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2020 Alderney Gold Proof £1, £2 & £5 coins (22 carat, total weight 64g) in 3 Benham Dunkirk Evacuation coin covers in folder.

2020 Tristan Da Cunha Gold Proof £2 coin (22 carat, weight 16g) in Benham Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary coin cover in folder

1d black cufflinks: Pair of 1d blacks F/U with red maltese crosses, both T-G, in pair of 9ct gold hallmarked cufflinks in small case.

Impressive in size height 75 cm. Signed John Taylor with 6 melodies and 12 bells.

Lotto 1010

An Empire Pendulum

under glass bell jar.

Beautifully decorated Empire period height 53 cm.

signed Hendrik Ruempol Laren 1754 height of the clock is 37 cm.

Empire period signed D. Robert

Signed Plagsiardet a Piontau 1728 with going and striking mechanism exceptionally large size of 61 cm.

France 1st half of the 19th century with harvest scene height 36 cm.

signed Nicolas Gribelin Paris c. 1690 later put in Empire cabinet height 60 cm.

Including wall clock by Lorenz Action Art

ebony signed on the pointer and the movement Copies Westnane ca. 1710 with fine pear shaped weights length 80 cm.

Signed Gaudron case decorated with Boulle technique height 47 cm.This lot will not be shipped outside of the European Union. This lot may not be...

1st half 19th century with top garland height 63 cm.

With quarter beat and repitition height 53 cm.

France 18th century signed Jean Pierre Huguenin with repetition height 43 cm.

white marble signed Leroy France 19th century decorated with gilded goats height 47 cm.

in mahogany case with blued second hand signed on the Juhel a Paris timepiece ca. 1800 height 54 cm.

by Yonel Lebovici (1937 - 1998) numbered 18 height 212 cm

France signed au Dauthiau a Paris and signed on the P. du Roi 1748 movement height 77 cm. Executed in Boulle technique. This lot will not be shi...

England 19th century with speelwerk circa 1850 height 64 cm.

Lotto 1292

A Wall Clock

Saw striking mechanism wooden dial height 71 cm.

Signed D. Volger Wormermeer height 73 cm.

Lotto 1298

A Signed Wall Clock

Astronomical date week and year indication signed Joost ter Veer height 90 cm.

In a wooden cover 18th century with pendulum for the dial signed Conrad Vogt in a wooden cover height 37 cm.

Friesland 19th century length 140 cm.

France with globe ca.1780 signed Boubon Palais Royal height 49 cm.

Signed Thiout Laisne a Paris with repetition height 55 cm.

19th century beautifully engraved and executed height 42 cm.

Mahogany veneered case height 235 cm.

Chinese decoration on wooden base total height 49 cm.

19th century richly decorated with gilt bronze height 123 cm. This lot will not be shipped outside of the European Union. This lot may not be ava...

Lotto 1364

A Column Clock

Richly decorated height 52 cm.

Louis XVI period signed Rouviere Paris with very detailed decorations including 2 women symbolizing the study see La Pendule Francaise page 2...

Lotto 1384

A Wall Clock

Twenteomgeving Bakker with iron pillars height 77 cm.

With marble base and ormolu ornaments height 45 cm.


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