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Toys: A collection of assorted boxed toys and board games to include: Brands Hatch, Sorry, Halma, Whot, Jack Straws, Tidley Winks, Tell Me, Domino...

A cigar and cigarette box with cribbage board under

A tray of 19th century cast iron wheat sheaf door stops together with a set of cased butter knives and wooden cribbage board

A walnut and maple wood jewellery box, a parquetry overlaid trinket box, a cribbage board and butterfly wing decorated tray.

English Ebony Strung Burl Walnut Games Compendium, early 20th century opening to an interior fitted out for chess, cribbage, backgammon, draughts,...

NAPOLEONIC PRISONER-OF-WAR BONE GAMES BOX, early 19th Century, the double container with dominoes to double-9, star-pierced domed covers and slide...

A selection of vintage Toys including two wooden Chess Sets, Draught Sets, Whist Counter, Cribbage Boards, tin plate spinning Horse Racing board, ...


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