditioned condition.

A Baile 96 bass, 37 key piano accordion, black finished with leather strap and plush lined hard case.

A Hohner Nova II 72 five row 72 bass chromatic button accordion, with blue pearloid case, in Hohner soft case.

A Scarlatti 8 base melodeon with 21 buttons, light wood case, soft carry case.

A 19th century 48 button English system concertina by George Case with five division bellows, ebonised fret cut ends inlaid in mother of pearl wit...

A 48-button English system concertina with fret-cut rosewood ends, five division bellows, in a velvet-lined mahogany case.

A Hohner Anglo-German style 20 button concertina, with pass button, mahogany ends with marquetry binding, twelve division red and green fabric bel...

A Stephanelli 30 button Anglo concertina, with black lacquer finish, and eight-division fabric bellows.

A Scarlatti Anglo 20 button concertina in C/G, with pass button, with eleven division red fabric bellows, and red pearloid ends, plush lined carry...

A 20 button Anglo concertina with pass button and red pearloid ends, plush lined case.

A Crucianelli English system 48 key concertina with black pass button, mahogany veneered fret cut ends, brown leather six division bellows, plush ...

A 48-button English system concertina, retailed by Boyd, Newcastle, with fret-cut rosewood ends, five division bellows, in rosewood veneered case.

Lot 318

Yamaha Flute

A Yamaha YFL-211S silver-plated flute, serial number 256147, made in Japan, in original case and box.

Lot 319

Blessing Flute

A silver-plated flute by Blessing. Elkhart. USA, cased.

A rosewood flute by J, Mollenhauer & Sohn, Fulda, Germany, serial number 18702, with nickel silver keys, stamped with maker's name and serial numb...

A pair of Boosey & Co ebonite Clinton system low pitch clarinets, serial numbers 24551 and 24552, in a fitted double clarinet case.

A Selmer, Paris Bb blackwood clarinet, serial number N2596, stamped 'Henri Selmer Paris', with nickel silver keys, plush lined case.

A Selmer USA CL300 clarinet, serial number 27435, in moulded Selmer case.

A Boosey and Hawkes '77' clarinet, serial number 118882, in plush lined Yamaha branded case.

A set of Scottish bagpipes in turned blackwood with bone and ivory mounts, together with a later chanter, in mahogany case.Self-declaration submis...

Lot 328

Rosetti cornet

A Rosetti Series Bb cornet in lacquered brass, with a 7C mouthpiece, cased.

A Lafleur lacquered brass cornet, imported by Boosey and Hawkes, cased with John Packer mouthpiece.

A John Packer 171SWS silver plated cornet, cased with John Packer mouthpiece.

A vintage 'Melody Maker' brass Bb trumpet, plush lined case.

A lacquered brass Soprano curved saxophone, engraved 'FF', with mouthpiece and strap, cased.

A Gear for Music Alto saxophone in 'black' finish, cased.

An Academy SMS Scholarship series tenor saxophone in lacquered brass with mouthpiece, cased.

A Yamaha YAS-23 Alto saxophone, made in Japan, serial number 091534, in lacquered brass, in a Yamaha plush lined hard case.

A continental brass BBb Helicon tuba with three rotary valves, modern lead pipe.

A 7/8 size Dresden violin, late 19th/early 20th century, with two piece figured back and ribs, the back of the scroll carved with a shield, light ...

A continental violin labelled Zosimo Bergonzi fecit in Cremona 17--, with figured one piece back and ribs, figures neck and scroll, medium brown v...

German Violin labelled Joseph Aldric, Paris 1818, with two piece flamed back and ribs, length of back 36cms, cased with bow.

Lot 340

German violin

A 19th-century German violin labelled 'Joseph Odoardi Filius Anthony fecit prope Asculum, 1781' with two-piece back, dark to medium varnish, lengt...

Lot 341

German violin

A continental violin, probably German, labelled 'Alphonseus Paulo', dated 1894, dark varnish, length of back 34cms, moulded case.

Lot 342

Violin bow

A silver mounted violin bow, with pearl inlaid ebony frog, approximately 66.3 grams.

Lot 343

Violin bow

A violin bow, with nickel silver mounts and pearl inlaid ebony frog, approximately 70 grams.

Lot 344

Violin bow

A Violin bow stamped 'Albert Fischer', with nickel mounts and pearl inlaid ebony frog, approximately 76 grams.

Lot 345

Viola bow

A viola bow stamped 'A.Vignaron', with silver mounts and pearl inlaid ebony frog, approximately 69 grams.

Lot 346

Violin bow

A violin bow stamped 'E.W.Zophel', with silver plated mounts and inlaid ebony frog, approximate weight 64 grams.

Lot 347

Violin bow

A violin bow Stamped 'K.-G.-P', with nickel mounts and ebony frog, approximate weight 65 grams.

Lot 348

Violin bow

A violin bow stamped 'Joseph Richter', with nickel mounts and inlaid ebony frog, approximate weight 77.5 grams.

Lot 349

German violin

A German trade violin labelled 'Silvio Vezio Paolette', with two-piece back and rims, amber varnish, length of back 36cms.

A Viola labelled Wilhelm Paul Kunz, 1957, with two-piece flamed back and ribs, light amber varnish, length of back, 40.5cms, cased with bow.

A German violin in the manner of Jacob Stainer, with a two-piece back, light amber varnish, with paper label 'Copy of Jacobus Stainer', the back s...

A German trade violin after Stradivarius, with two-piece, flamed back and ribs, light amber varnish, printed paper label, length of back 36cms., c...

A German trade violin labelled Jacobus Stainer, with lion head carved scroll, two-piece back, stamped at the heal 'Stainer', length of back 35.5cm...

Lot 354

Three violins

Three violins for restoration, each cased, two with bows. (3)

A German 'Conservatory' violin, with a two-piece back, stamped 'Conservatory' made in Germany, length of back 36.3cms; together with a bow stamped...

A violin, probably 19th century English, with a plain one-piece back and ribs, length of back 35cms, cased with bow.

An aNueNue Oahu Koa I Soprano ukulele, with solid figures Koa top, back and ribs, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, soft case.

A Washburn B9 five-string G banjo, with a maple neck and mahogany laminate resonator, TGI soft case.

A Westfield five-string G banjo with mahogany resonator, mahogany neck, and aluminium tone ring, Tribal Planet soft gigbag.