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A 19th Century Japanese Meiji period antique hand carved ivory figurine of a leaping horse. Detailed features with flowing tail and mane. Unsigned...

1959 Revised Constitution 15c in two U/M pairs, one in each pair with uncatalogued extra dot over top line of Arabic inscription. (4)

18 pieces of antique tiles 17th / 18th century including sea monsters.

4 pieces including netsuke. This lot will not be shipped outside the EU

Including a copper incense vessel.

Dutch silver heavily executed with religious depictions on the bottom and lid including Judicium 15 with 18th century wear marks 145 x 43 x 70...

18th century 120 x 25 x 63 mm.

Both marked Qianlong, vase is 21 cm. tall.

Depicting Chinese figures holding vases, Kangxi mark, 35 cm. tall, chip.

Landscape decors, marked with double ring, 23 cm. tall.

Depicting Chinese warriors, 31 cm. tall, one vase with restoration on rim.

Robin’s Egg Decor vase Qianlong mark, 17 cm. tall. Cover of Ginger Jar is restored.

Mother of Pearl inlay, 14 x 39 cm.

Celadon ground with blue and white decor depicting Chinese characters in garden, 31 cm. tall, hairlines in glaze.

Dark blue ground with white blossom decor Ginger Jar in addition to Nanking Vase 21 cm. tall.

Lotto 7022

A Cinnabar Box

Landscape decor, 14 cm. long.

Decorated with dragons and clouds, 35 cm. tall.

Including a pair of Famille Rose vases decorated with flowers and birds, Qianlong mark, 21 cm. tall. In addition to 2 Cantonese vases, tallest vas...

Qianlong mark, 18 cm. in diameter, chip on glaze of standring of one bowl.

Scepter for handle, Qianlong mark, 24 x 9 x 6 cm.

Decorated with flowers, butterflies and Chinese figures, temple lion handles, 30 cm. tall.

Powder blue ground, floral decor with Chinese characters, 25 cm. tall, Kangxi mark, small restoration on one rim.

Orange ground with raised Famille Rose enamels of peaches and bats, Qianlong mark, 12 cm. tall.

Decorated with leaves, Yongzheng mark, 20 cm. tall, top has been shaved down.

Decorated on all 4 sides with florals, birds, and Chinese text, Qianlong mark, 37 cm. tall.

Depicting diverse scenes of Chinese figures, vases are 30 cm. tall not including base.

Engraved with lions, cover also engraved with lion, 12 cm. tall, 19th Century, sold with Certification of Age. This lot will not be shipped outsi...

Lotto 7055

A Famille Rose Bowl

Yongzheng period, 15 cm. in diameter, fritting on edges.

Floral decor, Chenghua mark, 12 cm. in diameter,

Tallest vase is 9 cm., in diverse conditions.

Decorated with Chinese ladies and florals, tallest vase is 11 cm., chip.

Decorated with Chinese text, Qianlong mark, 16 cm. tall

Lotto 7071

A Chinese Box

Decorated with Chinese text, Qianlong mark, 5 x 5 x 3 cm.

Decorated with dragons and clouds, Qianlong mark, 24 cm. tall.

Decorated with grapes and grape vines, Chenghua mark, 40 cm. in diameter.

Depicting Chinese hunters, Kangxi mark, 23 cm. in diameter x 11 cm. tall.

Lotto 7079

A Dragon Decor Bowl

Yellow ground decorated with green dragons, Yongzheng mark, 15 cm. in diameter.

Lotto 7084

An Imari Plate

Depicting scene in garden with Chinese figures in garden, 22 cm. in diameter.

Decorated with Chinese figures and landscapes, 27 cm. tall, diverse conditions.

Fitted with diverse size boxes, 38 x 14 x 32 cm.

Guangxu mark, 10 cm. in diameter.

Landscape decor with Chinese poem, 20 cm. long.

Famille Rose floral and butterfly decor, Xianfeng Mark and Period, cups are 11 cm. in diameter, hairline.

Decorated with flowers and Kylin, 23 cm. in diameter, fritting and hairline.

Lotto 7106

A Cantonese Charger

35 cm. in diameter, chip.

Incised Qianlong mark, 12 cm. in diameter.

Decorated with pink bow, Qianlong mark, 33 cm. tall.

Jiaqing mark, 25 cm. tall.

Lotto 7120

A Bamboo Decor Bowl

Tongzhi mark, 16 cm. in diameter.

Including 3 silk embroidered wall hangings.

16 cm. in diameter, Daoguang mark.

Incised seal mark on bottom, 27 cm. tall.


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