Elevating Home Decor: A Deep Dive into Online Auctions with Ofelia Botella

In the world of interior design and art aficionados, the allure of uncovering unique treasures is an ever-enticing pursuit.

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Pictured: Ofelia Botella, Founder at Ofelia Botella Studio 

For Ofelia Botella (@ofeliabotella), an avid collector, artist and business owner the journey from childhood outings to antique markets to navigating the digital landscape of online auctions has been a colourful and exhilarating adventure. 

What attracts you to online auctions, and which aspects or categories of items do you find particularly enticing or thrilling compared to traditional furniture shopping or in-person antique hunting?

Growing up surrounded by the love for antiques and flea markets, auctions became more than just a pastime for me. From childhood outings to antique markets with my parents, the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in a brocante quickly became one of my favourite things. Despite initially pursuing a path in art history, including studying for a master's at the Courtauld and interning at a major auction house, it was my ex-boyfriend's introduction to The Saleroom that reignited my passion for auctions, the relationship was short lived, but it lead to a lasting love affair with online bidding.

What inspired you to share decor tips on social media?  

I'm passionate about inspiring people to live more creatively, especially in making their homes beautiful and unique. From sharing colour palette inspirations to showcasing my latest thrift and auction finds, I find joy in inspiring others to infuse creativity into their living spaces. 

Inspirations and Influences: My artistic style is heavily influenced by vibrant colours, drawing inspiration from American folk art, David Hockney, and recent encounters like the mesmerising Hellen Frankenthaler show. I find immense inspiration in the raw creativity found within artists' sketchbooks, where ideas are born and nurtured. 

Describe your interior style in three words: Eclectic, textured, colourful.

Favourite Auction Find: One of my most cherished acquisitions from The Saleroom is a stunning mid-century Danish mirror with a beautifully bevelled frame. Its proportions and exquisite craftsmanship were a perfect fit for my home, especially over the fireplace, adding a touch of elegance to an otherwise awkward space. 

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The Danish Mid-Century Mirror over the fireplace was a Saleroom discovery. 

Auction Experience: Participating in online auctions offers the thrill of discovering unique treasures amidst a vast array of items. The satisfaction of finding something truly special, with a story behind it, sets online auctions apart from traditional shopping experiences. 

Winning Bid Strategies: I approach bidding strategically by setting strict limits to avoid overexcitement and overbidding. Research and preparation are key, ensuring I'm informed about similar items' prices and making informed decisions within my budget. 

Style Recommendations: My collection reflects an eclectic mix of styles, with a focus on vibrant colours and exquisite craftsmanship. While I'm drawn to colourful and sculptural pieces, I don't limit myself to specific time periods, seeking diversity in my collection. 

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Some recent finds

Advice for Collectors: For newcomers to auction buying, I advise following your heart and focusing on pieces that resonate with you personally. While considering investment potential is important, prioritising pieces that bring joy and enhance your living space is paramount. 

In summary, my journey as a passionate collector and advocate for creativity in the home has been shaped by a lifelong love for unique treasures and the thrill of the auction hunt. Through sharing my experiences and discoveries, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own creative journeys and curate spaces that reflect their unique personalities and passions. 

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