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Two Rivarossi HO-gauge train packs, comprising: R5447 4-6-4 Hudson 'New York Central No. 5442'; and 6914 1920 'Santa Fe'.

Six boxed Rivarossi HO-gauge trains, comprising; 1965, 6175 (x 2), 1244, 1285, and one other.

Nine unboxed locomotives, by Lima, Rivarossi and others, 00/HO-gauge, American and European outlines.

Seven unboxed locomotives and tenders, HO/00 gauge, makers include Rivarossi and Mehano, American and European outlines.

Seven unboxed locomotives and tenders, HO/00-gauge, by Rivarossi, American and European outlines.

Unboxed Pullman and other carriages, and rolling stock, by Rivarossi, and others, 00/HO-gauge.

Unboxed rolling stock, by Bachmann and Rivarossi, HO/00-gauge, American and European outlines.

Boxed and unboxed Rivarossi and Fleischmann 00-gauge trains and carriages, European Outline.

HO-gauge North American-Outline steam locomotives and tenders, by Bachmann, Rivarossi, etc., unboxed. (10)

Italian made Rivarossi Indiana Harbour Belt 0.8.0. locomotive and tender kit, unused with instruction manual

A Collection of boxed Rivarossi. Bachmann. Lionel boxed rolling Stock ‘HO’ Gauge and a Clipper power control unit


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