BRITISH COINS, Richard I (1189-1199), Penny, class IVa, Carlisle, Alain, alein · on · cardi, 1.12g/

In Ancient, British and World Coins, Tokens and M...

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BRITISH COINS, Richard I (1189-1199), Penny, class IVa, Carlisle, Alain, alein · on · cardi, 1.12g/10h (SCBI Mass 950ff; N 968/1; S 1348A). Better than fine, rare £100-150
BRITISH COINS, Richard I (1189-1199), Penny, class IVa, Carlisle, Alain, alein · on · cardi, 1.12g/10h (SCBI Mass 950ff; N 968/1; S 1348A). Better than fine, rare £100-150

Ancient, British and World Coins, Tokens and Medallions

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