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Two 18thC oval-shaped recto-verso devotional reliquary pendants, one portraying on the recto St. Barbara and on the verso St. Catherine, H 6,8 cm;...

Two 18thC devotional reliquary pendants, one depicting on the recto St. Lucia and on the verso a relic of the latter, H 9,3 cm, the other one port...

Three 17th / 18thC devotional reliquary pendants with relics of the Holy Cross, St. Francis of Sales, ...?, silver mount, H 4,8 - 5,2 - 6 cm

A sculpture of the head of an angel, limewood with traces of polychrome paint, 17thC, the Southern Netherlands, mounted on a Romanesque capital fr...

An oak sculpture of Saint Romanus of Rouen, with traces of polychrome paint, 16th/17thC, the Southern Netherlands, H 68,5 cm

A limewood sculpture of Saint Anthony of Egypt, with traces of polychrome paint, 16thC, probably Southern Germany, H 85,5 cm

A wooden polychrome painted carousel horse mounted on a recent wooden stand, H (with stand) 138 cm / H (horse) 74 - W 153 cm

A richly decorated paperolle reliquary devotional work, containing the relics of various Saints, the whole presented in a with a silver (?) and re...

A carved hardwood tribal walking stick / cane, with a carved pommel and carved banded detail to the shaft. Approx. 23 1/2'' long. Please Note - we...

A 19th century tribal carved walking stick, the pommel modelled as a man's head, with rounded cap, above a belt, 87cm long

An African hardwood tribal carving, modelled with various figures carrying baskets, 27cm high

Tribal wooden carving - H: 47cm

A rattan style bistro set with glass top and two chairs

A Tribal Mask from Equatorial Guinea

A Tribal Mask from Equatorial Guinea

Carolina Valvona, a pottery portrait plaque, Lady with blonde curled hair in an Arbour (26cm x 21cm), and a small Mayan style glazed mask (9cm x 1...

Silver-Gilt and Giltwood Reliquary Bust 19th century, Spanish, in the baroque style, the silver-gilt saint resting on a giltwood base with a re...

Laristan Nomadic Tribal Carpet 9' 10" x 14'

A mixed lot of old bone items.

Two 1920s Newcastle under Lyme Athlectics trophy plaques: together with A collection of African carved wood Tribal figures: Comprising wall mask, ...

BURKINA FASO LOBI 'Cavalier', 39cm L.

Balinese ceremonial mask depicting a war god, coloured with vegetable dye. Height 76cms. Estimate £20-40.

3 carved ethnic figures; a tall ethnic carving of people with sacks; wooden pestle & mortar; and a carved cat pot. Estimate £50-80

2 rare 19th C. African Tribal belt knives with Ostrich’s leg handles. Estimate £30-40

Rare Masai tribal belt knife with skin covered handle. Estimate £20-30

Rare 19th C. Arab Trader's broad-bladed belt knife with steel and possibly Rhino Horn handle, Ostrich skin sheath and wide belt Estimate £30-40

All with the usual signs of age related ware but no significant damage

AN EARLY 20TH CENTURY POLYNESIAN TRIBAL SPEAR possibly Papua New Guinea, together with two other tribal spears. Largest 195 cm long. (3)

Pair of tribal spears Length of blades 38 cm

Rorke's Drift South African 20th Century Decorated Ceramic Vessel signed with 'Lephina Molefe' and the Rorke's Drift leaf logo and numbered H.1...

Noria Mabasa South African 1938- Long Long Ago woodburned clay height: 91cm

Tallest is 6 cm. including base.

5th-4th century BC. A large bronze vessel handle, probably from an oinochoe, depicting a lion with outstretched front legs and paws, conjoined hin...

A collection of African masks, to include a Igbo maiden spirit mask, a Kuba mask, Makonde mask, Senufo mask, Senufo figure, fang mask and a Ashant...

2nd millennium BC. A speckled calcite vessel with globular body, flattened disc rim with raised circumferential band to the neck. 1.8 kg, 11.5cm (...

10th-17th century AD. A substantial waisted drum-shaped ceramic vessel with three applied domed feet each with a slit to the forward edge, painted...

10th-14th century AD. A ceramic vessel representing a male figure, hands held together at chest; everted rim; decorated with black paint which con...

9th-7th century BC. A carved serpentine lidded poporo vessel, bulbous body with engraved splayed lizards and raised bosses, shallow collar to neck...

4th-2nd century BC. A carved black stone vessel; round in plan with straight sides, a slightly flared neck and a simple raised rim; flat bottom wi...

1st-2nd century AD. A bronze mount formed as a comic actor's mask with braided wig and exaggerated scooped mouth, hollow to the reverse. 16.2 gr...


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